Former Daily Duo boy Dmytro Nakonechniuk is looking very handsome in these recent polaroids.

  • justin

    His strong lips turns everything on.

  • Joe

    He looks great . If I was a casting director {which I’d love to be} I’d book him

  • loving his expression…

  • KSMO

    Glad to see an update on Dmytro! The side profile pic is amazing! You can see from this pic that Dmytro has beautiful angles which are capture very well (those eyesbrows are musculine yet beautiful,his eyes seem quite dreamy with many stories to tell, his nose is angular enough in which it jumps out at you, his cheekbones are what we expect from Eastern European models, and oh those manly virle strong lips that seem to be endless)! I hope that his agency is doing him justice, if not, look for a strong NYC agency statebound. I’M SURE THAT YOU’LL BECOME QUITE POPULAR WITH THE BLUECHIP COMPANIES VERY FAST!!!

  • The sultry look he has going on, works for him I think. He SHOULD do well, he has an amazing face that I suppose you’d never get tired of! His freckles make his face aswell, they’re scattered and yet there’s not too many! like him, a lot. -take a sneakpeek and possible follow if you like a good ‘ole ramble.

  • Amy

    heheh my neighbord =)

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