Former Daily Duo feature Diana Rudenok is currently in New York (with Muse Management) prepping for the shows. With a pout to rival both Lindsay Wixson (as well as old school fave Esther Cañadas!), Diana is getting an amazing response. We can’t wait to see her on the runway!

  • Lovely lips, cant wait to see this girl in editorials soon!

  • She is amazing! What a face.:)

  • kic

    wow looking even better than before :-)

  • Joe

    This girl is ten times better than Lindsay Wixson

  • she looks like teen version of rosie huntington whiteley

  • lvii

    很漂亮 即便是东方的审美

  • I agree with pr- that is exactly what I was thinking.

  • Yasmin

    agreed with the rosie thing!

  • kalinka

    This girl is the best of the best))) i like her)))

  • kalinka

    …miss you, sunny))

  • so nice! to bad i am not in ny anymore…

  • Yauheni Kazlouski

    You are the best girl I’ve ever met, Diana. Molodec!!!

  • Love her! She’s got a really cute and quirky look. I hope she’ll go far.

  • Wow, Diana is stunning, what a great face and beautiful lips, a great new face here

  • Sam Hessamian

    I recently shot her for an editorial. Just an incredible model. And so sweet.

  • Killer lips!!!

  • A

    How tall is she?!

  • ^ Diana is 5’10 (178 cm).

    She is getting more and more gorgeous!!!

  • tana

    a spin on natalie v. and rosie whitely

  • Love her lips! They’ll keep her out from the crowd, they’re like something I’ve not witnessed before. The delicacy of her face and then THOSE lips. woah. well done for spotting her :) -check it ouuutttt, if you like a chitchat about whatevers on my mind.

  • I have no words for diana she is a dream !!!!!!!!!!!

  • never seen a face like this one before! she is amazing and unique!


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