Model of the Week: Hanaa Ben Abdesslem


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179cm (5’10.5″)

Place of Origin:
Nabeul, Tunisia

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
It was my Mother who discovered me. At the age of 5 years old , I was tip-toeing through my house, imagining I was constantly walking on a catwalk. Ever since, my Mother always claimed I would be a model one day.

Favorite things:
Reading, researching & listening to music.

Favorite music, band:
Any good beat becomes a favorite to me. I like to follow music trends and enjoy classical music as well.

Traveling, sketching, discovering fashion trends on the net/magazines, networking/meeting new people, modern dancing & cooking traditional dishes from my country.

Favorite piece of clothing:
Everyday I have a new favorite piece of clothing and never one single most favorite.

What’s your idea of fun?
Having an exciting & synchronized shooting session with a photographer & also sharing happy moments with my family & loved ones.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Every experience is unique for me and I look forward to new experiences everyday.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
My country is rich in history and culture. The influences of the civilizations who ruled Tunisia from ancient times to today is reflected in the culture and traditions my country offers. From civilizations of the Berbers (Numidian), the Phoenicians (Carthage), the Roman Empire, the Fatimids/Arab, and Turkish rules, I see glimpses of it all around me and it makes me feel proud I am part of it…

Favorite artist (any kind):
I do not have one single favorite artist but I appreciate very much Oriental expressionism in modern art.

Place you would love to visit:
The Seychelles to begin with and all exotic places.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
My modeling career and giving the best I can of myself.

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  • What a face on her.

  • Hanaa B. was found by me and was the first runner up of my Look model search contest in 2009.we have built her career vor 15 months. She is 24 years old now and after signing a mother agency contract between IMG many mysterious things happened. Watch out for further development.

  • Anna

    Wow so Halle Berry in the last pic.

  • I already like her and it’s because of her mind & and her look is Amazing
    She has a beautiful way of answering Questions :D

  • buci

    fantastic face!!…something magnetic about her,love her eyes.
    she reminds me of Morena Baccarin from TV series “V” (played on ABC she plays Anna..)

  • love her presence.

  • Andreas

    @WolfgangSchwarz: With mysterious things you mean that she is 3 years older according to you?

  • Amna

    God she’s stunning ! Go Hanaa !You make Tunisians so proud !

    Just wanted to clarify something guys, Hanaa is one of my close friends, I know here and we’ve been in the same school and she’s truly 21, How a person who was born in 1989 could have 24 years old ! That’s so funny LOL It doesn’t even make sense !

    but As Martin Solveig “Ahaaa! Jealousy!” LOL

    I can’t wait to see more of Hanaa !!

  • She’s like a high fashion version of Winona Ryder!

  • ..I could publish a copy of her passport folks and the mistery is that truth disapears and dirty lies coming on handy ! But never mind just go to our website and you will see all press from the Look model search final in tunisia: BTW shall I scann the passport copy ?

  • michelle Previ

    doesn’t matter if she have 21 or whatever, OMG she is just different .. i LOVE her.. she is at IMG?

  • HH

    I agree on Wynona Ryder thing!Hanaa has such a smoldering classic face. I love it!

  • derek D

    got it :) saw her at Givenchy show she is really different

  • bruno

    she is fantastic!

  • So beautiful!
    So fine!

  • I want to see more shots of her, preferably editorial shots. She does have a really nice body!

  • RRRaul415

    Juliette Binoche!

  • Mars

    boyish face makes her super interesting, i can tell she can look super sexy also…she is presenting herself really well.

  • Nice! And this age, hope for newbies who started later ;) I like her especially in b&w photos, they’re great! – My blog about New Faces ;)

  • Erika

    OMG I love this girl…. gorgeous, exotic gamine face & super-slim, long-limbed body. I see high fashion editorial, runway, almost anything possible for her.

  • kayleaf

    Stunning. I wish her all the best of luck.

  • H ella

    Love her face, I guess it doesn’t matter she has 24 or 21 , when you look beautiful and fresh!! Hope she will make it big, I had a big crush on her when I saw her walking for givenchy she truly represented Givenchy ADN! plus Her body is to die for. and I do agree on her special features we don’t see this combination of the Mediterranean and european ( pale skin) too often!

  • Mimi

    She looks like Ivanka Trump!

  • Linda

    Finally someone not from Denmark or Sweden or Germany.

  • Saryita Koloman Viennaa

    Congratulations are in Hana img

  • Molly

    Very great look and first Tunisian model on the fresh faces:)

  • Marc A.

    really like her guys! she is with who in NY?

  • KarenL

    givenchy where she is based?

  • bbdfashioit

    i met her in paris.. she is very beautiful, that’s the only thing you think when you’re in front of her !! rock it out hanaa!

  • christopher

    …………….I saw her in Vienna, it was look models who made her big ! They invented the haircut !

  • Luciano

    Wow Look at that face and the expression of the eyes…..she’s not only stunning but I loved the comments she made about herself………..obviously she’s very smart.
    It must be a dream & thrill to shoot her,be it with me or with any other photographer. Hanaa, it will be a privilege & honor to shoot you one day!
    Don’t forget my name because I will most definitely not forget yours.

  • Stacey from NY

    Amazing! a Tunisian model rising to the top for sure. With her looks & IMG, you can be sure we will be seeing her for quite a while! Give me more! I wanna see more Hanaa!

  • John NY

    Hanaa, I didn’t know about Tunisia until I read the comments you wrote. Thank
    You, your country seems amazing and so are you.

  • N.Aaron

    She’s gorgeous and has a great body.

    21, 24, it doesn’t matter and has no factor into how fantastic this girl truly is. Many of the big high profile models are lying about their age anyway.

  • Ruth L.A

    What elegance & style! she must be amazing in the shows. This is one classy model which probably makes heads turn.

  • Richard London

    Gorgeous eyes .she look soo young beautiful look, amazing body, and great presence and I Love her

  • Richard London

    Gorgeous eyes .she look soo young .beautiful look, amazing body, and great presence and Love her

  • Francesco


  • Angel

    So i was looking and i was wondering. Models have facebook or something? I guess there in twitter.

    she look awesome and she is tall…. i like that

  • BMD

    She’s awesome and gorgeous. Truly deserving of MOW. I did google her and she did win that Tunisia Look Model competition in 2009…but who cares? She could be thirty-bloody-six and I wouldn’t give a rip as long as she looked fresh. IMG snapped her up cos they know she’s amazing.


    just have a look@look

  • A great new face here that can appear in the style of yes- Halle Berry, also Isabella Rossellini… a truly classic beauty here indeed. Ah, and such a surprise, DRAMA surrounding a model! I’ve NEVER dealt with that! hahaha

  • OK, let’s put an end to this now:

    1. 21, 24 or 45… she looks great and is working successfully. It does not matter.
    2. She says she was discovered by her mother. It is not in dispute that she was at one stage with Look Models. Now she is with IMG. Most models were with a different agency before they made it big. That’s the industry.

  • …well its always easy for outsiders to comment.But many agencies which are working hard on new models nevr get the benefits because contracs are broken and other things, thats the industry as well, what a shame !

  • Christopher

    …whats this all about ? The girl is beautiful and the big animals always screw the small ones…..Life goes on

  • Fawzi

    we allways knew

  • Yasmin

    wow, I haven’t seen so many comments for a new face for a long time!
    Not crazy about her face, but she has a smokin’ body and her polas on the balkony are amazing!!

  • simon NY

    my God, she is beautiful and i wish her well wawwww

  • jean

    wow her face is interestin to look HANA FUTURE TOP MODEL

  • Kyle Pederson

    I love how unique she is, great skin! The more unique. The better.

  • Nadège

    Amazing top model!

  • This girl is a WOW !

  • A. Boujemaa

    This model look soooo Great !

  • Carla

    Lovely! Just don’t forget who you are.

  • jackie

    great girl, why did she hide so long, who the hell braught her to the world….

  • jackie

    But to be honest, all these comments, sounds like a fan group .

    guys chill, she dont needs it hehe

  • H ella

    I see this guy tryin’ to make a statement about her age, I’m sorry but We actually don’t care , cause We love fashion here and we love new faces , we re not lookin’ to know how old is she , too many models made it big when they got older , so like some said it’s fashion , to kill or to be killed , if she decided to change agency and defend her best interest I don’t see what’s wrong in that?!!

  • monica

    wawwwwwwwwwwwww GORGEOUS !

  • Nigel , New York city

    …just need to answer to Hella, I am a photographer, and I have to tell you : we do care about age, because with 25 to be a new face makes it very difficult to get her into the N.Y. shape……ask Steven or Patrick, however, I think she`s cool , will try to book her , amazing body

  • Nigel , New York city

    I think I saw her in Switzerland, lingerie campaign for hanro, quite boaring…we will do better here !

  • Raad

    I saw her in Tunisia and I promise you she is even more striking than in the photos.
    Hanaa, we love you!

  • Harlow

    How can someone be so beautiful ;O
    i think she will go very far!

  • nice face! he rface reminds me of Lais Ribeiro.

  • Joan

    She is a mix of Hale Berry and Winona Ryder… This face doesn’t appeal to me.


    tunisian power!

  • looki looki tunisia

    Gorgeous eyes .she look soo young beautiful look, amazing body, and great presence and I Love her… good luk hanaaaaaaa …vive la tunisie ! Tuinisian POWER ..

  • franc

    sublime … lovely … great look … attractive … we are proud of you hanna

  • natalia

    beautiful look, amazing body

  • filippo

    great look, great body
    deep eyes

  • Joe

    really strong face

  • tito

    the best of IMG … packs a real … I love

  • Trib Bey

    She has a very boyish,yet desirable feminine quality. I love this image. It is very seductive yet hard core. Brava

  • fanno NY

    Love her face…it good for cenima …

  • malik

    baby face…vive le charme tunisien

  • sabrina

    know … hana with the Arab world will change the misconception of fashion and manquin … hana very well … you have to show is that technically had to make the Arab girl in the field of fashion … you’re the image of Tunisia … thank you

  • Astrid, Vienna

    From the very first moment – when I saw Hanaa in Tunis – I was stunned by her elegant appearance and her beautiful face. A model to be remembered – and just appropriate for international catwalks and high-level fashion magazines… Chapeau!


  • djan

    berberlooks. very beautiful.

  • marty

    her body is so amazing , :D im in LOVE!

  • So unique! Beauty marks are all over marking this one of a kind human art. LOVE IT. I am now a fan and supporter… Yah bless

  • Victoria

    It has nice cheekbones and such exotic note.
    She is beautiful .

  • caromari

    This girl is a chameleon and yet she is 100% herself. She can skew androgynous, ultra-feminine (that body!), Latin, European, mature, child-like. In some pictures you can’t tell if they were taken today or 50 years ago in Havana. I really like her.

  • David

    Stunning. She reminds me of Kim Ann Foxman but far less obscure.

  • See more photos of Hanaa.