Select Model Management


Place of Origin:
North London (Islington)

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
A well known photographer met me in the store I worked at then and asked me to do some shots. After that I decided I should give it a go. So I chose Select because I heard it was the best. Plus I knew Danny Beaucham from my area.

Favorite things:

Favorite music, band:
Oasis, Guns N Rose – anything rocky. And the Collar Bones, just started getting into them.

Boxing. I like to keep fit as I’m also training to be a personal trainer.

Favorite piece of clothing:
Stone Island – that’s where I worked

What’s your idea of fun?
Going out and hanging with my mates

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Arena Homme Plus with Alaisdair McLellan and Nick Knight.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Chapel Market – the people are all chipper

Favorite artist (any kind):
Noel Gallagher, he’s a genius and exceptional intellectual witty mind.

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
I don’t get obsessed, I leave that to Glenn Close!

  • Phil

    nice body, tall is he??

  • fahion taste

    LOVE him

  • jusitn

    Boxing is better than Model.

  • Andres

    i love the collar bones too

  • Leo

    i like the last picture and the first ,bit blurry ones ,a lot. loove the tattoos on him – those swallows are too cool

  • Emilio

    Oh my goodness he is 5,9 !?!
    Thats way too short however good looking he is dont you think ?

    Sam Lawson Select Model Page >

  • nernea


  • Mimi

    Marry me, Sam Lawson.

  • ale

    very very lovely

  • yt

    hrmm, the tattoos just look alike Johannes Niermann =~=||

  • amazing and very interesting face

  • Very handsome, nice sleek athletic physique but what I love most is there’s a marvelous bright open innocence in his eyes in almost every shot! That spirit is what makes all his shots interesting and engaging!!!

  • Radek

    Well, I saw him on my Gym at Highbury fields ….Its a nice kid…Body look good …hopefully next ICON ;-)

  • very cute guy

  • Lily

    Yay for another real boy. I know this sounds crazy but he reminds me of Kirsi P. in many of the pics.

  • Lily

    Oh… the legs are too skinny by the way. Suppose he’s concentrated too much on his upper body, the usual mistake.

  • He kind of reminds me of Matt Benstead a little bit. I saw him in a video directed by Justin Wu. I rememebered him because of his tattoos! He has such a fun personality.

  • Augusten

    Wow…. 5’9. I mean he looks great, but how much work can he get working with other models at 5’9? He’s very lucky is all I can say. I suppose Ambrose was only 5’10 and look how well he did.

  • ale

    yeah and he is dead now

  • Elijah

    it’s annoying with all these people talking about height like it really means that much…. honestly those stupid height ‘guidelines’ are just that… GUIDELINES

    if you have the face and are in shape you should be able to have the same chance that some gumpy 6’2 guy can.

    it’s the face that sells anyway

    not the height

  • HH

    Agreed with the innocence in his eyes…He’s a damn good face in these shoots!!I hope he’ll go far despite his height.

  • john

    Actually height is important, all the sample sizes will be for guys over 6 foot so he will definitely be limited. He is gorgeous though

  • Jin

    I see him in many AMAZING editorials. Definitely a ‘classic’ face.

    His height is not as important, leave the poor kid alone.

  • Phil

    I like him, and I love how “tall” he is. I always wanted to become a model, and I’m only 5’ I know that you CAN make it if you really try. Industry changes, why not having a show with “smaller” models? That would just bring diversity to the fashion world.
    Plus, they will get him some high heels for the upcoming shows, and noone will notice ;)

  • Lu

    Oh please people, calm down about the whole height thing. He has an amazing beautiful look and can either go commercial or editorial. He might not be able to do runway at 5’9″ but that doesn’t mean he won’t become successful. He has a great face and his body is in great shape. As long as he has an amazing personality and book to also back it up, he will be fine. I personally love his look and at 5’9″ I wouldn’t even care about his height. I’de book him. And about sample sizes being over 6″ please, if a designer really likes a model, they’ll make adjustments. Remember Joseph Sayers? Yeah, never forget. He was 5’6″.

  • Mario T

    I’ve heard he hasn’t stopped working regardless of his height! this is what i like about Select, they’re not scared of breaking the mould. He’s gorgeous!! I wish him well

  • Salli

    He loves Oasis and Noel Gallagher specifically? I think I’m in love.

  • Billy Getz

    Here’s a link to Sam in Justin Wu’s video and pics of Sam-

    I think he’s great for editorial and has great energy!


  • Mario T

    he nice like unicorn. I like to shoot his with camera. happy child.

  • Lu

    Ok, so I just decided to check my daily info again today and decided to check out Selects website again also. I was on here earlier and Select had Sam down as 5’9″. As you can prove by everyone’s comments here when they checked his stats out on the site. Well, they JUST switched it to 5’10”. I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed. They should be proud of Sam being 5’9″. Switching him to 5’10” and lying about it will not hide the fact of when he walks into the clients door and they will have him stand against the measurement walls to prove his actual height. It doesn’t even matter anymore, agencies make their models lie about their age to clients anyways so I’m guessing fibbing on the height is enforced. But its a bit too late. I’m sticking to Sam Lawson being an actual 5’9″. Be proud of your model Select! He’s amazing.

  • aldo

    i’m happy the fact he is 5’9
    but let’s face it LU!
    every height measurements has diffrents result
    many models measured diffrently on some agencies
    but yeah!!he should be stated 5’9 not 5’10

  • Phil

    I totally agree, what’s wrong with being 5’9??
    They should be proud of him. If you watch the video –>
    you can see him with some other london models, you all will notice, that he must be 5’9 and not 5’10 — compared to the other models..he looks really great!

  • bss2010

    some of these comments are insane man. he’s too small to fit the sample sizes. fact. but big woop. he’s got a really ripped body and a typical good looking person face. he’ll manage to fill the pockets of people working at Select over a few seasons without fitting into the clothes (which is really all modelling is about). and he knows Danny B so his foots half way in the door. I doubt his main ambition in life is to be a model lol even if he was at the right height it would be the agency making most of the money not him

  • Lu

    I agree aldo:.) But at the same time there’s no way to be measured differently because there’s only one way to measure height. And from what we know, he’s only signed with Select so they would measure him wrong at the same agency? That would be a bit wonky. Its sure also a “coincidence” that they change it the actual day he is MOTW. Let’s be honest, they read the comments here and since a small few of people were being negatively critical about his height they decided to take the initiative and change it on their site quickly. Problem is, we’ve all witnessed his actual height (5’9″) in the first place on their site before they actually changed it to 5’10”. Kate Moss is 5’7″, Oluchi is 6’1″, Ambrose was 5’10”, Joseph Sayers is 5’6″. They’ve all become successful models, regardless of height.

  • Sam Lawson are you gay,please say yes so we can meet up you sexy mo’ fo

  • aldo

    i do agree LU!some of the comments said that all the sampe size will be over 6ft
    so the british and american market will be down
    especially london they state 5’10-6’2 for male model, you will see a lot
    and about height measurements actually Lu,they have many diffrents result
    but the diffrences only 1-2 inches but still diffrent


    Natural beauty with tattoos. I’m not a huge fan of tattoos but
    they look good on some people.

    He has a star face. Boy/man. Select have done so well here!

    5,9 is not that short if he is young. They do grow!

  • TKO

    Dear LU,

    Please dont joke around, and take yourself too far. JOSEPH SAYERS is a fitness/erotic model, NOT A FASHION MODEL!
    Although I dont love shorter models, this guy is an exception.


  • claire

    stunningly good looking young man Select you have done well. Height shouldn’t mean anything when you are as good looking as this

  • aldo

    @TKO:joseph sayers is fashion model but known for his nude photo
    we are talking model in general not just high fashion
    flash back to Slyvester Ulv Henriksen which 5’10 but stunningly gorgeous
    about growing period boy will still grow as long they don’t smoke and drink before 21

  • klm

    model of the month? he should be model of the year!!!

  • jluc

    The kid’s 18 and as athletic as hell.
    That makes me question what I did back when I was 18.
    Haha. Good job, youth of today

  • Lu

    @aldo Thank you and I completely agree with you 100% with your recent comment (post #40).
    @TKO, what have I said that sounds like a joke? And why would I waste my time joking around? Some of Joseph’s past clients and work has included Abercrombie & Fitch, Polo Underwear, DSquared2, Numero, CosmoGirl, Redken, and Macy’s among others. As aldo stated, “joseph sayers is a fashion model but known for his nude photo”.

  • Elijah

    that’s what i hate about the fashion industry sometimes… people make ignorant comments about sample sizes and designers like adjustments cant be made.
    isnt the whole point of art to push the envelope for change?!

    seriously people think bigger than what the norm is.

    besides the fact that most of the time people who dont fit the ‘sample sizes’ and are ‘normal model material’ usually do better than the other models BECAUSE they dont fit the rules

  • This is what Dounia from Select Men had to say:

    “His real height is 176. We made an exception with Sammy as he’s the perfect package – he’s charismatic, charming and polite. However, it’s not the 1st time we’ve taken on smaller guys. It doesn’t affect their careers. You only have to look at the likes of Jamie Dornan (never does catwalk!!!) to realise this. It’s not all about what you look like that gets you in the door, but the rest is down to personality.

    I just don’t want any negativity towards Sam as he’s a lovely kid regardless and takes everything in his stride.

    – Daniel T (Dior Campaign) 5ft10

    – Oliver Cheshire is just 5ft11 and does runway, we took him on when he was 5ft9 and his 1st job was Calvin Klein. He still has a career 7 yrs later and a successful one at that!”

  • There’s also Roch Barbot who has also had a great high fashion career despite being on the smaller side.

  • alex jay

    Sam is REALLY cute. Wow. i cant believe he’s never been to new york. welllllll……..he will eventually

  • Brooke

    i usually hate tatts, but on this guy for some reason they just add sex appeal…maybe because hes so attractive hes actually made my head spin.

  • olivier

    love it !!
    also tony ward ,werner schreyer , tobias bramst , and many more that aren’t more than 5’11’

  • hot hot hot!!!

  • His tattoos are so classic, I like that he stuck with that nautical/pirate/vintage theme. They look good on him! Such a handsome boy

  • Looking forward to work with him .
    Great face .

  • What a great looking kid. He poses well, very natural in the lens.

  • Natasha

    Omg how fit?!?!? ;-)
    Brilliant model…..sames as me tho LOVE boxing !!!! <3