SPIN Model Management


180cm (5’11”)

Place of Origin:
Hamburg, Germany

Ethnic Origin:
1/2 Korean/Japanese 1/2 German


How discovered:
On the subway

Favorite things:
My new camera

Favorite music, band:
Backstreet Boys, Jason Derulo

Photography, drawing, design

Favorite piece of clothing:
A secondhand skirt

What’s your idea of fun?
Visiting the mineral exibition and going to Hamurger Dom (fun fair)

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
I love the diversity of the city, the harbour and the park planten & blomen (plants & flowers)

Favorite artist (any kind):
Stephanie Meyer

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
My little photography/art project

  • Breathtaking ! She has an auspicious future !
    Wish her all the best.

  • harold

    Oh yes!! another find; Nadine is truly beautiful.She is destined to be a huge success

  • Allison

    Stunning! Amazing skin, hair, eyes and height! I love a tall girl. I can’t say that I see much Asian heritage in her though, maybe just a bit. But she is amazing! Will go far with proper development.

  • bee

    ASIAN? SERIOUSLY!!!! she doesn’t look like asian

  • vabi


  • very lovely model here, great potential

  • I can`t see the Korean/Japanese traits…. anyway, she is very interesting

  • half japanese???! I cant believe , I dondt see it ! But well she doesnt look full german as well..
    I like her.. pretty interesting ..even so not “THAT” special.

  • Erika

    very exotic, lanky and beautiful. she’ll do well!

  • Mimi


  • Yasmin

    interesting ethnic mixture!

  • amanda

    she’s beautiful, definitely excited to see some other pictures.

  • maddie

    Really? I can see her Asian features…very unique.

  • HH

    There is the Asian feature – in her eyes shape. You can see that isn’t very common in pure caucasian. She has a good face and towering height!

  • Best of best model of wrold

  • shes pretty……….but i think the “part asian” is just a gimmick

  • ollala

    what? half korean?

    are u sure? LOL

  • jack

    well she’s definitely pretty and her height is good too. to the one who said ““part asian” is just a gimmick”. as an asian, when i first saw her picture, i immediately realized that there’s some asian blood in her.

    anyway, i thought there’s also a half korean/german model featured here a couple of months ago. are there a lot of koreans in germany?

  • This girl is really Something! :) – My blog about New Faces ;)

  • R

    i doubt she is half asian.. Quarter more like

  • MaryLee

    She’s like a breath of fresh air, and what a rare mix!
    I could see her working the couture runways in paris fashion week~~ :)

  • kf

    she badly needs a haircut

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