Model of the Week: Anna Mellbin


Also with: Sight Management / Bon Image Corp.


177cm (5’9.5″)

Place of Origin:

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
When I was at the grocery store with my mum.

Favorite things:
Ice cream, my laptop, my friends and hot chocolate.

Favorite music, band:
Right now I like Melody Gardot, Lady GaGa, Duffy, OneRepublic, Kings of Leon and Rihanna

Hanging out with friends, reading, watching movies, traveling…

Favorite piece of clothing:
My jean shorts from Acne

Favorite artist (any kind):
Veronica Maggio

Place you would love to visit:
New York, Paris, Brazil, London, Malaysia, Tokyo, etc

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:

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  • So happy to see Anna here! she is great, and absolutely has whatever it takes to be a very interesting prospect and become a good (and even more) model imo. No doubts about her and her strong points – “clean” face features, perfect skin, soft and delicate expressivity / body presence (Anna is very young, but I’m pretty sure it won’t change: see Isabella Linblom @ Modellink too, now almost 19 and exactly with the same soft and delicate -and amazing!- body presence she used to have years ago).

    For the record (I always think this, but I take the opportunity to underline it): Good development (with the chance to build a convincing book too) + “let’s not forget her age and that her life (school, family, etc) comes first” = me totally happy. :)

  • Reubs

    Oh my god, she is freaking gorgeous! Quality-new comer she is!! Her 2nd last shot resembles Devon Aoiki.. wOw, is the only word to describe her.

  • Peace


  • C.

    I felt in love…

  • Radouane

    Great potential! If she hangs in there, she could be awesome.
    THE quickest resemblance i can find is Marina Lynchuk.

    Wish you luck, Anna!

  • Natasha K

    welcome doll – u r getting booked!!

  • Lucia

    WOW! Not only beautiful she is… something in her look makes me want to meet her and talk with her. Great body, great face!

  • Yasmin

    The next frida g. ?

  • shahin

    yeah i felt in love too !

  • She’s PRECIOUS!!! Something so alluring about her poses!!! <3

  • Oh my – she’s an alien beauty, Gorgeous !!!!!!!

  • I see a bright future in the modeling and entertainment world for Anna Malbin.

  • her look in some of the shots remind me of summer glau

  • HH

    In pola she doesn’t look that pretty but in photos – WOW she’s really good!!Happy also that she mention my country in places she would like to visit =D

  • What a lovely face!!!

  • Lala

    Her face is like a doll :)

  • Huge potential…will interesting to follow her as she gets just a little bit older….pretty eyes and nice structure with a natural
    affinity for the camera….good luck to you, Anna.

  • I love her forever :)

  • Zana

    Aww she’s very beautiful, tall, skinny pretty model..
    <3 keep it up girl..

    xoxo,zana (hihi!) =p