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Muse Management



Place of Origin:
United States

Ethnic Origin:
½ Dutch, ½ French and Czech


How discovered:
I went to an open call in Atlanta because I thought it would be something fun and interesting to do. Turns out it is, and I love it!

Favorite things:
Modeling, watching great movies, meeting unique people, my mom’s delicious home cooking, spending time with loved ones, dancing, laughing, being spontaneous, overcoming fears, and frozen yogurt.

Favorite music, band:
Anything that makes me dance!

Swimming, cooking, photography, painting, and listening to music.

Favorite piece of clothing:
A great pair of heels.

What’s your idea of fun?
Hanging out with friends and eating delicious food.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Moving to New York City. I love everything about it!

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
I love the fresh air, and the ease of life.

Favorite artist (any kind):
My dad of course! He is a great illustrator.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Enjoying every minute of my life!

  • Very pretty and definitely has a lot of potential!

  • I saw some other pics of her, and… I personally don’t like so much her face features – and I’m not totally convinced about expressivity. But that’s what development is for.

  • Bailey

    Very unique look, great body, gorgeous bone structure and the last photo is stunning

  • jake

    not too sure about her potential, looks very similar to a lot of other models appearing at the moment.

  • tony

    There is virtually no difference in facial expression from one shot to next.

  • reubs


  • alegra

    she seems like she has a great personality which will get her that extra mile further, and her legs are amazing! i hope she does well

  • James

    nothing special.NEXT!

  • Though she is not those mainstream beauties,
    but there is something about her that is irresistible, she has a little goth and dark look,
    the combination of her dark brown hair and dark colored eyes is alluring,
    I think she does have some potential.

  • Erika

    Nice figure, but honestly not seeing anything standout in this girl….

  • Not impressed. She looks much older than 17 and that walk is terrible. Hopefully they give her a makeover and teach her about facial expressions.

  • beachboyy101

    Very pretty!!

  • S

    amazing!! she reminds me of karlie kloss. she’s beautiful–big things coming ;)

  • natasha

    ohhhhh she has potential guys…excellent!!!

  • harlow

    boring *yawn*

  • bigshot

    stunning! she has a great walk, great hair, great skin.

  • Millie

    I’m not crazy about her walk or feature on her face in general. Its not edgy or commercial; just not that nice to look at

  • Deee

    sorry but nothing special.. not even notice on the streets maybe..

  • Yasmin

    Great body, great walk, nice face… but I don’t feel the “x-factor” ; something is missing !

  • laura

    but she is 5,11 heigh !!!!

  • priceless

    What a beautiful girl, her face is exquisite. Her walk is impeccable and these legs are to die for. Can’t wait to see her during SS FW!

  • Izzy is spectacular! She has beautiful bones, her eyes are wonderfully set and symmetric! Her face is a makeup artist’s dream! She is very versatile and can go from clean beauty to dark and edgy! Her look is pure, but her eyes say otherwise. Make no mistake, this Girl is going places!

  • foreveryoung

    what a beautiful young girl! amazing walk, face, legs, attitude, and pictures! future top model! hoping all the best for “izzy”.

  • Models and Style

    love her in the video… lovely! and she got the walk ..

  • needs work … a littler too girl next door. However when she smiles she trandforms her entire body so possible potentioal. Her wakl could use some work a littel stiff anf slouchy.

  • fashion know it all

    her look has really developed since this video was made.i think she will go on to do big things.
    she could have my baby and i’m gay :p

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