Ford Models



Place of Origin:
Nashville, Tennessee

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
I was scouted on a beach in Florida during spring break.

Favorite things:
Listening to music in the car with the windows down, going on trips with my friends, and playing any kind of sport.

Favorite music, band:
Need to Breathe, The Dangerous Summer, Blink 182, Meriweather.

Track and Field (Decathlon), playing drums or guitar, cooking, downloading new music.

Favorite piece of clothing:

What’s your idea of fun?
Trying something new, doing something outside with a good group of friends, traveling, going to a concert.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Being up in New York and making my way to different meetings around the city. I love exploring new places and seeing different things.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
All my friends and family are there, so I always have a good time when I’m there. Nashville has so much to offer.

Place you would love to visit:
The Moon

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
My iPhone

  • i like him

  • hunky little cowboy.. :)

  • Joe

    he looks like that kid from desperate housewives , Mary Alice’s son ,Zach

  • jusitn

    Yep, I just like him

  • jake

    haircut necessary

  • Aldo

    he is typical of Boys Next Door like that
    very commercial and he needs to be edge out
    perfect height….tall but great

  • jluc

    Yes, a bit commercial… but definitely hard on the eyes. I think this kind of look appeals to a certain portion of the market, but probably not for the luxury brands

  • Well, he-LO, Bo!

  • Anne D.

    He’s what you expect from an American boy. It’s boring!

  • David

    OMG what a breath taking handsome face! he reminds me of Sean O’pry…. very very handsome sexy face!

  • Great, fresh look.

  • He’s cute but I’m not crazy about him. His hair is a big distraction for me!

  • Riel

    He looks like the main guy in Boogie Nights.

  • He is quite a handsome man! yum!

  • eli

    nothing special,boring!

  • FYI, this is what Bo has done this summer:

    + American GQ, for Saks (DIOR LOOK)
    + Hercules Magazine (8 page single story)/ Oct. issue
    + L’Officiel Hommes (20 page single story) Sept. MODE issue
    + Contributing Editor (“ New Faces of Ford”)
    + A&F

  • what a joke, sorry he is not for modeling

  • M

    When will people learn the difference between “ethnic” origin and “nationality”?

    It might just be me, but he doesn’t really look Native American

  • C’mon guys, give the kid a break. He’s quite handsome in the All American sort of way. Think of it, Cindy Crawford, Nikki Taylor, Beverly Johnson, Christie Brinkley, Matt Damon are all considered “All American” looking and NO ONE would ever think of them as boring looking or nothing special. According to Rosie, Bo seems to be having quite the summer and that a lot of people are digging the All-American Boy look! Has anyone else notice that the winds of change seems to be blowing in the modeling industry as of late? A few seasons back (sans 2007 & Hillary Rhoda)I started to notice a turn back to the more healthy-looking male and female model look from the late 70’s early 80’s. Along with this observation, I also came to the realization that it bodes well for American models. If Brazilians, Eastern Europeans, Belgians and now a mini Asian revolution can have a time to shine, why can’t “The American Look” come back in Vogue?! Ms. Wintour and the powers to be at American Vogue are you listening? Maybe it’s time to bring back some Grace Mirabella magic back to the COVERS and Pages perhaps?

  • harlow

    I wont be mean like the other people.

    Anyways he’s just not my type of model. Im sure he’s a nice guy though.. im sure he’ll do well.

  • Sorry, M, but we’ve been a country long enough now that if an American wants to identify as an American, it’s his or her right to do so. Not all Brazilians are ethnically the same, yet no one seems to disparage them when ‘Brazilian’ is given as ‘ethnicity’ or ‘origin’.

  • seankilkenny

    A&F Much???!!!!???

  • Millie

    Fairly average but that is not to say he doesn’t have a career in modelling as he would easily be booked by Jack Wills and Abercrombie and Fitch as that look is exactly what ther wouldn’te after.

  • i like him a lot. he’ll probably get written off really easily as a hollister kid but whatever. they’ll probably cut his hair sooner or later

  • isabella

    hott wow, he should get some tatoos

  • A

    Needs to cut the hair. He looks like a high school junior. Plain looking kinda.

  • anen

    I dont see it. I think he’a a little too chunky from the face

  • Brooke

    Wth? I’m so confused. I totally dont get why people are bagging him. Hes soooo gorgeous! I’m seriously swooning.

    He’s just got a different look to most of the other models, but isn’t that a good thing? He looks like your typical ‘boy next door’, except hes like…amazingly beautiful. It doesn’t seem like he’s trying to play the part or impress anyone like alot of other male models.
    I do agree he would look better with shorter hair though, but only to show off his amazing bone structure. I would definatley still do a double-take if he walked past me on the street though!

  • Panda

    He’d be perfect for Abercrombie and Hollister campaigns!

  • Matty

    Some people think they’re being cool by saying that someone with all American, boy next door good looks is boring but if all we had were edgy anorexic femme twinks and stereotypical muscle boys the world would in fact be a very dull place. He’s gorgeous and in my opinion we need more like him. Judging from his recent accomplishments, I think some in the fashion industry agree with me as well.

  • BK

    The jUstin Bieber hair is a joke.

  • Risky Ramanda

    His hair reminds me of Harry Styles but he’s more stunning