Wilhelmina New York


Place of Origin:
Toulon, France

Ethnic Origin:
Half African and Polish


How discovered:
I was scouted walking down the street in Paris. It was crazy!

Favorite things:
Reading, writing, exploring new restaurants, films.

Favorite music, band:
Pretty much anything but techno, sorry!

Sports and traveling.

Favorite piece of clothing:
My Givenchy bag!!!!

What’s your idea of fun?
A good meal with my closest friends and family.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
The Vivienne Westwood Show. They painted all our faces white!

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
The food!!!! French food is amazing, the Cote d’Azur ( where I am from) is just one of the most amazing places ever! It is so beautiful. And of course I can’t forget Paris!

Favorite artist (any kind):
Jay-Z and Meryl Streep

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Yntiafrica, the foundation I am working with for children in Africa. The goal is to bring money to impoverished children in Africa. Check out the site, (though it is in French!)

  • The next big thing!

  • She looks really commercial, but it would be interesting to see her in some edgy editorials, she might prove me wrong.

  • adsfjl

    Wow! She’s beautiful!

  • stace

    Awesome. I am intrigued.

  • Trish

    she does seem very commercial. she will make money

  • fashion junkie

    She is georgous. I can see her in everything from editorials to commercial clients like Victoria’s Secret!

  • Jules

    shes amazing!
    might have to use my Wilhelmina plug and get her behind my lens!

  • Joe

    I an honestly say I have never seen anyone who looks remotely like this girl

  • WOW…

  • Nigel S.


    A bit speechless at the moment.. She is impossibly regal.
    And she has a jazzed up brain to boot! What a lovely young lady.
    I smell some major campaigns hurdling her way.
    My new lady crush.

  • loren

    stunning! anybody know how old she is?

  • Christian

    Thats really Beautiful..very nice =)

  • Beautiful French girl!

  • Grazielli Nery

    She is wonderful!!!

  • my God, she is beautiful and i wish her well

  • Anne D.

    She is very commercial but I like her!

  • Eamon

    It’s these shots that look commercial – with high-end styling and photography she will look incredible.

  • Aldo

    SHIT!she is fabolous model..she can work for Victoria’s Secret company for sure..she can rocks every runways in every fashion capitas..her face is so beautiful but looks expensive

  • what a amazingly unique girl, she has tons of potential!! best of luck Anais!

  • truly beautiful model here- love her look, she will go very far…

  • Gorgeous!!

  • WOW amazing bone structure! Tall and good looking! Wooooork it frenchy :)

  • H U G E

    This Girl Is Just AMAZING

  • Ariel

    She has an original look, and I would love to see her in some riskier looks! Something edgy and punk would be exciting. Her hair is AMAZING!

  • She is absolutely gorgeous, she has a unique face.

  • When I saw her she literally took my breath away
    freakin amazing!

  • Reality

    You see girls like this all the time in Brazil, not even kidding…

  • jake

    ‘really,’ the good thing about this girl is she is not from brazil, and if we were seeing girls like this all around brazi im sure more girls that looked similar to her would be signed. she is french and beautiful, please show me some girls looking like this and brazilian because i disagree girls of this beauty are seen ‘all the time,’ ive yet to see them.

  • shes pretty but im not that impreesed her look is common, ive seen more better lookinghalf black people in edmonton,AB canada, blacks that has natural blonde hair and blue eyes, or blacks that as deep black kinky hair and has lighter skin…

    yeah shes pretty but iw ouldnt like her to model

  • bianca

    my breath caught in my thoat when i saw this girl! so amaxzing

  • She could do absolutely anything. Commercial AND/OR edgy/vogue
    she stunning.
    & gives back. great personalities shine through

  • Jonathan

    Jake, if you’ve set foot in the country for more then 1 year, you would know what im talking about. Here’s your example, and she’s a soap-opera actress

  • Mekeel

    She is very beautiful, great energy and charisma with the camera… She has a bright and promising future!

  • Leo

    oh wow she’s stunning!!! she looks so powerfull and strong but at the same time she has this delicately chiseled features , what an interesing type !aand she even seems to be nice ,clever and socially dedicated

  • Masha

    you ll have big future! go for it!

  • so beautiful. i remember her from the Betsey Johnson show.
    so fun and energetic. her beauty translates in print perfectly.

    she reminds me of a younger Noemie Lenoir, which is totally a good thing.

  • Id shoot her

  • She is so STUNNING! What a future that lies ahead of her…

  • Represented by STUDIO klrp Model Management in PARIS.

  • t canon ma belle!!! ;)

  • Sandraaaaaaaaa

    What a stunner.

  • cat

    Lucky girl, she’s got our Polish beauty genes ;)

  • Models and Style

    very interesting beauty

  • Chisom

    Looks like Jourdan Dunn here

  • Lorien

    One problem, it seems to me that she doesn’t know how to pose…

  • polishgirltoo


  • Chris

    Very beautiful woman. I’m probably not the only one looking at some of the other models and thinking, “Gee, I’m better looking than I thought.” Ha! You know, “They’re making this kind of `list’ but I’m better looking than they are.” But Anais Mali really IS beautiful.

  • Elijah

    she’s like the high fashion keri hilson

  • please contact me should you ever wanna do some african gigs…im a fashion photographer

  • Kylee

    Oh my goodness! your so perfect!i would love to look like u , you take great modeling pictures!<333

  • cindy

    This girl is the most striking model I have seen in years. She will go far!

  • Es hermosa! su cara es perfecta.//She’s beautiful,her face’s perfect!

  • shes stunning :’)

  • Julie

    I hope she Will be at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just lile last year she was amazing in the catwalk