Hamaam was photographed exclusively for MODELS.com by Marc-Henri Ngandu. Thanks to Louis.


Hamaamdeen Pelewura (@hamaamdeen)


Premium Models (Paris), Society Management (New York), Elite Milan, Elite London, Uno Models (Barcelona)



Place of Origin:
Oyo, Nigeria

Ethnic Origin:
Yoruba, Nigerian


Did you always want to be a model? Tell us about how you were discovered.
I never really considered becoming a model; I was studying architecture at the university when I was discovered. I was scouted in Lagos by my mother agency.

Most memorable modeling experience so far?
My mother agent really helped me realize every single job I’ve had as a model has been very memorable and has been a very good opportunity for me to grow. I’ll say traveling to Iceland was fantastic because I got to witness the landscape and weather with a very amazing set of people.

One song you have on repeat, and why?
Thank God by Travis Scott has been on repeat since 2023. It’s a gentle reminder to always appreciate everything God has done for me and everyone else.

What other passions do you have aside from modeling?
I’m currently completing my program at the university, and I’m also very into visual effects. I’m gonna share some of my works on Instagram soon; stay tuned for that.

What is something you’ve always wanted to do/try?
I’ve always wanted to try filming myself and uploading it to YouTube for fun. I guess we’ll see.

What’s one thing people may be surprised to find out about you?
I guess the fact that I’m very into outer space studies. Talk about time dilation and black holes, and I’m all ears.

What change would you like to see in the world?
I’d like to see a lot of positive changes around the world, but one that stands out for me personally is the improvement of my country economically and politically.