Model of the Week: Gerrit Kramer


Mega Model Agency


187cm (6’1.5″)

Place of Origin:
Hamburg, Germany

Ethnic Origin:
100% German


How discovered:
Scouted by a booker from Mega

Favorite things:
Sun and summer, music, going crazy

Favorite music, band:
House, electro, LMFAO

Meeting friends, playing handball

Favorite piece of clothing:
Chucks, v-neck shirts

What’s your idea of fun?
Anything while you can listen to music

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Milano Fashion week

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
the Harbour, my family and my friends

Favorite artist (any kind):
Ben Stiller

Place you would love to visit:
Sao Paulo, Sydney, Tokyo, Paris…

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Soccer World Cup 2010

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  • great male model here

  • patrycja s

    he should cut his hair

  • patrycja s

    but I like his scar :D

  • he has the model face. very marketable!

  • Natkin

    he is beautiful, and i like the scar its very sexy non ?

  • dodo

    he will be known for his sexy scar,hair and pout…
    glad some 17 years old look like his real age
    unlike the other boys who looks older

  • Leo

    really pretty face aand from my homecountry :) but although I kind of like his hair he should have it shorter to show more of his face otherwise he looks a bit too soft romantic and young -in my opinion

  • Genial! su cicatris lo hace diferente a los otros modelos, muy cool

  • Ohhh i love u)))

  • Rebecca

    I am in love with his hair,face,body,and personality!Glad to know he has a scar on his face so i don’t feel insecure anymore:)

  • german barbie

    love that guy! has the model look..but i agree..he def’ should cut the hair..

  • Pictures 5 to 8 depict a variety of emotions and different looks, from mauvais garçon to innocent, and sophisticated to sexy. The scar adds trenchancy to his indisputable beauty.

  • His Scar make him look unique in my Opinion :)

  • jluc

    There were a plethora of diastemata before… now we have scars.
    Indeed, we are in that point where modes equals perfection doesn’t always hold true.

  • naturally endowed

  • Meredith

    Very sexy.

  • Lindo demais.

  • May

    Cute boy!really nice face he’ll be huge
    Ok good!Now scars are in…just waiting so they could allow a height of 5’5 in teens 15 and up:]

  • Yasmin

    The scar is from falling on a piece of broken glass…

  • God made beautiful & handsome people & his definitely one of them…this shows how great and wonderful our God is….GLORY BE TO GOD.

  • a

    big potential.

  • Santa

    no no not Sydney, Noosa!

  • I like his hair longer and that last pic was great!!! Very nice~

  • Christian

    sieht echt cool aus =) endlich mal ein deutscher hab mich grad erst angemeldet ist alles noch voll komisch =P

  • anen

    interesting scar it doesn’t take away from his beauty but adds to it =)

  • Emma

    I see Teddy Geiger. ;)

  • Gerrit


    ;)….. A little bit yes!!! hehe!

  • Frant

    Sorry, but everyone who is saying he should cut his hair should really shut the fuck up, one its his hair and it looks PERFECT on him, two he pulls it off amazingly! Why should he change to look like everyone else, he is obviously unique and extremely beautiful! NUFF said :P

  • Mountain Village

    Gerrit is not only a handsome young man. Know his family since he was a kid. He’s a nice and funny guy and sometimes I still talk to his mom about our families and what they are doing now. I’m really surprised about all those increadible pictures here on the net and found the article in our local newspaper (BZ) very interesting, too. Congratulations Gerrit! You really made it big obviously!!

  • MarthaAurelia

    Ohoho!! He’s fantastic! GREAT looks! ;)

  • 11th picture is great

  • kyla

    I love him! he’s very versatile with his looks. he looks amazing with his hair slicked back x