Bryce was shot exclusively for by Martina Keenan. All clothing model’s own. Many thanks to Josh Bostwick.


Bryce Anderson

I model womenswear with Supreme Management (New York), and menswear with The Society Management (New York), I am on both boards at Next LA (Los Angeles), and my mother agency is TNG Models (Las Vegas).



Place of Origin:
I was born in Long Beach, California- my family is from Nebraska.

Ethnic Origin:
I am French and Dutch.

I am a Leo!


How discovered:
I discovered myself sort of; my family moved to Las Vegas when I was 10 and at 15 I decided I really wanted to be a model and work in fashion. So, I begged my mom and we sent in photos to a local mother agency there and they luckily believed in me and signed me.

What was your first modeling job?
It was a test shoot! I remember I was so excited and I had planned for a week all the moodboards of what I wanted it to be like. It was with very kind people and it was a great entrance into the industry.

Favorite designer/brand/product:
I think part of being a model and working in fashion is having an appreciation for every designer you work with and choosing a favorite is not even possible. There are so many designers I adore and the ones I have had the pleasure of working with have always welcomed me into their world with warmth and it’s so amazing watching them create. I believe when you work with a designer it’s a collaboration, even though you are a model you are becoming the person that designer envisions wears their clothes and you are emulating that attitude. So far working with people like Marc Jacobs and John Galliano has taught me so much and it has been an honor to meet them and first-hand experience wearing their creations.

What’s your beauty routine?
As time passes I have truly realized less is more. I used to use so many products and have an extreme regime but now I keep it very simple. I really love all of Chanel’s skincare line, the fragrances and overall feel. Although the real beauty routine is feeling beautiful and trying the best you can to be healthy and keep a positive mindset. I’ve realized in the past when I am stressed or feel down I don’t look my best, I now just surround myself with constant inspiration and my idols to reassure my worth and confidence. Beauty is a feeling and I will stand by that forever. Some people won’t like your look and some will but what’s important is that you can walk out every day and know that you look amazing.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
When I first went to Paris for Margiela, it was the first huge job I had ever booked. There was this moment when I walked out on the runway and the song playing was Swan Lake, but all I remember in my head was just silence and seeing tons of people. It was almost like it was in slow motion- I remember seeing people I had idolized for so long just sitting there watching me walk and the feeling I felt in my chest was the best feeling I’ve ever had. Nothing could replace that feeling–when you experience fashion at that level and something that beautiful it changes you. Also I recently just walked for Marc Jacobs and it was truly a special experience. Before we walked Marc told us that we are walking this show as ourselves and he wanted us to wear the clothes, not let them wear us. We were told to interact with the audience and really give them a taste of fashion. I gave that walk everything I had and let me tell you nothing beats the experience of being able to wave at Anna Wintour on a runway.

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling? Or what do you want to do after modeling?
If modeling had not existed I know I would still be pursuing something in fashion or creative. I don’t just do modeling even now- I have been acting, doing self-portraits and photography. I feel that modeling and this world is really where I’m meant to be and whatever comes next I hope I love it just as much. I would love to work at a magazine and be an engineer in changing our generation because I think there is a lot of power in having a creative leader position- but for now, I hope to make the most of modeling. Or maybe one day I will even make movies- why limit yourself?

Which brand would you really love to model for?
This is, of course, a difficult question as I said I adore so many houses and brands, but I think what I want to say to this question is I want to work with people who want to embrace change and adapt to this new world. As we enter a new decade it’s a time for true self-expression and individuality. The diversity in modeling today is spreading and there are more models of all genders, shapes, sizes and color on the runways than it seems there has ever been. I want to be a part of this new time and help welcome in the change. My goal since I was a child has been to work for the big brands and make sure I see someone like myself up there. I hope brands that are truly iconic like the Chanels and the Diors welcome in this new era and the world does. Also, it should be casual the way the change comes, not tokenized or for a statement. I want to work with these people as any model would and make fashion history with everyone. I would love to work with designers like Prada, Celine, Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, Comme Des Garcons, Off-White, Tom Ford, Dior, and of course Chanel. But truly the list could go on forever and ever. For someone like me, I approach gender as you approach choosing what shirt to wear, it’s natural and beautiful. And clothes are for everyone, in the end, aren’t they?


Some of your favorite things:
I love to immerse myself in my interests, I love to create things and make sure that I am constantly on my path. Sometimes I do enjoy to veer off and get a fresh head but usually I am surrounded by things that inspire me. My best friend and I both work in fashion and we love to constantly just listen to music and have ideas manifest around us and create any art that we want to put into the world. As far as my favorite objects: I constantly have in my bag some brow gel, a great lip balm, and my earphones because I need music playing all the time.

What are you listening to at the moment?
I definitely have dipped my toes in many different music pools and time periods because I think each era makes me feel a certain way or creates a different aura for each day. I really enjoy 60s through 70s, creates a motivation to feel beautiful and that was really the time to be sexy and free.

Favorite movie(s) or TV show(s):
I am absolutely obsessed with movies and I always say everything I know in life comes from film. Growing up I would always watch movies that manifested who I wanted to be and what kinds of things I wanted to accomplish. My favorite films are usually about women or people who make me feel invigorated to be my best self or even feel glamorous. I love Lipstick with Margeaux Hemingway, she was so luminescent and stunning. I also adore films like Catwalk, it truly inspired me to be a model and those girls were undeniable. I always go back to Alfred Hitchcock and Quentin Tarantino as well, true geniuses.

How was your life different 12 months ago?
Twelve months ago I was in my hometown dreaming of doing so many things, feeling stuck. I was struggling to figure out who I was and fashion and art have really been my saving grace. I think I definitely have accomplished many things in this time period, but I know that there is still so much more that I crave. Someone once told me it’s important to only look back in gratefulness and not to dwell on the past.

What always makes you laugh?
My friends, and Saturday Night Live.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
What I’m currently obsessed with is basics, the true essence of the 90’s. Living in New York now I look back to girls like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, her style really emulates mine as far as daily pieces that make you look super chic. Also, I’m obsessing over glamour, I hope it makes a comeback and we re-live the days of old Hollywood and supermodels. I want to feel that rush of chicness and glam.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
I have this written in my notebook, ‘We are only here briefly, and while here I want to allow myself joy.’