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Place of Origin:
Tanzania, Africa

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
Open Call at Angies in Ottawa, Canada, where I moved 2 years ago.

Favorite things:
Dancing, laughing, and baseball (go Yankees!)

Favorite music, band:
Bruno Mars, Alexisonfire

Basketball, shopping

Favorite piece of clothing:
I would say my skinnys and tank top

What’s your idea of fun?
It doesn’t matter where you are it’s who you are with that matters. Just having a good time with family and friends.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Coming to New York and meeting everyone.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Now that I live in Canada, I love the snow and the winter games and there is a lot of culture and history.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Jourdan Dunn

Place you would love to visit:
Paris, France

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Shrimp and my new laptop!

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  • What a stunningly beautiful girl! And she’s 16 and already 5′11″!

  • alegra

    A young tyra banks I see in the lips and the high hair line !

  • Mohd Safaruddin Bin Husin


  • Flugel

    she looks like tyra banks!!!!!!

  • Ams

    I love her smile and she’s got a really nice walk. I bet she’d also look really good with natural hair.

  • ccaa

    She is so stunning!!One of the best new faces for sure,she could definitelty be as successful as Jourdan!:D

  • aldo

    the mixture of Tyra Banks and Jessica White
    her eyes are stunning

  • Ali G

    simply gorgeous!!! Will do very well if she remains focused.

  • jake

    the resembelance to a young tyra is shocking! could pass for twins

  • So Beautiful

  • ModelFan1

    OMFG, a star is born!

  • stace

    Wow, beyond Wow!!
    How did I never see her before. She’s beautiful. 16 and already so tall! I hope she takes the fashion world by storm in every aspect.

  • devon

    wow, her look and walk are amazing..hope to see her on some major runways in ny, milan, paris, etc..

  • nice commercial look, but no, she is no Tyra Banks who I had the pleasure to meet and take snapshots of during the start of her career

  • feli

    okay people this girl is flippin gorgeous! holy shit i was like :0 shes stunning holy crap!!! wonderful model im sure she’ll go very far in her career

  • Wow!
    So beautiful!

  • Beverley

    African Beauty!

  • Aubrey

    i see this girl as the next major african model in the shows

  • I love this girl!! A true star!!

  • BMD

    Que bella! Wonderful to see this!

  • Natasha K


  • rrraul415

    working that smize… :)

  • Angelina P

    A future start! she will make it big in her model career, such a beautiful young girl.

  • Firts african girl i see here :)

  • Yasmin

    Why are you all so shocked that she is with 16 “already” 5´11?
    Usually you’re “grown out” at the age of 16…

  • Id shoot with her

  • Stunner!

  • abbey


  • hmm. yes please.

  • Wow! she definitely has the look and is like a mini Tyra, cool! Big things for her big things!

  • oohlala

    Hooray! Finally a stunning beauty who’s not Caucasian!

  • I won’t compare her to anyone, because she is different in an amazing way – her smooth skin like velvet and her beautiful face are stunning. She will make her way – that is for sure. A new rising star….god bless her….

  • donna

    East Africa represent!

  • Aisher

    waoow!!!!!!!!!!!! im A Tanzanian im happy to see a beautiful girl from my country.

  • KK

    thanks Aisher, me too I am from Tanzania, I am so proud of her. She is So beautiful

  • Amarilla


  • Stunning! She has it!

  • Herieth Gorgeous and a beautiful person inside and out! Girl to watch!

  • Super AMAZING!!! Great Walk!

  • brucegisele

    WOW! this a Supermodel in the modeling please give her justice this fall, the girl ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, REPRESENTS AFRICA IS SUCH YOUNG VIBRANT WAY! SHE IS VERY DIFFERNT AND WALKS, HONEY WALKS LIKE A DREAM…..Girls who done that are only Tyra, Gisele, Naomi and Natasha at that age….so I think we will see this Beauty on the catwalks real soon. wow! MARAVALOSAS!MOCA!

  • brucegisele

    oK, WAIT THIS girl can from Prada, Dolce to VERSACE(for sure) to making a great impression with VS and come to Gap or pages of Vogue in seconds flats very versatile.

  • fab

    she is a stunner !! and so beautiful that girl will be a star one day she will rule the fashion world

  • piwi

    what a doll! stunning

  • jane

    Who said Africa dnt ave beautiful chics u are mistaken!!!!!Go gal me to am 4rm Africa.

  • Sunshine

    Omg this girl is so beautiful she should be smodle of the week everyday. I would so love to meet her and get with her LoVe Sunshine

  • Chella


  • Vonnie

    She’s gorgeous! I wish her the best! I see a little bit of Tyra in her facial structure, but she looks more like Marie Fuema.

  • Syd

    She really does look like a baby Tyra…Except darker eyes and skin tone.

    Really pretty.

  • RRRaul415

    @Vonnie – I agree. More Marie Fuema than Tyra. Both are compliments to a new girl.

    I’d like to see her without the weave.

  • bluesy87

    You’ve gotta be kidding me. Her resemblance to Tyra is almost disturbing. If someone photo shopped her skin and eyes to match Tyra’s and put her picture next to one of Tyra’s when she was 16 no one would be able to tell the difference. It’s amazing. Except I must admit that this girl has a nicer smile. As much as I love Tyra, her whole top lip disappears when she smiles.

  • she is gorgeous!

  • This young lady will be the one to look out for in the coming years.
    I can really see her walking for Dior, Lanvin, Prada, and Ralph Lauren.
    I can see the amazing photoshoots from the lens of Steven Miesel.

  • Vernette york


  • Jen

    She might look like Tyra but does she have talent? It’s great to see more black models out there but I worry more about talent more than skin color. Let’s face it without talent it doesn’t matter what skin color you have, if your not selling the designers clothes you can kiss your career GOODBYE!

  • Mr Modelman

    She looks like Tyra Banks baby sister! :)

  • mrs vivi

    it can be said to she is a real model. simply perfect, I hope she will be lucky. Otherwise, i really hope if shortly come back again into the fashion the nice models…i think very important the perfect body, long legs and nice face…not just nice face…

  • pretty,keep it up are an AFRICAN beauty

  • Rebecca

    Boy would Tyra be proud!LOl.Hereieth is really pretty,flawless skin and her eyes are really…captivating?

  • I see more Oluchi and Jaunel Mckenzie than Tyra and Fuema. But still a gorgeous girl

  • Lexi


  • antmjudge

    ~~omg…..tyra banks….she look like her….strong look….

  • jacobo

    ella es realmente hermosa :)
    le deseo suerte en todo lo que emprenda.

  • MaTTi

    she is really beautiful:)
    I wish you luck in everything he undertakes

  • Elijah

    *jaw drops*

  • mmm

    so strange seeing her all over the place after going to high school with her.

  • Fiona Stark

    she’s gorgeous!
    her glance

  • d.M

    True Beauty.

  • D

    so happy to see she’s done so well :))

  • She is beautiful! I have her ELLE Canada cover framed on my wall! :) She has done very well so far!

  • Greg-Mattson

    ……”Myssbelle says:

    July 3rd, 2010 at 4:44 am

    This young lady will be the one to look out for in the coming years.
    I can really see her walking for Dior, Lanvin, Prada, and Ralph Lauren.
    I can see the amazing photoshoots from the lens of Steven Miesel.”…..

    It was very true. She is almost there. Big Hug Herieth Paul, you are stunning. Go Gal- Grab it!!!

  • She’s doing so well kip it up herieth