Model of the Week: Jordan Coulter


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VNY Model Management
Also with: What Model Management / Success Models / Fashion / Nevs / UNIQUE DENMARK / Vision LA / eMg Models


Place of Origin:

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
Model agent Kirk Blake from What Models discovered me while coming out of seeing ‘Batman Returns’.

Favorite things:
Snowboarding, surfing, footy, and my Mum xoxo

Favorite music, band:
Angus & Julia

More surfing

Favorite piece of clothing:
My leather jacket from Andy @ Cubic Collective

What’s your idea of fun?
Surfing and anything you would do again

Favorite modeling experience so far?
American Eagle in Puerto Rico!!! Great people and great beaches.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?

Favorite artist (any kind):
Hmmmmm… would rather go surfing

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Indian and Thai curries

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  • he really looks like baptiste

  • marino

    he is not really Baptiste, and he will not be the same as ever Baptiste Normal Australian guy

  • Arkadius

    In my opinion he looks better then Baptiste.

  • ddaniel

    he’s really god looking.

  • last 3 images are amazing

  • Aww..such a sexy smile!! I think he’s really cute!! I want to see more of him! And reading his interview, I thought he was going to answer all questions with “Surfing”. :-)

  • Lily

    He reminds me of Susan Boyle when he smiles.

  • jordan is absolutely handsome and has sexy voice. aside from modeling, he can also be a spokesperson. more power to you, jordan!

  • isabella

    he might just be one of the hottest guys ever

  • alex

    LOL that susan boyle comment was priceless. Although i think he’s adorable!!! and i LOVELOVELOVE the Dsquared2 campaign. He looks very versatile <3 and Baptiste is gross imo..

  • alex

    oh! and he definately has the personality. Great!

  • Wow..incredible

  • The queen

    he is going to be the next big thing! TRUST!

  • Susan Boyle… ha ha ha.. jordan would of loved that.. because one of the great things is Aussie boys .. and especially Jordan love funny humor.. its interesting everyone always compares him to Babtiste… Jordan is Jordan.. he is a super guy with a good head on his shoulders… if you meet him you will know why. Keep watching.. he is in NY now and his chart is full :)))))

  • tony

    He’s got it all.

  • chanel handel

    yeahhhh jordo

    please come home i miss you


  • tammy hembrow

    omg you are so hot!

  • he is good super guy hotand hhhmmmmmmm

  • Syd

    I like the one of him smiling in his Kleins.

    He’s hotter than bacon …

  • franche’

    in the video it looks like he has a bit of a belly. not that it matters but i thought agencies were picky about stuff like that.

  • a belly.. lol Franche…. glasses my dear

  • Derek


  • Julie

    I met Jordan (for the first time) last night. What an delightful, charming, beautiful yet humble, powerfully present young man.
    He spoke very highly of YOU, Kirk – a valuable attribute, one’s ‘beginning’ is equally as important as ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’. Well done.

  • Chloe

    I know Jordan, we have been in the same school for 3 years and graduated together as Class of 2010.we were in the same maths class. He is cool,loving talking with him. Good personality. Love ya ,we always call him this!!!

  • Sam Jenkins

    Chloe you deluded freak,
    I know for a fact you were not in Jordan’s maths class. Why would you lie to the public to promote yourself?

    Yes Kirk you legend- you took my buddy far!!!!

  • jamie whitey

    omg, his a total stud, qonichi sup jordo!
    i wonder if he offers surfing lessons,