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177cm (5’9.5″)

Place of Origin:

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
I was doing a little runway for a local brand in Russia

Favorite music, band:
Pop music – I love David Guetta

Taking pictures, and photography in general

Favorite piece of clothing:
Shirt and jeans

What’s your idea of fun?
Going out with friends, listening to music, taking pictures of people I meet and places I visit

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Just started, but I am very curious about new experiences!

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Saint Petersburg, I love this city, it is full of tradition and there is a fabulous atmosphere…

Place you would love to visit:
New York!

  • Gorgeous!! The next break-out star! Can’t wait to see her in editorials!

  • I adore her tests

  • I adore her tests and also expect her in editorials!

  • Erika

    1 word: gorgeous!!

  • ohhhhh!!!!! <3

  • brrad

    she’s unreal!

  • Stunning!

  • great look, will be nice to see her professionally shot

  • Natasha K


  • mary

    she reminds me a little of Constance Jablonski…

  • BEST

  • Freaky gorgeous! Are agencies still freaking out over 15 year olds? NY is pretty gun shy when you show them a 15 yr old right now. Is that law going to be passed not allowing under 16 to do shows? Darren – Muse Models Portland

  • “Victoria Secrets” eat your heart out!

  • Court

    As soon as I saw her in my inbox I thought.. wow, she is magic!

  • adorable … certainly doesn’t have to worry about gaining weight – in fact, honestly, I think she could use about 10 lbs. She’ll probably fill out as she gets a little older and then, look out.

  • She has something very special, that is very special it’s breathing!!!

  • Nina

    Very breathtaking and light girl! looks little bit Uma Thurman, who agrees? :D

  • harlow

    wow amazing.

  • andrea

    really 15 years? AMAZING

  • Nice shot’s:)

  • Oh my goodness–she is striking. She’s actually quite androgynous and chiseled under the Barbie blonde hair. I can see her as a must for Givenchy.

  • abbey

    Oh my goodness she is young! but seems to have great model potential (:

  • reuben

    WOW… EDITORIAL-EDITORIAL-EDITORIAL. SHE looks like a mix of all d Russian super girls!!!

  • Ivona

    MY GOD!!She’s the SAME as Karmen Pedaru,only blond,SAME!!!!

  • frank

    wow! she pretty.
    only, i really don’t like her eyebrow, too dark !!

  • MartaHale

    Beautiful! And so young.
    She’s going to be a star.

  • Tyler

    That face. Wow. Breathtaking. Her eyes are intense. Even her ears are stunning. This girl better be a star.

  • BAR

    interesting bones, great hair, she remembers me Lily D. but into a “boy look”. I like very much this kind of manequinn

  • BAR

    and she is 15??????????????? No way. She looks like 25, but in a good way! Very mature, I prefer a woman than a Hello-Kitty-girl. GO ON SOFYA!!

  • She is so hot…………………..girl.

  • Like in fairytale

  • Linda

    Beautiful girl, very strong eyes…can’t believe she is THAT young!
    I hope she will be successful as a mannequin, she definitely got the look!

  • tyra

    she will be successful. however, for me, she shouldn’t be that skinny. she’s all bones.

  • omg
    iekeliene stange + julia dunstall

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