Dasha was shot exclusively for MODELS.com by Federico Sorrentino @ Atomo Management (assisted by Oscar Masi), with styling by Michela Caprera (assisted by Silvia Tedeschi), hair by Giovanni Iovino @ HM Artist using Cotril, and makeup by Rocco Santamorena @ HM Artist using YSL Cosmetics. Many thanks to Polly and Alfredo.


Dasha Gorkova

Monster Management (Milan)
Trend Model Management (Barcelona)

Also: UMMO models, Russia.


179cm (5’10.5″)


Place of Origin:
Russia, Moscow region

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
I was discovered by a scout on internet, she just texted me and offered to be a model.

What was your first modeling job?
My first modeling job was a show, I wasn’t too nervous… I just had to lay on the sofa for about 2 hours, quite easy, lol

Favorite things:
I enjoy traveling and doing sport. I love pets, generally cats and dogs.

What are you listening to at the moment?
I’m listening to The Weeknd, Drake and I also like Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran.

Favorite movie, tv show:
I don’t get the chance to watch so many movies lately… but when I have time, between castings, I like to watch some funny videos on YouTube ahah

Favorite designer, fragrance or beauty product:
My fav designers are Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors. I usually use D&G L’Imperatrice 3 fragrance and I can’t live without lip balm.

What were you doing before modeling?
Before modeling I was studying at school, actually I’m still studying now.

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling?
I would just keep studying at school and then go to university.

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
I love staying at home instead of going out… It might sound a little bit boring and uncool, but I enjoy it anyway.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
I remember one shooting for a magazine in Tokyo. There were five models and we had a lot of fun there. We played tennis, get on skates, acted like a music band. It was really cool and fun!

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
When I’m away from home the first things that I miss are Russian food and Russian language. I’m really proud of my country, it’s so big and rich of history.

Which brand would you really love to model for?
I would really like to do Fashion Week and walk for Prada or Gucci (as soon as I turn 18)

Place you would love to visit:
I would love to visit the USA and Australia. I’ve never been there and I think these countries are different from my native country. It’s very interesting.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Now I’m interested in fitness and sport. It makes me feel confident and it keeps me fit and healthy.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Right now I don’t have any mottos but you guys just give me an idea to search for it. The only thing I can say to everyone is just to be yourself and take it easier ❤

  • double m-by miguel

    I love her beauty and style, so interesting especially in editorial.

  • She’s so beautiful! Loving the freckles and the almond eyes. Very high fashion look.