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Place of Origin:
Florianópolis Brazil

Ethnic Origin:
1/2 German 1/2 Italian


How discovered:
I was walking in a shopping mall with my mom and a scouter came to me and invited me to make some polas and send to the agencies in Brazil.

Favorite things:
Enjoy a day at the beach, drink caipirinhas, go to a good concert, see a good movie with my boy, spend a day with my family … enjoy the life !

Favorite music, band:
Radiohead – 15 Steps

Reading good books!

Favorite piece of clothing:
Shoes and bags

What’s your idea of fun?
Being with my friends in my hometown.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
I think every day in the modeling world is a experience, everyday you learn something new, everyday you meet new people and that makes me feel that I don’t have one favorite experience, all of them are useful!!

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
For sure the people and the carnival :)

Favorite artist (any kind):
Christoph Waltz

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
24 with Jack Bauer

Mega Model Agency

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  • behappy

    i think im in love…just georgeous girl!…

  • Aldo

    What a Beauty?!!!the last resembles a little bit with Raquel Zimmerman

  • harlow

    very cute

  • amelia

    very pretty and I love her eyes..But she doesnt Pop out to me hopefully she does well

  • jake

    very plain for model of the week.

  • Marina has a really cute look. I would like to see more of her …

  • Podestá

    Amazing!!! will she do SPFW?

  • Fashionkid

    just beautiful!!! One of the most “beautiful” models to appear this season.. good luck Marina!

  • ElleGrl

    love her video! what a cute personality!!!

  • Erika

    Not outstanding, but definately beautiful Brazilian girl… Brazilians have such great energy & happiness that it makes them all beatiful. Good luck to her!

  • iheartfashion

    woww so beautiful, she’s going to be a star!

  • mollymodelwatcher

    marina glows. she has that something that will help her commercially and editorially. i’m really liking the new girls at women-direct!

  • wow!
    More one Brazilian!

  • ModelFan1

    this girl has the face to go far in the industry.. i imagine both money and editorial clients are in her future- beautiful and refreshing

  • frank

    she is not just beautifull she has got something more

  • nycgirl

    I’d like to see “real” Brazilians for once. All these blond hair, blue-eyed, fair-skinned Brazilians are of Anglo-Germanic backgrounds. Let us see some bronzed skin, black hair and brown eye beauties(remember Caroline Ribiero and Fernanda Tavares)again!

  • michelle

    wow what a beauty but not outstanding

    and dont say real Brazilian because that is what she is just say native Brazilians or Afro- Brazilians

  • Yasmin

    A true beauty!! She’s gorgeous…
    Her lips look like Karlie Kloss’ lips, don’t you think?

  • ModelFan1

    i definitely see the Karlie Kloss thing..

  • Brazilians

    I miss Caroline Reberio and Fernanda Tavares too. Models now are all so fair. I think it’s un-imginative and pallid. It’s really unfair and uncool, as dark beauty is so utterly captivating too. If not for CHanel Iman, who would you look at to be the dark-horse?

  • Jules

    I remember her from Teen Vogue a few years back! Glad to see she is sticking to the modeling gig :)

  • nycgirl

    Michelle, I know she is a natural Brazilian citizen but everyone here knows what I am referring to.
    When I said I wanted to see more “real” Brazilian looks, I meant the melting pot Brazil is. When I went to Brazil, I’ve seen STUNNING, absolutely STUNNING women that were Black, Indian, and even Asian! As a female myself, I appreciated such diversity in beauty.
    All these girls, including Gisele, Raquel Zimmerman, and Caroline Trentini can be mistaken for Scandinavian models. They’re all blond, blue-eyed, and fair-skinned. We have enough of these already-let’s move on! It’s a new decade for crying out loud!

  • riss

    What’s the song in her video?
    She’s gorgeous!!!

  • Catherine

    She is just PERFECT
    Love this girl so much!!!
    Shane on darling…you deserve it!!!

  • Dodo


  • Yet another stunner from Brazil. I imagine commercial clients will be lining up to book Marina. She should do very well in numerous markets.

  • wow shes very pretty!

  • nice commercial look

  • i love her eyebrow

  • Francisco


  • her video rez : love her accent. Charming girl

  • Anique

    Don’t see it. She is beautiful, but doesn’t give the WOW for me. Very commercial and good for her.

  • LOve her look

  • abbey

    Aw… she is so cute! She makes me want to protect her like my little sister or something… idk haha but she looks to be a great model (:

  • BRM

    Prada girl summer/spring 2010

  • Judy

    I saw that first polaroid and thought that she was very average-looking…
    But then a clicked through the others and she is gorgeous! That first one DOES NOT do her justice!

  • Miguel

    Hey Marina. Você é mesmo linda. Gostaria tanto de a conhecer.
    Beijos e boa sorte. Seu fã de Portugal ;D

  • Parabéns Marina! Sucesso!!!



  • daniel

    i think i found my soul mate and she is half italian just like me i love her beautiful eyes