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Place of Origin:
O Con- Cela – Galicia – Spain

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
I am yet to be discovered.

Favorite things:
Building stuff with wood, working in the garden, water, food and cooking for friends (maybe that’s why I don’t have many left!)

Favorite music, band:
Muse, Paul Kalkbrenner, Ivete Sangalo, Metallica, Paloma Faith, Rocio Jurado, The Licks… bla bla bla

Swimming, climbing, cycling, traveling and watching films that don’t come from Hollywood.

Favorite piece of clothing:
I had this old woollen jacket I use to wear all the time… but some friends threw it to the garbage while I was on holiday a year ago. There is no longer excitement when opening my wardrobe.

What’s your idea of fun?
A night out with the people I like. The place doesnt matter. It could be a shack in the middle of nowhere and we would still have fun.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Working with photographer Alex Cayley for H&M magazine. I’ve also very much enjoyed working with Kristiina Wilson in NY and Andy Starkweather who straightened my hair and gave me a James Dean quiff. Working with Milan Vukmirovic in Paris was also very special.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
How direct people are. We are not rude. We are honest.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Way too many artists out there for me to choose just one

Place you would love to visit:
Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina, Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland, New Zealand. Yes, I like being outdoors.

  • eric

    Oh My!!!

  • some fotos good.. so ..

  • i wanna meet this guy! he is so fun!i truly believe there is another woollen jacket out there just waiting for him! what a great dude.

  • Mathew


  • Julie

    Thank God. Personality, a bit of maturity, quirkiness, arresting presence and underneath that hair a real beauty. This is what male modelling needs – someone off the wall and innovative. We’ve had the muscle boys who are better suited to Fire Island than fashion, the anorexic tattooed boys. This is what male fashion needs real men, real people who make clothes real. He is the male equivalent of Lara Stone – a total one off and thank God for that. Basta.

  • Erika

    A beautiful face (great teeth!) hidden behind some really scraggy hair. Please send him to Fekkai! This kid has a bright future!

  • Nicholas

    Seriously, get rid of the beard.

  • zhim

    i like

  • Juan

    Ese tio!!! que arte tiene… esta si ques es buena =)

  • Prabal

    I would imagine this is how Che Guavara’s mates looked like when they fought against the Baptista Govt. in jungles of Cuba.

  • Aldo

    Modelling are truly unique,i saw some 5’10 male model with septum ring
    now i see a man with beard and mature face,this is what it’s all about
    DIVERSITY that makes fashion wonderful and worth watching
    not boys with muscles and abs
    this is unique

  • Hebz

    He seems to have a very interesting and unique personality…

  • tony

    He’s not got that vacant look in the eyes that some models have.

  • I worked with many TOP guys …..and Xoan is absolutely one of them…
    so Tony: I do not agree with you at all……
    and Julie: you are totaly right!!!!

    This guy will be big … read my lips

    greetings from Amsterdam and Milan :-)

  • Yulun

    i don’t really like models with beards like that :S

  • legz

    Love this guys looks and personality! So over the stereo typicals – he has his own distinct look, which will work for some and not for others. That’s why there is a huge variety of models.

  • Rachel

    Picture #5 = YES
    I can see he is good-looking but the beard does him no favours whatsoever. Looks caveman-ish if you ask me…! And when he frowns he looks somewhat menacing, instead of brooding. However I do agree that he has this amazing warmth, from the eyes and smile. Shall be intrigued to see more of this dude

  • I like his different look and persona but imagine if he would shave his beard off? That would be really intreseting!

  • Here’s to more diversity in the industry and hoping that Xoan goes very far! You can tell from his profile that he’s quite down to Earth. His look is with or without the Shaggy Beard and Curly Hair is quite sensual, manly and oh so sexy! Xoan indeed, isn’t like the other blank canvas male models out there in which you can tell that he experience life to it’s fullest.

  • Ivete Sangalo and Metalica in the same list…awesome
    eu já imaginava que os galegos eram hot mas esse cara é um pedaço de mal caminho. *.*

  • Fabiola

    Besides his beatiful blue eyes this man has a soul! So rare! So fantastic!

  • Angelo

    Sems like a really cool guy

  • TKO

    YOU GUYS ARE EFFIN CRAZY! is this the april’s fool joke again? this guy is not ugly or boring, but that beard is gross and is soooo not fashionable. diversity doesnt mean beard like this should grace a magazine or runway… or else why not we put ugly fat people on stage since i hardly see them in fashion spread?

  • Arnold

    Fusion is not going to be able to do much for him. but he is okay.. his look is a little limited though..

  • nyna

    me encanta este hombre!! nada aburrido como les demas…

  • CC

    I like! Uh!

  • Lala


  • Sergio Top model

    He is not really model

  • legz

    arnold – you must be an agent that has a huge ego

  • adrian

    beautiful man … love the hair…all of it

  • k

    i’ll be honest, i’m SMITTEN with his hair

  • I don’t like models with beards

  • harlow

    Since when did they start scouting homeless people?

  • LOVE

    A little old, and shaving the beard would do soooooo much for him, unless its for religious purposes.

  • Diego

    I wish my friend Xoan the best of lucks in this new adventure. I have known him for years and like the rest of his friends, I also think he is wasting his talent in the profoundly rotten fashion industry. Someone should tell people out there how things work inside. How models get paid nothing to shoot for top magazines such as GQ, Dazed & Confused, Wonderland . The promise of better times, of paid campaigns pushes them to carry on doing this “charity” work for months, years…
    The truth is that paid campaigns are difficult to secure. The wind talks of male models going to bed with designers, photographers, stylists in order to land campaigns. Is that the way up the ladder ?
    If it is then Im glad to say Xoan will never make it to the top.
    I believe there must be a different way to climb up the ladder and if there is such, then I hope he can find it.

  • E

    Love the comments. That’s way fun.

  • Betty

    Despite his bearded face I can see a nice person looking at me from these photos – but only because I know him, so shave your face Xoan so others can see the same xxx

  • Tita

    He’s got the look and the intelligence and the ability to make good friends,including myself, in such a hard world as the one of the fashion industry. With or without beard his great presence is there.

    A real model, with a healthy and attractive image. Women don’t want effeminate, skinny, fragile models , that it’s sooooooo not appealing.

    Xoan you do sell anything that you advertise.

  • Hola !

    The end of the week has arrived and I wanted to highlight my favourite comment which by far is number 33, from (genius) Harlow.
    “harlow says:
    June 4th, 2010at 6:54 am
    Since when did they start scouting homeless people?”

    Regards from Paris


  • I had the pleasure to work with him some time ago. He is such a nice and intelligent guy, very professional, very funny and of course really, really handsome. Although I “only” had the beardless Xoan-version in front of my camera, I really love his look now and I am sure he will be the next big thing!
    All the best to you, Xoan!
    Love from Berlin,
    Andrea B.

  • Jack


  • Donna

    I love him!

  • Donna

    keep the beard!

  • Rebecca

    is this the new trend,beard models?cause my dad should be up here!

  • Rebecca

    ..nice choice in music and ur teeths are really nice

  • issa


  • Lyric

    I luv it ! The world needs adjustment and your doing just fine by proving that. By the way, i love your name !

  • Miguelito

    Por Fin Vuelve el Hombre

  • anen

    Holy eyes!!! you look like you came out of the Bible, you know like that guy from the tenth commandments

    Let’s go Spanish boys hehehe

  • maria

    fantastico,si lo valora un buen fotografo y le afeita un poco la barba ,puedo asegurar que brillará como una estrella, menudo modelo licenciado como ingeniero forestal y paisagista,que lujo para las pasarelas del mundo…. besos para xoan do con, el es la alegria, la belleza y el gran modelo que adolfo dominguez necesita para vender todo cuanto xoan se ponga….

  • ledi

    es el mejor, un lujo en el mundo de la moda, domina 5 idiomas y tiene formación universitaria, estilo ,belleza y el color de los mares de galicia en sus ojos… nadie como el…

  • Xoan! yes! New Zealand awaits!

  • Jean

    It scares me in world of fashion that people are so conditioned to think the same (guessing they’re thinking different).

    It was supposed to be as in any other art enviroment, were people are pushed to think different to make difference.

    Beauty goes beyond standard stereotypes, if you are touched by standards, you are just one more in the bunch on non thinkers. And that’s why fashion is becoming so boring.

    This guy is stunning, and besides he has personality (something rare among models). I hope I can see more guys like him in MOTW!

  • Angelina

    Beautiful…that is all.

  • Catherine

    the new face of Levi’s !!

  • Ana

    Guapisimo, se merece lo mejor, un gran luchador
    Una persona muy humana , fantástico