Ebonee was shot exclusively for MODELS.com by Tiffany Nicholson, with styling by Haley Loewenthal, hair by David Cruz with The Art Dept, makeup by Amanda Wilson, and retouching by Kassie Jackson. Special thanks to Amber Barbach.


Ebonee Davis

MC2 Model Management (New York)
Also with: MC2 Miami (Miami Beach) / MODELWERK (Hamburg) /
SMG Seattle (mother agency)




Place of Origin:
Seattle, Washington

Ethnic Origin:
African American


How discovered:
I went in for an open call casting at Seattle Models Guild and they signed me that day. From there I was scouted by MC2’s Miami office, where I worked for a brief period of time before finding my home in New York.

Favorite things:
Lip balm
My friends
Working out – boxing/running

What are you listening to at the moment?
I’m listening to Drake’s new album “Views”. Also Big Sean and Jhene Aiko’s collaboration Twenty88 is awesome.

Favorite movie, tv show:
Love and Hip Hop is my secret ratchet guilty pleasure.

Favorite designer, fragrance or beauty product:
I love “Chance” by Chanel. I think that’s my signature fragrance. My favorite beauty products are DevaCurl hair products which are made specifically for curly girls! I put a lot of pride in my curls so keeping them healthy is super important to me.

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling?
If I wasn’t modeling I would be graduating from the University of Washington. I completed a year there before moving to New York to persue modeling full time. I hadn’t decided on a major yet but doing something in the medical field has always been something of interest to me. After modeling I might try my hand at acting or something related. I could even see myself being an art director and putting together my own shoots.

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
Science and biology. I am really interested in the human brain and body. I love watching science specials on Netflix.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
My favorite experience as a model is shooting for Sports Illustrated. It feels incredible to be in the company of top models and people who I find to be so incredibly talented and whom I have admired for many years. Truly a dream come true.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
The best part about being from Seattle is the food! Seattle’s diverse culture makes it a really awesome place to explore food from many different regions of the world. Growing up I was exposed to so many different types of food and now it is a really big part of what I enjoy about traveling the world.

Which brand would you really love to model for?
I would love to walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. That is one of my biggest dreams. It has been a dream of mine since even before I was signed as a model.

Place you would love to visit:
I would love to visit Egypt. There is so much history there. From the beginning of human existence. I think it would be like rediscovering a part of myself and a part of every person on this planet.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Summer has me super interested right now. I love that the weather is warming up and the city is coming back to life. Summer is my favorite time of the year so I’m super excited!

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  • Bebe

    Gorgeous body and face.

  • Karide

    She is definitely the girl from ANTM the British invasion season.

  • Jimmy Bielenda

    Ms. DAVIS, Is Certainly One very Attractive Black Woman,she any guy’s Perfect Dream Girl. She is so Outstanding Beautiful,after doing the SI layout
    She doesn’t like appearing with straight hair. When she does both it brings a whole another dimension to her. I pray one day she realizes that Wish her the Best❗️