Model of the Week: Yvonne Si


Wilhelmina New York



Place of Origin:
Dalian, China

Ethnic Origin:

Taurus (western zodiac)

How discovered:
I was discovered by a local model agency.

Favorite things:
My friends and family…

Favorite music, band:
Linkin Park

I love watching independent movies from different countries…

Favorite piece of clothing:
Anything I have from Rei Kawakubo

What’s your idea of fun?
Outside of shopping, I would say learning about about the local area I am traveling too before I get there and finding all the cool things about that place… searching out hidden fun things and getting lost doing it… Sometimes getting lost in a foreign place can be fun.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
When I was on the plane to NY, I was so excited to realize that I was one step closer to being an international model. I am honored to join to group of Chinese models who have made it to Paris and NY.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Definitely the food!

Favorite artist (any kind):
Tim Burton. I love his creepy drawings.

Place you would love to visit:
I would love to visit a crazy Lady Gaga concert… not to see her, but to see all of her fans and how they are dressed. The audience would be more interesting to me… I love to visit anywhere where people dress out of the ordinary and have their own passion for presentation.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
LOL – I know it is a very weird obsession, but I actually love watching international currency exchange rates and how they all intersect with one another. It is fascinating to see the rise and fall and rise again the dollar and the fluctuations with the Euro. I know it is not fashion to say such things but it does show how we are all connected.

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  • lala

    glad to see an asian model as MOTW. she seems very intellectual for her age.
    wishing her a bright future!!!!

  • elegant!

  • woo

    she looks like Maggie Cheung

  • mys

    she’s glowing

  • ccbb

    She does look like Maggie Cheung!Very beautiful girl and definitely going to watch out for her!

  • tana

    love her personality

  • Lala

    She’s so pretty! Nice skin, of course!!! You go girl!!!

  • yuichi

    Yvonne walked for Chanel Paris-Shanghai Pre-Fall last year ;)

  • buci

    smart & stunning

  • M. Ernest Marshall

    Wistful, wonderful! Classically beautiful!

  • SHE IS SOOOOOO UNDEAD CRAZY!,,she is crazy beautiful! simple alluring dead beauty! one of a kind!!!!!!!!!!…. ughhh loving her!,last picture was soo fresh it made catalogs esier for her

  • Erika

    very delicate & beautiful…… good future for sure

  • She has the cuteness of Ming Xi. She’s very lovely

  • Wow, she is beautiful!

  • I do think she have potentials;]
    hope to see more of her

  • Trix

    She stands out on her own and not to be compared to other asia models.

  • I love your face!


  • Joe

    oh my god she’s gorgeous ! And adorable

  • Yasmin

    She has a beatiful face and body (maybe a bit too skinny).
    Somehow she looks a bit like all the other asian models at the moment, but still she has something special…(I can’t explain it =)
    anyways, I’m sure she’ll have a bright future!

  • Nars

    her nose shape is so unique in asian!
    very pretty~
    b.t.w. the second Response is humiliation , please delete it!

  • alex


  • BMD

    Gorgeous girl. And even better to see actually showing a person who is not white! Will wonders never cease!

  • Nice Face, rare in this page, she looks prety and fresh.

  • JW

    Definite potential here.

  • Natasha K


  • toby k

    girl looks like a real model with lots of potential and great sense of style!

  • Rose T.

    She looks so elegant! A soft yet(to quote Christian Siriano) “fierce” face that I haven’t seen in a while. We’ll be seeing her around for a long time.

  • rodney

    i believe she did Chanelk Pre-fall in Beijing?

  • ani

    gorgeous, great body, unique personality, she’s gonna shine. you go miao~~~

  • She is AMAZING ..!! I do believe she has great future ~!!

  • jane wamaitha

    Goooooo Gal!!!!!!!!

  • GP

    She is a star!!! Watch out,girls…

  • very beautiful

  • MartaHale

    She is so pretty and i love her personality ! So smart and nice !

  • gogh

    中国西安的吧!! 太具有中国特色了,呵呵。

  • Amy

    The girl’s 21. I’d be worried if she did not understand the basic complexities of exchange rates from country to country….

  • terry-lai

    she just shot the latest campaign for HATWOMAN in Hong Kong with Baldovino Barani

  • wtf? to that person who said “she is too skinny”….. what does that meen???

  • Lala

    I guess they meant, she is too thin… lol

  • tungmingyam


  • cat

    Love what she has put as her obsession haha. Charming girl :)

  • Ramona-Kay

    I like this girl, cos she looks smart. its fun to see she s not like other models who let’s say are not very small.

  • Ramona-Kay

    sorry,..SMART not small. lol

  • Yvonne

    She’s very easy to have a lot in common with. :D I hope you go far Yvonne, especially since we have the same name. x)

  • 加油啊~~~大连姑娘~~~

  • Sophia

    She has the perfect elfin look. Beautiful.