Model of the Week: Felix





Place of Origin:
Southbank, London, England

Ethnic Origin:
Half British/half Native American


How discovered:
Ordering a coffee in Starbucks in Islington

Favorite things:
Making music and jamming with my friends, nachos with lots of salsa, my gorgeous girlfriend, Roxy.

Favorite music, band:
I love blues, punk grunge… my favourite bands are Nirvana, Pixies, Alabama 3 to name a few!

Painting and drawing, playing the guitar – I’ve got 2 electrics and 4 acoustics! Watching movies, socializing.

Favorite piece of clothing:
Definitely my black Doc Martens, and my rings, especially the tigers eye stone. I wear 6, all given to me by friends and family.

What’s your idea of fun?
Going to Proud Galleries in Camden with friends in the summer

Favorite modeling experience so far?
An agency showcase shoot… it was really simplistic, shot in an abandon office. I also loved the shoot for iD with Danilo Giulani and my guitar!

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Getting out of it! Just kidding, I love walking around Hackney, where I live. There is always lots to see.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Hockney and Michael Craig Martin, I love his installations and the intense colour in his paintings.

Place you would love to visit:
Goa, India.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Living a good, chilled lifestyle and having lots of fun!

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  • Jas

    A guy? Gosh, what a feminine and beautiful face

  • Liz

    Is he a guy????I thoght he’s girl:)

  • Deidra

    Wow gorgeous man!!


    He looks like a girl.I don’t like it.

  • Erika

    Male version of Jamie Bochert……. lol gorgeous, though…..

  • A

    very, very androgynous.

  • Lily

    I also thought it was a she, the hair has to go.

  • kayleaf

    I love it! :) I wish I looked like that ! A bit like Olivier Theyskens, no? :)

  • Yasmin

    nice hair!

  • Anastasiya

    I’m in love.

  • I almost thought he was a girl! What a lovely face!

  • I think even models need some masculine qualities. Felix might be TOO pretty.

  • adsfjl

    I thought it was funny that a girl was named Felix… then I found out it was a guy.

  • Grace

    oh wow, i actually thought he was a girl.
    he has got to be the prettiest boy ever!

  • Yulun

    lol i saw the first picture and i thought that he was a pretty girl and so tall xD
    i didn’t read the name before i saw the pictures
    guess i have to read it next time :P

  • Ricardo

    OMG, another Taylor Hanson type. I prefer masculine man, like David Gandy.

  • Anastasiya

    OMG he looks LIKE ME! All my friends when I showed them asked if he’s my brother. LOL.

  • MACK

    Wow..wether male or female..what a stunner…thats how u know you’re beautiful, you are a gorgeous woman and a gorgeous man!

  • Carl

    I can’t see if this was a girl or a guy……is that weird

  • Camille

    omg…. I thought he was a girl!!!!!!!!!! Seriously… I was like “what an interesting name for a girl!”
    He’s definitely got a unique look.

  • callef


  • J.

    What a beautiful face! And it`s great he was discovered, he will go far!

  • Parker Pembroke-Lloyd

    Without the hair, just a regular 16 year old kid.
    Best of luck!

  • woei

    i thought he was a femle… his hair and eyes,awsome!

  • chris

    beautiful face of the future