Liene Podina

One Management



Place of Origin:
Riga, Latvia

Ethnic Origin:
100% Latvian


How discovered:
I was discovered on Facebook

Favorite things:
Art and product design, drawing and creating. I love to sketch things I see and put them on paper. I love Autumn evenings and candles.

Favorite music, band:
Fever Ray, Royksopp, James Blake. Northern Vibes

Favorite movie, tv show:
I love CSI, and favourite movie is “The Notebook”

Favorite designer, fragrance or beauty product:
Designer: Yohji Yamamoto & Mare Un Rols (Latvian designer). Fragrance: My fragrance is John Galliano. Beauty product: red lipstick

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling?
I would be a product designer making crazy art and illustrations!

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
Staying home in bed all day and watching childhood movies.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Meeting Alexander Wang, coming to New York & discovering different sides of myself.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
We have very many creative young designers, and Autumn in Latvia is breathtaking. A lot of art in Latvia!!

Which brand would you really love to model for?
Alexander Wang & Yohji Yamamoto. They are iconic.

Place you would love to visit:
Tokyo & Paris

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
I’m obsessed with finding creativity around me, meeting new and inspiring people, learning new things and finding magic in life.

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  • erika

    Not classically beautiful, but with that height and interesting look, she’ll go far – especially in runway.

  • modelizer

    her eyes are spectacular, an editorial hilary rhoda

  • Sabrina Bella

    I know its weird to say as they don’t look alike at all but her eyes remind me of Yumi Lamberts!

  • I totally agree that she’s not classically beautiful, but she got something that makes me fall inlove.