Aaron Chisum

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Also with: Mother Management



Place of Origin:
St. Louis, Missouri

Ethnic Origin:
Polish, German, and my last name is Scottish


How discovered:
At a local fashion show in St. Louis where I was seeing a friend.

Favorite things:
My road bike, mountain bike, watch, and my pillow named René

Favorite music, band:
John Butler Trio and Flux Pavilion

Cycling, hiking, cooking, running, reading.

Favorite piece of clothing:
My Odyn Vovk pair of jeans.

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
Probably my biking lycra, all my friends think I am a dork, but since I race it’s super helpful

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Meeting all the cool people and then seeing them in other cities around the world.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
St. Louis has a lot of history, but easily the people in St. Louis are the kindest people anywhere.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Paul Smith

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
The Game of Thrones series and books

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  • atilio

    He has a little of Steve Mcqueen aura

  • Mavi

    He looks like Jude Law, no? Very beautiful!

  • Clone

    I agree. He looks a bit like Jude Law.

  • he has a pillow named René

  • Daniel

    COOL!! SUPER COOL 2 cool with i believe…… great guy

  • Kristaaaaah

    Very beautiful. Like a male version of Hannah Holman

  • mikko

    he’s cute but not well known.

  • Evan

    :D Hey! I know Aaron’s brother Andrew. Me and Andrew are good friends and met at Metro High School.