IMM Bruxelles (mother agency)
Also with: Major/Paris, Elite/Milan


184cm (6’0.5″)

Place of Origin:
Antwerpen (Belgium)

Ethnic Origin:
Father Belgian and mother with some Russian origin


How discovered:
Scouted on Facebook by Hugo Azagra, the scout of IMM

Favorite things:
Travelling all over the world

Favorite music, band:
The Temper Trap, Muse

Swimming, tennis

What’s your idea of fun?
My idea of fun is either going out with friends or getting in front of the camera; preferably a combination of both!

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Doing my first show in Milan was a huge kick for me and I immediately wanted to do another one. Another great experience was going to a casting in London and having the photographer shoot me a couple of minutes later.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
The best thing about my hometown is that it’s a city with more open lanes and some big streets without any traffic, it’s also full of life during the day and the night. It sounds like a tourist info guide but it’s true :D

Favorite piece of clothing:
My Calvin Klein underwear! ;-)

Favorite artist (any kind):
Catherine Tate (a British comedian)

Place you would love to visit:
Doesn’t really matter as long as I get to travel. But I would love to see Australia and New Zealand!

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Modeling, my girlfriend and getting a dog.

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  • ryan radcliffe

    this guy is going somewhere

  • jason

    what a pretty boy

  • model guy

    So sick of little boy models who look like girls, seriously if anyone honestly thinks he’s attractive then they’re a pedophile.

  • Reece Blackhurst

    He has ‘the look’

    But..These shots look so harsh like police shots! LOL

  • Lala

    LACOSTE Model haha

  • Miranda

    wow!this guy could be hot!!!!!!

  • jj

    Model boy, how does he look like a girl? I don’t get wha
    t in the fray you are talking about

  • Zac

    Wow, he’s georgeous. Amazing skin!

  • David E

    I like ths shots,they are clean and natural

  • nice long neck.
    but seems like he’s kinda lacking in the shoulders though.

  • I like him, he has a great face!

  • Francesco

    he is obviously gorgeous

  • Jean-Pierre Defauwes

    Those eyes, lips, skin, eyebrows and cheekbones/ complete facial bone structure.. in one word gorgeous!

  • SuperSophie

    Lo, u look perfect!
    U’r a real model, and u’r gonna get far!
    I believe in u, and u’r beauty, u’r talent and u’r personality.
    U’ll be the f*cking best!

  • Hannan

    Don’t mind these ignorant fools, i still think u’re the best!!!
    btw i bet this mother***** are ugly as hell, trying to bring you down!!!

  • Jisso

    Damn, so proud of you my friend! ;)
    Looking great, but continue to work hard,
    You are going to make it, I’m sure about that,
    just continue working Lo! ;)

  • Model scout

    Absolutly beautiful. This boy has a bright future in the industry!!

  • Laura

    He’s really handsome.. pretty face.

  • beautiful! although how he can love travelling so much when he’s obsessed with his gf is beyond me (or even getting a dog?! i dont think they’d take too kindly to it in a lot of model apartments), i like travelling for modelling but hate being away from my bf for any longer than a few weeks… one of the difficult things about modelling imho.

  • Parker Pembroke-Lloyd

    …beautiful young face.
    I don’t find him to look “girly” at all.
    Best of luck Loammi!

  • ACG

    guy u’r gorgeous !!! OMG your face is totally amazing … u’ll be a star … I swear;D

    hugs from Barcelona :D

  • Nice Work Homie..Best Of Luck To You

  • Allison Weir

    He’s Adorable! What beautiful eyes that boy has.

  • gab

    He’s a real model.

  • jluc

    model guy deserves a big laugh.

  • b.f.h.

    He is a beautiful guy, amazing features but on the other hand how is this guy going to have an successful career when their are so many other guys that have some what of the same look. I wonder sometime when these guy are at the show and they are getting ready for the shows and they look over at the next guy and think” hey he kind of looks like me……but in any case congrats on make model of the week….do your thang man……

  • Hector

    he is really cool (:

  • Great face! If he could just have been’ 6’2…

  • Liz

    Amazing skin and eyes! He is DEFINITELY breathtaking.

  • NĂ¡dia

    Amazing!!! His features are very impressive, his polas are perfection! :)

  • marcel

    those eyes are PRO!

  • RumplestilsKin

    Amanzing skin, amazing lips, amazing face… this boy is going somewhere

  • Clare


    but seriously, his gaze could slice through steel. he’s beautiful.

  • Yang

    Cam Gigandet look-alike… you go boy!!!

  • josy

    he is sooo fine

  • d.M

    He defines the word..HANDSOME.

  • Beauty by nature..