Major Model Management
Also with: VIVA Models Berlin (mother agency) / Next LA / New Madison / FASHION MODEL MANAGEMENT (Milan)



Place of Origin:
Berlin, Germany

Ethnic Origin:
American and German


How discovered:
Through a friend, he dragged me to an agency

Favorite things:
Taco Bell

Favorite music, band:
Kings of Leon, M83, Explosions in the Sky, and Phantogram

Running, freaking out to music

Favorite piece of clothing:
Levi’s jeans, they’re casual and comfortable

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
The iPhone is uncool to me but it would be cool to have one :)

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Doing the CK Show in Milan when they were involving several looks before the show and the all the eyes were on me and no one else.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
As far as I’m concerned, Berlin is a city of inspiration. It’s been wonderful to be born and raised there.

Favorite artist (any kind):
My mother’s art paintings and sculptures, paintings of Daniel Richter, and Cheryl Josches

Place you would love to visit:
Egypt… don’t ask me why.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
The show Breaking Bad

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  • He’s a hottie!

  • poo


  • Sascha

    For me he’s just a normal looking model with potential but not super stunning photos.

  • Paul is terrific! He’s done some stunning work so far!

  • Initially, I thought he’s gorgeous, like the perfect German guy. And I had a huge crush on him when I saw him at the Hollister event in London. I think his cheekbones and his lips make him look hot :) I wish him the best in his modeling pursuit.

  • niller

    He looks like one I know. Weird, but I still love this guy, what a hottie!

  • Julie

    Maybe he isn’t that versatile as a model or doesn’t photograph that well, but his career still at early stages, hope he develops.

  • haid



    I love this model i saw his portfolio on NEWMADISON website

  • So happy to see him in NYC and doing well..the color portrait with the red background is one that we shot earlier this year in Berlin. True joy to work with.

  • Wendi

    He’s gorgeous…

  • Stripedman201

    He looks like a really sexy version of Dustin Zito…. A really sexy Dustin Zito

  • miguel

    he looks like Francisco L., but with more potential and less boring.