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Model of the Week: Stina Rapp

Stina Rapp / Modellink


Stina Rapp / Modellink
Stina Rapp / Modellink
Stina Rapp / Modellink
Stina Rapp / Modellink
Stina Rapp / Modellink
Stina Rapp / Modellink
Stina Rapp / Modellink
Stina Rapp / Modellink
Also with: Elite Stockholm


175cm (5’9″)

Place of Origin:
Lund, Sweden

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
At a music festival by one of Modellink’s scouts

Favorite things:
Leather boots and dark lipstick

Favorite music, band:
The Vaccines is on repeat 24-7 at the moment.

Fashion. Music and festivals. Hanging out with friends.

Favorite piece of clothing:
A good pair of black jeans

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
Old Super Mario games on Nintendo.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
My first test shoot photographed by Bo Brinkenfalk

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
That I have my family and friends here.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Lykke Li

Place you would love to visit:
Brazil and New York

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
The Olympics

  • She’s a STAR! She’s going to be everywhere come fashion week!

  • Julien

    she’s beyond amazing

  • Alex

    i like her

  • Lily

    WOW! she is down right incredible!

  • piere



    REALLY beautiful.

  • GP

    She is one fabulous girl! Hope to see her grow.

  • Kaka

    OMG! So effortlessly stunning. I just want to see MORE MORE MORE on her

  • One of the most amazing girls I’ve ever seen


  • Fun!!!!
    I did a photoshoot with her a month ago here in Stockholm, Sweden :)
    Good luck, galpal!!!

    Hugs Niko

  • Erika

    Very edgy, bohemian-looking… I see a bright future.

  • Ben

    that’s just not even right. She’s out of this world beautiful. My goooosh I want her!
    With that look, she’s already a star and she’s going to be around for a long time. WOW WOW WOW

  • alex

    Wow shes gonna go far, mark my words

  • Sascha

    Birthsign: Swedish… Okay :D

  • Lisa

    beyond amazing lips.
    absolutely amazing +.
    can this be a human being from planet Earth?
    the slow left eye bothers me a bit.
    any more shots of her?


  • Marty

    i never know these nordic girls had such amazing lips her and Frida Aasen. I can see Steven working with her possibly.

  • niller


  • Dain




  • Maddison

    Reminds me of a more intense Barbara Palvin in some shots. I think I see a star..

  • Ann Arbor

    I want her to give me a kiss with those lips.

  • natasha

    Good (Viking) Lord!

  • miguel

    she’s beautiful, but nothing special about her. always the same face and the same angle, I find it boring. Also there are a lot girls like her.

  • piere

    Continue with what you do but dont comment models as you dont know anything!

  • yulun

    yes, defenitely a great find! looks like a (twin) sister of Bart Grein (which is a compliment :P)

  • She is absolutely breathtaking!!! What a beauty OMG!!!

  • miguel

    Thanks. shut your mouth!!!

  • evr


  • miguel

    Piere, woooowwww!
    what nonsense! to talk nonsense, no

  • Ricardo

    That´s the girl. Really, really gorgeous

  • Enikő

    She’s gorgeous!

  • HH

    Breathtaking yet so powerful look..amazing really really sure she’s gonna be big!

  • eric

    emma balfour

  • Dang! this girl is striking!! really looking forward to see more of her in the future and hopefully she’ll walk SS 2013. Amen.

  • And she’s debuting at PRADA SS2013 yesterday!! I’m very very thrilled to see more from Stina!!! #freakingexcited

  • She is amazing

  • Remarkable face!those lips are fab!

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