Muse Management
Also with: 20 Management (mother agency)



Place of Origin:
Cape Town, South Africa

Ethnic Origin:
1/4 Black Portuguese, 1/4 Irish, 1/2 German, 100% mixed race. I speak English and Afrikaans.

Cancer (July 18 – same as Nelson Mandela)

How discovered:
I was scouted by my booker Lanny for the Elite Model Look contest in 2010.

Favorite things:
Black nail polish, bright red lipstick and high-waisted shorts.

Favorite music, band:
Florence and the Machine (Blinding); Kings of Leon (Sex On Fire); FUN (We Are Young); Ellie Goulding (Lights); NERO (Promises); Gotye (Somebody that I used to know); and Kanye West (Mercy)

Singing, song-writing and writing in general on my blog ( – one of my life goals is to write a bestseller.

Favorite piece of clothing:
A pair of shorts that I cut myself. Originally they were jeans from Chinatown, I over-wear them and I don’t feel bad about doing that.

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
Braces – I had them in for 4 years. Everyone else thought they were so nerdy, but to me they were like decor for my teeth and now my mouth looks boring.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
A shoot with Damon Hall Booth, in New York. I finally received the images I’ve been waiting for my entire life. Also, shooting on top of Table Mountain in my home city of Cape Town was pretty unforgettable.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
My country, South Africa, is home to the friendliest people and is the most naturally beautiful country in the world, specifically Cape Town.

Favorite artist (any kind):

Place you would love to visit:
I’ve been to Paris on vacation, I’ve been to New York to model, next is London for sure.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Twitter and Facebook. My official page is and you can follow me on Twitter @SydneyBailey