Model of the Week: Matt Waters


New York Model Management



Place of Origin:

Ethnic Origin:
Italian, Czech, Irish, Welsh


How discovered:
A girl at my school sent pictures of me to her agency without me knowing, now the rest is history

Favorite things:
Watching NFL football

Favorite music, band:
Circa Survive (indie rock)

Track & Field

Favorite piece of clothing:
My running sweatpants, I find myself wearing them more often than I need to

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
My penny loafers, with the pennies in the middle

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Amfar Gala, getting my shirt airbrushed on for the show

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Home cooked Italian food from my mother and grandmother

Favorite artist (any kind):
Kat Von D

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
The 2012 Summer Olympics in London

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  • Not on the guest list

    Hey!this guy is gonna do something big today!

  • Sascha

    Interesting mix & great body.

  • regular guy with a muscular body…nothing interesting

    he looks more like a gymnastic kinda guy


  • What a wonderful mix of “Guy Next Door” good looks and the body of an Adonis!

  • adrian


  • angel

    Yes, he’s cute and photogenic. but his face is quite normal and his body is not big deal.

  • alex

    Hes too handsome, nothing unique here. just a strikingly handsome boy. can he sell a 2000 dior homme suit? i doubt it

  • sebastien

    Different model then the ones now a days, bit a back to the 1900’s model. I really like him, his face is so strong in the last picture and somehow he reminds me of Channing Tatum.

  • Kayley

    He looks kind of like Channing Tatum in one of his pictures(:

  • Sabrina Bella

    He looks kind of like Channing Tatum… hot.

  • Garrett

    Holy fuckballs….. He’s handsome…. XD

  • layla

    His look is very gay-friendly

  • Jim maLi haz

    He handsome & fresh look! Nice body too:)

  • Bo

    At first when I saw his picture on the screen, I thought it was that actor
    Channing Tatum. He said that a girl sent pictures of him to her agency without
    him knowing it. I wonder do she get a commission or bonus from her agency?

  • Spierre

    …this guy can take a great picture. What I like is the rawness of person that comes through, and not a typical clone made up model. That’s the beauty of it all. He represents man that is missing again in male modeling. He looked fantastic in the Givenchy show in Paris. Difinitely a future cross over like mr. Tatum! Good for him…

  • MmaRCusso

    Bello! Bravo on Givenchy!!

  • sunario

    He is A good Looking guy, but Model ? don’t see it wish him the best though

  • Ariana

    Just met him at a casting a couple of days ago. When you see him in person, he is amazing, that’s why he has all these comments. He will do well..

  • Sarah

    He is down right gorgeous! I need some more Irish/Italian people in my family! ;)

  • b

    sexy body and nice face. Probably good for Clavin Klein swimwear or something. or Givenchy

  • Júnior

    pernas groças, muito booom :D

  • Ethan Moore

    You are looking SOOOOOO HHAAAAAAAWWWWWWWTTTT!!!!! John would be proud LOL

  • Darren

    love this kid!! his body is sick and that hair color is amazing!