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Place of Origin:
Vilnius, Lithuania

Ethnic Origin:
½ Lithuanian ½ Vietnamese


How discovered:
Friend invited to casting in Lithuania

Favorite things:
I like to be with my family, listen to music, and travel. I am also studying law.

Favorite music, band:
I like Micheal Telo and his song “Ai Se Eu Te Pego.” Also from American artists, I love Eminem’s “Not Afraid” and Sean Paul’s “She Doesn’t Mind” and his other songs.

Playing volleyball and pool.

Favorite piece of clothing:
I got a great t-shirt from my friends for my 19th birthday.

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
Eating fast food such as hamburgers, pizza, french fries. It tastes so good!!!

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Coming to New York and seeing such big buildings, because in Lithuania there are no big buildings like in NYC.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
My family lives there, who loves me, and my friends. Also the most beautiful girls live there!

Favorite artist (any kind):
I love reading books by Jules Verne.

Place you would love to visit:
I would like to visit Florida and go to Miami Beach.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Travelling. I love to travel and meet different people and see what I have never seen before in my life.

  • seaj

    I hope Mr. Tisci will fall in love with this guy. He’d fit in well with all the other Givenchy favorites.

  • lucy


  • nerena


  • Cool new face! I want to see him open Yohji Yamamoto!

  • blondė

    Simonai, nice :))
    gerai varai senukai :)

  • What a strikingly handsome, fierce young man! He’s so well put together with wonderful lines and proportions and his expressive face is a marvel!

  • zequehn


  • Kostia

    Mldc baxuriukas, daugiau tokiu vaikinu is Lietuvos : )))

  • angel

    he’s cute and photogenic, but the freckles and cheekbones…his face don’t convince me.

  • I’m lost for words.

  • bunda

    puhh never saw such a sexy asian guy, nice face also!

  • very nice face

  • kc

    I was wondering when he was going to show up on here! he’s amazing! perfect MOTW!

  • GP

    How great his face is! give me more Asian mixed models male or female:)

  • ford

    OH WOW!!! Very interesting mix. I hope he makes it big soon! The most interesting male MOTW for me so far.

  • crystal


  • tuan

    I like him. He’s got something special.. Simply Amazing! Perfect MOTW

  • Amazing face. So proud of you, I’m from Vietnam too.

  • kevin chau

    There you go, not another typical asian male model. This one is totally unique. Freckley, boyish face but a bit manly body, good (enough) expressions, perfect proportion & cheekbones ! This is a very good promising!

  • ksks

    Oh my God how exotic!! I hope he will make it big!!

  • nix

    amazing. he stands out of the mass.


    Re:Quest is rising fast representing some of the industries most unique faces with a very diverse board of models loving this new talent I see a bright future ahead of Simonas!!! best of luck

  • I open my mouth, but only air comes out! PUH!

  • Kia

    He is so beautiful. The last picture: BREATHTAKING!!

  • Cool and unique look, but in every photo he looks very angry.

  • royy4

    Amazing the freckles

  • Modelfan


  • Missy

    Okay this caters to way too many of my oddly specific visual fetishes:

    1. mixed looking asian boys

    2. asian boys with freckles

    3. heavy eyebrows


    4. grouchy mouths that are full also, but very cruel

    5. um, have you even SEEN his nose? it’s narry at the bridge & only a speck narrower than his mouth. perfection.

    w/e, i’m dead. god, his freckles. i wish this were in colour so i could see what kind of freckles they are. The BEST new commer!

  • linh

    he so handsome,I like him

  • linh

    grandmother in Vietnam say he very manly

  • linh

    grandmother in Vietnam say : I love you so much

  • linh

    grandmother in Vietnam say : I proud of you

  • linh

    grandmother in Vietnam say : I want you to visit Vietnam

  • linh

    I proud of you

  • linh

    grandmother in Vietnam say: you look very manly

  • linh

    granmother in Vietnam say : I love you so much

  • Frau muller

    unbelievable! Lietuva turi tikrai unikaliu veidu :)

  • Frau muller

    unbalievable! lietuva turi tikrai unikaliu veidu :)

  • ali

    Omg, people, he’s only half asian, did you read anything? He’s from Lithuania, for God’s sake, Eastern Europe

  • D

    Lithuania is in middle Europe, not Eastern :)

  • INCREDIBLE Cheek bones and freckles!!!! Gorgeous Man