Model of the Week: Tatiana Krasikova


Fusion Models



Place of Origin:
Siberia, Omsk

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
A model scout found me in the park walking with friends in my home town. And I was already in Tokyo in two weeks after that

Favorite things:
There’s nothing more fun for me then spend time with friends and family

Favorite music, band:
I love all types of music, it depends on where and who I am with

Like to walk around the city and explore new things

Favorite piece of clothing:
Skinny jeans

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
Having coffee with my friends

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Calvin Klein show

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Food, food, food!

Favorite artist (any kind):
Audrey Hepburn

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
My boyfriend ;)

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  • Julien

    Isn’t she around since a while? For me she don’t look fresh enough and skin look tired

  • Jane

    AMAZING body. But the hair…. :/ Don’t see anything huge happening for this girl, but best of luck!

  • looks old to me, but what a body!

  • N.N.

    absolutely love her unique look. she’s so editorial for me. ^^

  • Sam way

    Old? Tired? What planet are the people who post here living on?

  • old school. almost something rowland would scout in supreme times.

  • legz

    she’s amazing and i love her hair, she has her own look, which is why she will do well!

  • erika

    Very unique girl with huge runway potential… the legs never end! I don’t see her doing Victoria’s Secret type work but anything high fashion is a go.

  • fashionwatch

    Great Body…..Cool Hair Cut but I’m not sure ? Is she sunburned or does she have a spray on ? I think her look would have been perfect a few years back. Its all about the Beauty & Body….However some European Designers will like. I just don’t see FRESH and its not because of her age. Am I wrong ?

  • lula

    I wish people would stop saying models who don’t look 15 look “old” or “not fresh.” I don’t think people even realize how warped that is. She’s TWENTY. Tatiana is a gorgeous STILL VERY YOUNG WOMAN. Hopefully the industry doesn’t think she’s past her expiration date before she can even legally drink.

  • Cool looking girl, but def. not 20- that’s an agency trick there. This one’s pushing 30.

  • mason

    At last something edgy, cool and unique!

  • Angel

    She’s very cute, but really nothing special. the hair and bangs is not very charismatic. she looks a bit like a monk.

  • her body reminds me of Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction era

  • Marty

    she doesn’t look quote on quote “fresh” but she’s interesting to look at. Not every model is a beauty campaign model but she has the potential to multiple runway shows and do interesting editorials with skilled photographers to create absolute art. I love her she’s gorgeous in her own way.

  • legz

    She has a great look, it’s unique and that’s why she can do well!

  • Kris

    Let professionals deceide who is fresh and who is not! Her skin is perfect as well as body! And the look is pretty unique. She is not 15, but who cares! People who say she is old – I’m dying to see your skin condition as well as body type)))). Good luck Tatiana!!!! One more Russian Goddes is right there!!! Love it!!!!!

  • Diana

    Dear Julien, It’s very upsetting that because someone has been around for a while all of the sudden is not interesting for you, you must not have very much experience working with 15 y.o new faces if you talk this way.
    Dear Bnicole, unless you are sure about her age you probably should not make such a assumption. 30? Give me a break please…

    I thinks it’s really time for you people to start to appreciate personality and how hard some people have to work, other then how long they have been around.

  • Amanda

    She looks like Ranya Mordanova in the last 4 photos

  • ford

    Such a unique and interesting look! I hope she gets more editorial and runway work.

    Why only sometimes does give us the ages of the models?

    • @Robert – Please see the above comments as to why.
      But it is never our ( choice to not include the age. It depends on the model and agency – sometimes the model doesn’t answer all the questions.

      … or it could all be a huge conspiracy (one of many).

  • lucy

    Hey Robert….why so obsessed about age? Models aren’t racehorses who race in age categories. Fashion/model industry is an aesthetic based on visual response. Dude, get a clue…..

  • @lula totally agree she doesn’t look old and there’s nothing wrong with her skin ! she looks good for editorial & i’d like to see her working for Givenchy or Balenciaga

  • kitKatbaby

    @Lucy I’m in the fashion industry and i personally can tell you everybody lies about their age! It’s true its not about age anymore its about how you look!

  • isabel

    LINDA… pero le falta energia.. una modelo debe reflejar fuerza!

  • HH

    I like her

  • Haha. OMG I should get a clue? CHILDISH.
    I was simply asking a question out of curiosity. Even the mod answered kindly to me, humorously as well but since you’re so pressed by it. Whatever.

    Unless you’re a booker at IMG I don’t need your input.

  • isa


  • jJ

    Amazing thing about her is I guess this is the whole reason she is model of the week – has a look that makes people think and look twice.

  • GP

    I will kill for her legs:)

  • harlow

    reminds me of ranya.. very cool :)

  • Yasmin

    reminds me a bit of tiiu kuik!!!!

  • russ

    well guys try to sleep few hours a day and fly around the world working hard… then i am gonna see how ur skin gonna look like..

    well done babe! kisses

  • sara

    very unique look, not a clone like other models !

  • b

    Im sorry but no. This girl doesnt do it for me at all, we have seen this all before and this kind of look can be done much better.