Model of the Week: Conor McLain


Soul Artist Management



Place of Origin:
Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina but raised in Safety Harbor, Florida, USA

Ethnic Origin:
1/3 Scottish 1/3 Irish 1/3 Geman


How discovered:
I was in Orlando at a dance convention, called The Pulse on Tour. My Mom and I were going to dinner after my first day of master classes. As we walked into the restaurant a woman looks up from her wine and said, “Oh you must have just arrived” – Karen Lee had just scouted me.

Favorite things:
Performance art, coloring, choreography, Nintendo 64

Favorite music, band:
EDM- Electronic Dance Music

I dance and choreograph things all day everyday subway or highway

Favorite piece of clothing:
Oversized Y-3 black and white striped tank

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
I have always and will continue to buy every Pokemon video game they put out. I even have little figurines

Favorite modeling experience so far?
By far my favorite experience was working with Arnoldo Anaya-Lucca for Dsection mag’s Kings & Things Issue

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Growing up in Safety Harbor, i used to love to go to the pier to watch the manatees come up for air in the shallow waters.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Keith Haring

Place you would love to visit:
Germany… In the middle of winter!

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Obsessed with crystals, they all carry their own unique properties. So beautiful, yet so powerful.

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  • Samanta

    Big potential , nice features ) I like him!

  • Great features and distinctive look. Hope to see more of him in the future!

  • He’s amazing! Those blue eyes can cut glass!

  • Ali

    He has just enough unique features standout, but also fits in well with the mass-model look.

  • Tine

    He will make it

  • Brianna

    Very strong features, kinda like the male version of Abby Lee don’t you think?

  • STAR.

  • Mia

    WOW! I’m in love…

  • layla

    A star in the making.

  • N.N.

    Gosh! those killing eyes will make him successful in modeling. he’s just so great. ^^

  • matsu

    Wow those eyes! Very piercing ;)

  • Julien

    He’s amazing!!!

  • evr


  • miguel

    Where is the mistery? too blond (cloying), and his mouth…oh no, boring.

  • Joe

    he will end up on top 50 male models

  • Jezebell

    Sensational. ! Really like him

  • sascha

    His nose is kind of weird, but the rest is different but good, although I didn’t liked him at first.

  • His ancestry shows.

  • Pat

    Ha, born at the same state n city. Nice

  • wow . . nice . . you’re such a good model . . like much . . :D

  • Tori

    wow… always new since high school hed be going places! great job Conor! happy for you


    He is the love of my life and I could never loved anyone more. Conor is simply the most amazing human being God has ever placed on this earth. If you are reading this Conor I am so proud of you!

  • Belinda

    What a beautiful kid!!! Doesn’t hurt that I know him personally and he comes from a great family and is very grounded and sweet

  • Lori

    Amazing!!!! Where did he come from!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Will be a star!!!

  • atilio

    he has potencial, he has a Clint Eastwood kind of look

  • yash

    nice!! but the first three pic looks like his nose is bleeding!! anyways a great model type!

  • OMG, soooo Burberry. fantastic!

  • lazy

    I love his hair :)

    so beautiful and Comfortable ♥

  • p M W


  • Antonio

    he is pop and cute.

  • he is awesome < 3 !