Model of the Week: Hollie-May Saker


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Place of Origin:
Liverpool, UK

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
I was scouted in Marbella, where I live, by my booker Alice. My boyfriend’s grandmother’s closest friend has been a friend of Alice’s for a while and arranged for us to meet. She really liked my look and asked me to come over to London.

Favorite things:
My favorite things are… my boyfriend (hehe), my sky-blue Vans, my mum’s lasagne, Topshop, my boyfriend’s nan’s cooking, visiting my family in Liverpool because I don’t get to do that very often, my cat Ciggie, sour cream, flying saucer sweets and my Blackberry

Favorite music, band:
I couldn’t say my favorite band because it changes all the time but if I had to say one it would be Vampire Weekend or The Arctic Monkeys, I’m quite indie with my music but I like all genres of music generally.

I don’t have many hobbies, I like walking, I walk everywhere I go, so I guess you could call walking my hobby

Favorite piece of clothing:
My favorite piece of clothing is my Vans or my sheer black shirt which has a leather collar. I love my onesies too (hehe)

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
Disney Channel, it’s my guilty pleasure

Favorite modeling experience so far?
My favorite modeling experience would have to be shooting on the Abbey Road zebra crossing that the Beatles have their famous album cover on, it was such a delight and meant a lot.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
The best thing about Liverpool is the people and the beauty of it, you’d have to spend at least a day there to realise how beautiful it really is and how friendly and funny the people are

Favorite artist (any kind):
My favorite artist is Lana del Rey, I think she’s amazingly stunning and has a beautiful voice, I love every song she has not one that I could say a bad word about

Place you would love to visit:
I’d love to go to Australia, it’s the one place I want to go before I die

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
I’m currently obsessed with patterned leggings and big unnecessary rings

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  • Sbrady

    SO GOOD, want to see her body though.

  • redemptn

    omg this girl is a stunner
    true stand out

  • S.


  • Matsu

    Yes i like her! Her eyes & eyebrows remind me of Bambi’s! She has this a lil scruffy look which adds character. I love it! :D

  • jake

    she looks so old in the polas

  • Erika

    Really striking & what a lovely profile… the thing is that in the polas, her face appears to have some lines … strange to see in a young girl. I think she’ll do well regardless, though.

  • Julien

    I don’t like her polas, they are not clean enough and I just wish I could wash her face from make up

  • Sebastien

    Don’t like the polaroids that much, but in some pics she looks like Doutzen

  • HH

    Not very impressed with this girl but I love the arches and points about her look. btw The side pic reminds me of Doutzen.

  • She is incredible. One of my favorite new faces in a LONG time. Perfect full eyebrows, beautiful skin, and I love her hair. She’s perfect!

  • Looks so much like Blake!


    Awesome features, but dont like her skin in the polaroids

  • Olli-PEkka Porvali


  • RRRaul415

    She reminds me of Elaine Irwin when she first hit the scene.

  • wearing makeup on her polas? why?

  • m

    winning combination!

  • She has the classic looks and intelligence to go all the way …A WINNER…..

  • RRRaul415

    You know…on second thought, she reminds me of a modelesque Lee Ann Rhimes!

  • valerian

    ^ a stoned model version of leanne rhimes

  • NEX

    what can I say about her is UNIQUE! and it’s a great thing for her.

  • sandy

    cute but the make up on the polas ruins it for me..

  • MissNicole

    I don’t see a model here.

  • Me

    What a look

  • s

    i’m from liverpool and i’m not gonna lie there are alot prettier girls here i just think she has the right connections to get to where she is now, also she reminds me of hailey clauson. anyway i hope she does well gotta support your own!

  • sascha

    I don’t really like her face, although I think she’s a sympathic girl. It’s difficult.

  • sylva

    she looks old to me and not fresh . im not sure about her. ive seen much better girls with fresh looks, nice skin, and with no make up in polos.

  • Yasmin

    so so, but I love the 5th picture!

  • So interesting model!

  • Silly

    I’ve seen Hollie in person and I don’t think these polaroids do her justice. She looks amazing, but I agree with you guys, these aren’t very clean, fresh polaroids. But her portfolio isn’t all that clean and fresh either, it just looks a bit messy to me. But she could be the next big thing :)

  • mia

    dafaq is with her eyebrows?!

  • sascha

    sorry, but i have to say, that the only special thing on her are her brows, wich are drawn…

  • tomass

    i know this girl , first things the polaroids dont do her justice, her eyebrows are NOT drawn on and her skin in real life is flawless

  • brenda

    she will look more fabulous in icy blonde hair~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • She is graceful under pressure. Her nonchalant repelling of a Femen protestor during Paris Fashion Week was a remarkable example of class, finesse and fast thinking. Remind me never to get into a fist fight with this remarkable woman.

  • ar_darrell

    Congratulations on Vogue Italia cover 2015!!! All those doubters who commented here…pay attention!!!