Model of the Week: Grayson Gettys


Wilhelmina New York



Place of Origin:
I’m a 5th generation Texan

Ethnic Origin:
Caucasian, (Scottish, Irish, German)


How discovered:
I got discovered when my friends and family convinced me to meet my little sister’s model agent in Houston, TX. They were going to a modeling convention and when I found out there were 30 girls going I jumped on that opportunity!

Favorite things:
I love being outdoors but I’m happiest when I’m fishing. In saltwater I go shark fishing but my favorite is fishing for bass and catfish in places way back in the woods where only trucks can get to.

Favorite music, band:
I’m a good ol’ Texas boy so I love country music. But rap too!

My hobbies consist of football, basketball, track, hunting, and fishing.

Favorite piece of clothing:
My cross necklace that was a gift from my mom. It always keeps me in check and reminds me of where I come from.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Lil Wayne, Trace Akins, Luck Bryan, and Brad Paisley

Place you would love to visit:
The Amazon because of how much I love the outdoors and nature.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
I am obsessed with trucks right now. I have a black Cremax 4 wheel drive Tundra back at home. Nothing is more fun for me than a night mudding with my truck and camp fires with friends!

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  • Stephen

    Congratulations brother, I have plans to leave San Antonio, Texas this summer and try my hand in Los Angeles. If you can do it, I got a shot. Best of luck to you man.

  • jch

    Looks like a different person when shaved. way younger and more fresh faced. but looks like a mans man with facial hair. both good looks.

  • Parker Pembroke-Lloyd

    …interesting looks, good physique.
    Best wishes in your career Grayson.

  • lina

    u will be successful in this way.

  • GlodyM

    He’s completely gorgeous!!! What a success!!

  • Marta

    really great:)

  • seems like a nice guy too…good luck

  • Wow….great choice…Good luck Grayson, if you pursue this, you have a great future ahead of you!

  • Casting Un

    This guy is gorgeous. He reminds me of a younger Josh Pence with Nous Models in Los Angeles. I would definitely book this guy for something.

  • Jimena

    In real life he looks like a child. Honestly.
    These pictures are overly flattering. I was his teacher when he went to Barbizon school of Modeling in Houston. I saw potential but I never imagined he would make it this far.

  • I absolutely love Grayson, not only is he completey handsome in photos but he’s even more so in person. And he has such a charming personality, he will without a doubt do amazingly in this industry.

  • hey Grayson i saw you at IMTA and u gave me your autograph. Thank you so much for that it really made my day. And i hope someday in the future we can meet again. i also go hunting and fishing its a lot of fun and i love the outdoors too. I also go camping with my family because i think that you should spend time with family as long as you can. i hope your career takes you place you never thought that you could go. Good luck and best of wishes!

  • i love his eyes!

  • Saira

    I went to High School with Grayson. I never knew him personally, but one of my friends dated him. I always heard he was really nice. It’s cool to know that someone I’ve known since 9th grade is going so far!