VNY Model Management
Also with: Wilson Model Management



Place of Origin:
South Korea

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
Hudson Taylor introduced me to Brandon Wilson in NYC. Signed with Wilson Model Management and later on signed with VNY Model Management.

Favorite things:
Singing, playing guitar, watching good movies, and hanging out with friends. Great food & exotic food.

Favorite music, band:
Christian rock & Jazz. Hillsong United

Traveling around in the city or elsewhere. Finding good places to eat.

Favorite piece of clothing:
Just a comfortable v-neck shirt and jeans.

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
Talking to strangers.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Shooting with Terry Richardson. He was really fun to shoot with & brings a lot of excitement to the shoot.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Great food, people, and beautiful sights.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Nat King Cole, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Place you would love to visit:
Any European countries & South Asian countries.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Praising the LORD!!! :) and future opportunities in the modeling industry.

  • kc

    one of the best new asian guys!! he looks amazing in the Vogue Hommes Japan

  • jake

    i also really like him in vogue hommes japan, definitely the stand out in that issue

  • Sady

    I love his look!! One of the best Asian guys to come around in a long time. I think he will go far.

  • he doesn’t stand out that much to me

  • Damiana

    Hi everyone,I’m from Malaysia(one of south east asia country). I know someone who is good looking with asian features of course,175cm tall and would like to be a model,but he doesn’t think that he can be a model because he have a round nose and low nosebridge. All of the models that I watched here have a sharp nose and high nosebridge. Does sharp nose really necessary if you want to be a model?

    Okay,i’m his girlfriend and I really think that he can be a model.
    I would very much appreciate your opinion on the matter whether it’s positive or negative.

  • ani

    ah, i love asians. hes just adorable

  • baise

    One of the best new guys period. He’s beautiful.

  • Jennifer C

    Amazing picture..good standard..

  • HUdson

    Future top 50 for sure!!

  • Tom

    He’s Amazing!!

  • Veeda

    Wow i love the black and white shot of him!! He is def one to watch.

  • McKel Terry

    Exceptional. He will go far.

  • daniel

    he is good looking… but doesnt he remind you guys of Philip Huang???

  • GP

    @ Damiana, 175cm is way too short to be a male mode.

  • matsu

    Wow he’s good looking! i see bright future ahead of him! :)

  • AK

    so nice his vogue hommes, there he look like Asian with one tea spoon Caucasian, so cool..

  • Rivs

    I love that he’s a devout christian though. He loves christian rock and praising the lord.

  • NEX

    I can’t feel the intensity of his eyes in the first shots, but then, BANG! he shows that he can be a great model in the next shots. ^^


  • adrian

    stunning…very handsome

  • great bone structure. He stands out the most in the group photo. Hope he goes far, he definitely has the potential!

  • Jung

    I know him,he is a good guy and having many potentials.
    Nice looking as a model as well

  • Nimrod

    Wow! I don’t believe he’s 100% Korean….cuz we can see a totally caucasian looks when we close his eyes with finger….He has commercial looks for sure….:)

  • Veeda

    Wow he went from being model of the week to booking 4 campaigns in one season!! He’s Amazing!!!

  • I think he 100% Korean

    He is really handsome

    Look at Han Ga In (a famous korean actress)
    She has this european feel or look too but she’s 100% Korean
    and she’s so beautiful.

  • Stan

    Hello Dae, it’s great to see an Asian in he modelling industry. Your father introduced you to me and I have really ejoyed seeing you in a modelling magazine.
    Stan from Canada

  • Jennifer Kim

    Just found out about him, and after seeing his picture became a major fan!
    He so good looking! What really won me over was not only his good looks but the fact that he is a devout christian!

  • Risky Ramanda

    I wanna know when his birthday is. He’s so amazing, stunning bone structure. I think modelling industry is currently being dominated by East Asian invasion (Liu Wen, Sui He, and him) which is really cool :)

  • jonathan af

    l,am deaf Model