Model of the Week: Louisa Facchino-Stack


Select Model Management



Place of Origin:
Birmingham , England

Ethnic Origin:
British with a touch of Dutch, Italian and Irish


How discovered:
On the stairs at the Mailbox in Birmingham

Favorite things:
Making a difference, I’m related to a famous Irish revolutionary, it’s in the genes!

Favorite music, band:
I’m currently listening to Guns n’ Roses on my iPod. My last concert was Snow Patrol. It rocked.

I’ve recently discovered scuba diving – its like exploring a whole new world

Favorite piece of clothing:
A great coat – I love coats!

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?
Studying – I’m the biggest nerd ever and proud!

Favorite modeling experience so far?
I’m loving learning with each new shoot, each photographer pulls something new out of me, it’s fascinating.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
England’s variation in the seasons and it’s quirky sense of style.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Immanuel Kant the philosopher – I find his work compelling.

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Looking and feeling great

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  • Fabio

    She is flawless ! What a gorgeous girl , she will be huge !!!

  • matsu

    WOW @ that face! Unique indeed!

  • miranda kerr in lighter version? yes!

  • GP

    A bit of Jodie Kidd and a bit of Miranda Kerr.

  • Mrs B

    This girl is going to be a star!

  • kc

    miranda kerr meets natasha poly indeed!

  • sebastien

    Love her, and her personality is so awesome!

  • erika

    I can’t even begin to say how awesome this girl is… a true exotic blond. If any of you remember Rachel Williams (popular blonde model in 1980s & 90s), you’ll see a huge resemblance. Success is imminent!

  • lea

    omg her cheekbones and eyes !!

  • Sbrady

    Drive and beauty, winning combination.

  • Julien

    She’s amazing! She have the potential to be a supermodel

  • Danni

    Unique face and stunning to look at. Created to model.

  • sascha

    wow she reminds me of kate moss!

  • layla

    Perfection. She’s going places.

  • Juicy

    I like the face shape !! Miranda Kerr and Sasha Pivovarova.. Maybe Gemma Ward?
    Good MIX

  • Helena

    wooo! go louisa , so stunning WOW !

  • I

    Egad! She’s perfection!

  • Mark

    Sasha vovo replacement.. Nothing fancy

  • Penille

    damn she is beautiful!

  • miguel

    She is very very pretty, but not sensational, not new.

  • Chris

    I’m sold

  • She is absolutely beautiful. I am so thrilled that she embraces her nerdiness. Few of us models do.

    Best Regards,


  • kriS

    So beautiful and so much DEPTH. Would love to see more photos. As the Sex Pistols track goes ” Shes something else” !.

  • I didn’t even think of Miranda Kerr resemblance until I saw the comments – but yes! You can def. see the Dutch, Irish touch in her.

  • Win S

    Beautiful blue eyes and bone structure, but also WARMTH. Lovely!

  • ste

    Stunning, edgy, brains too. perfect combination. congrats Select

  • she’s a cross between jodie kidd and sophie vlaming…daphne groenveld better be careful…here comes luisa!!!!!

  • AB

    Louisa gets yes,yes,yes from us!

  • Nicole

    Gorgeous hair and amazing cheek bones!

  • jsidnell

    really pretty girl all the best in the future!

  • Nick

    Fantastic Select you’ve got the one that they all want to be like ! A Model that will truly inspire. We will be seeing a lot of her.

  • Victoria

    such a small face but such strong features. She seems very sweet and an open girl! does anyone else think she looks a little like lydia @ busy models ?

  • Carol haigh

    Stunning girl is this the new Kate Moss? Sounds like she has her feet firmly on the ground as well. Hope she makes the big time.

  • Looks like Kate Mosa

  • Holly golightly

    Since when has less become more..? In search of custom classic.

  • Gay

    Beautiful and such stunning features


  • NEX

    i do love her face. so unique!
    she’ll be the next hit model. ^^

  • Matthew broWne

    What an absolute star! She manages to look gorgeous but make her clothes the prime role in every picture – any fashion designer would be lucky to have this girl modelling their clothes! She’s one of the very few models who also look completely natural and comfortable when infront of the camera giving each picture a sense of realism. Her face structure is just perfect for the camera too. She will go far, you have my word.

  • Laura stanford

    This is absolutely gorgeous! The face is so pretty and the clothes just look so naturally perfect on her. This is definitely a keeper. Very pretty Louisa!

  • jessica

    her bone structure is phenomenal!

  • sascha

    Definetaly Kate Moss in a younger, fresher and new version!

  • ella

    Simply oozing quality and class. Love her.

  • HH

    The length of her face just offsets everything. Love her!!

  • Dominique-Marie Chanel von Ashton

    Beautiful model!

  • lovely, sharp, intense face

  • Erica

    She’s like a doll! I could see her in Burberry or Ralph Lauren…