Fusion Models


Place of Origin:

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
Found by Liquidmodels, China in casting and they sent me to Fusion in New York

Favorite things:
Change, only change can make improvement.

Favorite music, band:
It depends on the mood

Sports, movies and travel

Favorite piece of clothing:
All kinds

What’s your idea of fun?
I love modelling. Its taken me to many new, exciting places, and exposed me to so many great people.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
I really liked my first fashion week in New York, and working with Daniel Jackson. But there are so many!

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
5000 year history and amazing Chinese medicine

Favorite artist (any kind):
Will Smith

Place you would love to visit:
Tibet, Australia, etc.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Fashion week

  • NEX

    her face and her body are doing great. ^^

  • I like her strong expressions and attitude. She seems to have an interesting personality.

  • Lio

    Interesting face, beautiful and healthy body, and not shy with the camera.
    I hope she will go far! :-)

  • Eamon

    She looks like an Asian Arizona in that last pic!

    Lovely body lines.


  • troy

    I’ve seen quite a few shoots she’s been in and immediatly taken notice, very gorgeous girl kind of reminds me of Daul Kim

  • oiroy

    I think its great that lately you guys have been promoting asian models, but where are the malaysians, filipinos, cambodians, laosians, koreans, and japanese girls? i know chinese girls are the brazillians of 2012 but at least brazillian models showed the different ethnicity in their country. here its all long haired, light skinned chinese girls. for a site that always talk about diversity, i’m kinda disappointed.

  • Beautiful in practically every aspect, except for the eyes, they don’t seem powerful enough in most of her pictures. Love the last one though.

  • erika

    Very elegant, attractive, but MOTW?

  • kitkat

    she is having a great show season. she’s super cute. go fusion!

  • vitor

    waaaaaaaaaaw, so unique!!!

  • Sam

    Her face is average.

  • Gorgeous! Girl, you are charming. Love your look!!! ^.^ Best of luck :*

  • miguel

    She’s very cute, but is not very special and different. I like in the polaroids, but i don’t like in the last pic,(editorials).

  • Joe

    is she not more of a ‘top ten newcomer’ than a ‘model of the week’?

  • Dynamic body! xx

  • Lina is a great new face, wow…that last image is stunning

  • Victoria w

    wow in love with her; She has a strong face and great body !

  • rlin


  • Mark

    Looking like Ming Xi’s older sister.

  • valerian

    i see a hybrid of Ming and Daul

  • legz

    This girl is AMAZING!!! one of the strongest new faces of the season…her face is stunning.I agree “top ten newcomer” is more fitting for her.

  • RRRaul415

    Have to agree with ‘Joe’. Her appearances on so MANY runways this season probably qualifies her as a ‘top 10 newcomer’.

  • Amamamamama

    She kinda does look like an asian Arizona Muse. Lets hope she doesn’t walk like her

  • Yasmin

    WOW…Though I’m normally not a fan of Asian type models…. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!
    She is stunning! She is definitely going to rock the fashion industry so hard the next few seasons!! :D
    This girl has a ton of potential!

  • Zita Ndemanu

    She is a stunner!

  • Lily

    I’m Asian…so I’m kinda proud, most models are brazilian, nothing against that, but sometimes change is good.