Models 1 (mother agent)
Also with: Elite/NY, Marilyn Agency/Paris, d’management group/Milan



Place of Origin:
Witney, United Kingdom

Ethnic Origin:
British; but we’ve been exploring our family history and it shows we have roots in Canada, Ireland and France!

Sagittarius. I’m always a fairly positive person – even if that sometimes comes across as having a weird sense of humour! I love to explore and travel – Prague and Paris are wonderful. Mmm. Where next that begins with a P?!

How discovered:
I just decided one day: why not? I watch all the tv fashion shows and reality model shows. So I sent my pictures in to Models 1: I didn’t believe it one day when I came home and my parents said they had called – I thought they were joking! But it turned out they had! So after I shrieked the house down in excitement I called back, they brought me down to London for a casting; it was a fantastic day, absolutely loved the people I met and they signed me up!

Favorite things:
Friends (tv show) and coffee biscuits.

Favorite music, band:
Pixie Lott, Lily Allen: but I really enjoy live local music in Oxfordshire – J@Jacks, for example.

Eating, running, shopping, in any order.

Favourite piece of clothing:
Not sure I have one ‘favourite’ piece; when I’m home, I love wearing Jack Wills bottoms and something loose and comfortable on top.

Favourite modeling experience so far:
OMG – it has to be the Chanel S/S 2010 (Haute Couture) show in Paris last month (January). Really excited, really scared all at the same time.

What’s your idea of fun:
Best nights out are always in town (Oxford) with friends and then back somewhere for a sleepover.

Favourite artist (any kind):
An American painter – Georgia O’Keefe. I love the colours she uses.

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Definitely obsessed with Twilight! And with people who don’t yet think Twilight is the best! Going out with friends is pretty high up the list – but I hate the tiredness and weak feelings in the morning! Totally worth it though.

  • She is stunning! My favorite photo is the last one

  • Gxx

    Gorgeous girl …. another great new face @ models 1 – well done guys !

  • She’ll become huge. Sofia looks gorgeous

  • There’s The Face! Models1 did it again with new talent, and Elite NY can’t complain about attention for upcoming seasons. Pure personality in perfect frames!

  • Emily7

    She is absolutely stunning! What a great new, fresh face for Models1!

  • JW

    The second to the last photo is stunning!

  • She’s stunning & living the life that I one day hope to be living. :)

  • rachel

    i can’t find it in my heart to hate her for saying that she loves eating yet has that amazing body.

  • bluemag

    Adorable. She may not be quite as innocent as she looks but has all the endearing promise which Stickland had in the very beginning and all the nymph-like, sprite-like enchantment potential of a future Vlada (Roslyakova). I wish her well with all my heart and let us pray that the fashion world does not ‘harden’ her too much ….

  • pat

    Wow! What a face!
    I think she will have a great future!

  • beautiful lean and toned body. She must be a dancer!

  • Sean

    Young. Beautiful. Great personality. Different look.
    This girl will make it big time.

  • Lala

    Omg, I am getting annoyed by how agencies always pick models who look like other models. She looks a bit like Raquel Zimmerman! Lets get some different models!!!

  • Marko

    Lala, i completely agree she looks like Raquel Zimmerman with a hint of Lara Stone. They are the money girls and i guess agencies are thinking of producing more to get more. Let’s move on! hah

  • Philip

    Wow! This girl is edgy and beautiful and sophisticated. How lucky she is! Wish I could have a girlfriend who looked like her!

  • tiff

    she looks kinda dead in the first photo..but other photos are great,she really is beautiful!

  • Zubair

    she is awesome… captivating eyes and flawless features!!!

  • She’s so pretty. She has a tiny bit of Doutzen in her (specifically the lips). Cant wait to see what she does in the next few months.

  • haya

    amazing,she catch my eyes

  • beautiful and sophisticated.

  • John

    Some looks of Lara Stona with the lips but her look is great. I really love her look in the first picture she’ll definitively be a huge star in the future.

  • HH

    Beautiful, very adorable face. Almost elfin-like. I thought of actress Alexis Bledel when I saw this.

  • n.A.s.A.

    Oh,she looks like Alana Zimmer,dosn’t she?

  • lodo5048

    looks like noot seear

  • Nice!

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