Elite London


176cm (5’9.5″)

Place of Origin:

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
Wandering around Oxygen Music Festival eating a hotdog.

Favorite things:
Snowdrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…:P fresh air, sun, sport, a good book, friends and I suppose I’d better say family.

Favorite music, band:
I’m very boring and musically uneducated and tend to be into whatever’s on the radio and in the charts. It’s a bit shameful. I do like a bit of Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac and a few other oldies (can I say oldies?!) from when my dad used to blast them round the house when I was younger.

Gaelic football (dont ask, Google it), reading, eating. Facebook has probably grown to that point where it’s more an obsession than a hobby!

Favorite piece of clothing:
My extremely fashionable big purple hoody with all the girls signatures from my last year at school on it.

What’s your idea of fun?
Just chilling out with friends and deciding to do something crazy spur of the moment thing. Everything’s better when it’s unplanned.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Don’t think I’ve been here quite long enough to have some story about doing a shoot in a hot air balloon over the Taj Mahal or something. But one of the main reasons I took this opportunity was to experience a world I could never possibly have come close to otherwise. For me at the moment it’s the people I’m meeting from the drivers and stylists assistants to casting directors and designers. I’m learning everyday.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
It’s definitely the community spirit that I don’t think you find anywhere else. It’s the valley of the squinting windows but at the same time when it comes to supporting a local team or person or event or just if anyone is in need of help you can be sure the cups of tea and ham sandwiches and umbrellas and amazing supportive people will be out in force. Also they can pronounce my name there which is always nice.

Favorite artist (any kind):
My great grandfather was a stained glass artist and illustrator called Harry Clarke who created some of the most amazing and thought provoking intricate pieces of work you can find. They are impossible to describe and unforgettable once you see them.

Place you would love to visit:
New zealand, south Africa. Anywhere really, I love love love going to new places and experiencing different cultures. Also I really want to go to an IMAX cinema just because :)

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Frozen grapes. My room mate’s invention. Scary good.

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  • ATP

    she gives off a small georgina aura

  • stace

    The redhead Georgina version. I like her.
    Partial to all redheads.

  • Ireland is such a beautiful welcoming place, and Aine’s spirit and beauty are wonderfully reflected. Much success!

  • Yasmin

    I agree with the georgina thing, but only in the first 5 pics…
    And I think she looks more like an actress than a model.

  • miguel

    The most beautiful,the most interesting,

  • miguel

    Everything in she is interesting,i love his eyes,reminds me to Karen Elson.

  • RRRaul415

    Ginger Georgina…I like the sound of that. :)

  • lololol

    Very beautiful smile! I like her.

  • Aine has an incredible look- perfect for modeling. Brilliant hair color and intense eyes. I’d love to photograph more models like this!

    Hope to see her career flourish :)

  • NEX

    she has the potential, but must be careful with her angle.

  • Michael A. Rafferty

    Magnificent eyes…eternity…Woah!

  • Drew

    Sorry, but she looks upset in all pictures. What kind of product she going to sell with that face? Knifes? Try to smile, it doesn’t hurt.

  • shauna

    Her personality seems so Irish! I love it. Ireland should have more models out there, wish her the best

  • Da Aunt

    Wow! What stunning black and white photos. Absolutely think the one of Aine smiling would lighten up anyone’s day. Her angles are superb!
    Watch out for Aine.

  • Sarah

    Love you Áine, great photos. So proud :)

  • alice

    sarah?^ :) aine you are simply brilliant ! love you too :) tipperary is well proud :)

  • ANIA

    Wow!! She’s a great find! I’m already a fan. Hope to see her do well…though I’m sure she will!

  • Michael A. Rafferty

    WOW! Aine’s appreciation of nature and completely Irish way of expressing as a poet this beauty is an homage to her family, both Gaelic and the stage which is life…

  • oC

    Aine one word… AMAZING… we are all so proud… watch out!!!

  • HH

    I like her.She is not extremely beautiful but she has something that says longevity.Wish you the best^^

  • sascha

    she’s a real beauty! and has much potential.

  • mia

    go how i love readheads. perfect. etheral beauty.

  • Annette

    Reminds me of an edgier version of one of my friends! Nice to see such potential in a fellow Irish girl :)

  • Creena O’ Brien

    Beautiful girl in every way, and all in Tipperary are very proud of you Aine. Every good wish for the future.