Model of the Week: Itsaso Bolivar


Sight Management Studio


176cm (5’9.5″)

Place of Origin:
Respaldiza, Alava, Spain

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
I was scouted by Sight Management in Bilbao

Favorite things:
My laptop, chocolate, friends

Favorite music, band:
I haven´t got a favourite music band, it depends on the moment I hear one type or another. But to say one I like pop-rock music like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, the Kooks…

Watching movies, listening to music, going to the mountains, going away with my friends, going shopping, taking pictures… and travelling.

Favorite piece of clothing:
Baby doll dresses and basic jeans.

What’s your idea of fun?
Being with my friends in my hometown

Favorite modeling experience so far?
I haven´t got a favorite modeling experience because all of them are so different so it´s difficult to say one of them. All works are so useful because I always learn something new and that helps me to be more professional in the next work.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
The beautiful green landscapes, the typical food and the people.

Favorite artist (any kind):
I haven´t got one but to say one the actor Will Smith

Place you would love to visit:
I would like to visit a lot of places but at this moment I´m so interested in New York City!

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
I have to improve my English, so I watch and listen to all the channels of my TV in English… I´m reading a book in English…

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  • Really beautiful, innocent as a baby, inspiring as a young girl and sensual as a woman.

  • very “edita v”like. amazing.

  • tROY

    Oh my god, this is the most beautiful girl I have seen on this site for years! She will definitely go far – good work Sight!

  • Incredible, classically enduring, epic beauty. She will be with us at all ages.

  • quite lovely!

  • LOFI

    Have you ever seen a girl,who look like a dream?
    The main problem,that this dream always go away.
    This girl is realy wonderful.
    She is so tender with big,keen and acute eyes.
    She has same face shapes with Alla Kostromichova.
    And it makes her more interesting!

  • Itsaso Bolivar? Wow. What an intelligent sounding model with a very pretty name and a great, exotic look. We wish her the very best!

  • Marty

    Balenciga calling her.

  • miguel

    Little interesting,she is not a sublime beauty,normal,i don´t like her eyes.

  • amanda

    Miguel you don’t like nuthin….no time….never… therapy!

  • alessafan

    Stunning! her face is really interesting! so elegant!

  • She’s beautiful. She has a look that will age well, also. A long career for this one perhaps :)

  • ATP

    she has this bland face that kinda works. It’s a bit like Raquel Zimmerman, boring but always relevant.

  • NEX

    her bone structure is so stunning and she did smizing well.

  • Stam

    Look like Magie Q!


    You go to therapy for forget me forever.

  • danielle

    i have to say she is one of my favorites in a long while, I hope she goes really far, look forward to seeing more of her in the future

  • HEY!

    OMG! Her face is amazing! I really believe she will have a great future in fashion. She’s incredibly beautiful but at the same time she has that kind of “edge” that is so necessary in fashion… It’s easy to remember her face and her name. I really wish Itsaso good luck! I have to recognize that I’m smitten with this girl. Love at first sight.

    She’s so Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere that I can perfectly imagine her in a show by him… And she is perfect for Chanel too.

    Girl, GOOD LUCK!!!!

    PS: Your profile is A-MA-ZING. Really. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

  • i love u

    She is the most beutiful girl in the world!!!!!!Fantastic Its!!

    I love you like a love song, baby!!! ;)

  • I am so glad to see Itsaso here! She is going to make it very big soon!
    All the best and sending greetings from London!

  • The last image is killer. I suggest you move that up to be your profile or second image. Good luck!

  • HH

    I knew I will love her from the 1st picture.Her eyes are big and direct,with a small pout.Wish her the best!!

  • Me gusta esta cancion
    Me gustas…

  • amazing

    I think that this girl is fantastic! I love her face…the expression on his face is perfect! Good work Shigt

  • amit

    hi love u wow wow u r

  • Her presence is pushed with a fantastic name. Welcome!

  • sabrina Bella

    She is so gorgeous!!! I just wish someone would scout me; all these models have been scouted but it always seems to happen to those who least expect it and don’t even want to model before they are scouted. But she is gorgeous, very exotic yet classic at the same time. Beautiful.

  • An innocent beauti with silent worlds.