Model of the Week: Jenny Albright


New York Model Management



Place of Origin:
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Ethnic Origin:
Native American, European


How discovered:
IMTA modeling competition

Favorite things:
Disposable cameras… I am like a three year old boy with electronics, a bit reckless. With a disposable, I don’t have to worry about breaking or losing it, plus it’s exciting to have the film developed and see what you get.

Favorite music, band:
At the moment, I am listening to Watch The Throne (Kanye and Jay-Z) and Tha Carter IV (Lil Wayne) on repeat.

Cooking, nutrition, collages

Favorite piece of clothing:
I just got a blue Charlotte Ronson jacket with really cool tribal print stitching on the shoulder

What’s your idea of fun?
My boyfriend and I take a lot of trips together, and it’s so fun exploring new cities. Because of my job, I travel alone most of the time, but its a completely different situation when you have someone to share it with.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
A shoot in Peru on Lake Titicaca, which is one of the highest lakes in the world.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
My family and friends…and college football! Every Saturday is a massive party.

Favorite artist (any kind):
I am really inspired by Amelia Webber, coming out of my hometown..she’s an amazingly honest singer/songwriter. Check her out! You can say you knew her before she got famous and sold out! (

Place you would love to visit:
Cape Town, South Africa.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Decorating my new apartment! My roommate and I are beginning from scratch and its really fun to see it come together and feel like a home.

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  • QEn

    What a beauty! She looks so young, pure and strong at the same time. Thumbs up!

  • NEX

    she looks amazing. will be a hit model!

  • roo

    Native American & EUROPEAN < ?

  • marjorie

    she’s gorgeous. 5star model I can tell :)

  • She looks like an exotic Hannah Holman, love her!

  • sensational.. tests so strong and confidence is amazing :))

  • LILA

    She’s pretty. But since when is “European” an ethnicity ???

  • I like her look, its not too strong/over bearing but, still a lovely presence. Would love to see more tests from her.

  • wow..Alabama…Jenny is amazing, great, great look, she will go very far, a very filmic presence

  • martinibambini


  • michelle

    wow love the exotic beauty she has. pretty girl

  • helenapowlowski

    This girl has been with Elite for many years. She just recently swtiched to NYM and I guess they are pretending that she is “brand new”

  • John

    Is good not to see blue eyes’s,blond models over and over,it’s so common,all similar models.
    It’s not about just be tall,pretty and be on the perfect measures.We need something more than just appearances in the business,we need real talent models,passionate models for what they do.
    Girls all over the world wanting to be a model to be just more one on the middle of thousand,it’s time to go beyond superficiality.
    Of course,nobody needs to be like Gisele or Kate Moss,but….

  • Glad she’s out of Miami! Best of luck.

  • miguel

    she is very pretty,has a very good face,interesting lips,she looks like the model Patricia Velázquez but nothing more,his image does not attract much and she does not thrill.

  • M

    If you like her look then there’s no point obsessing over whether “European” is an “ethnicity” or not. Quite being bigots and comment on what actually matters – talent!

  • Mihu

    Exotic beauty! She could also be brazilian, as many girls there are a mixture of native and european. In fact she looks a bit like my daughter too and I can only sympathise with that and wish her lots of sucess!

  • Jenny is a total babe! It’s great to see her featured on

    More go-see photos of Jenny can be found at

  • Marty

    Yes Native American MODEL

  • HH

    If Natalie Portman has a cousin from the natives,she will look something like this.haha I can definitely see the native origin,and that makes her so different!LOVE!

  • Alla

    She is amazing! Her eyes is beautiful, and her face is strong.

  • Ellie

    Good for Jenny! I remember seeing her in a Nordstrom ad for the juniors department last year and racking my brain for hours trying to figure out who she was. She is very pretty. I think she could have a pretty good career if she got a big campaign or two. :D

  • Ellie

    She’s not with Elite Miami anymore either. Maybe this will boost her career.

  • jessica

    wow she is so beautiful love her intense eyes

  • Samanta

    She has something about her. I think she is a great model! Very unique and very talented!

  • g r e a t

  • aleks_the fox

    Beautiful girl. She’s absolutely beautiful.

  • liam

    very sensual!!!!!

  • abbey

    last picture looks like she needs to shave her pits haha… but otherwise awesome model

  • mikebk

    i don’t think she has any native descending, her features do not represent any native features or maybe she has a very small amount, she looks more European, perhaps Spain, Italy or even Portugal, trust me im half British half Italian and my sister looks very much like her except she has blue eyes but her same darker skin and shes still Caucasian but shes very beautiful though.

  • coco

    LOVE the fact that she’s 20!!!!!! :) Gorgeous!!

  • ana

    She looks great! barbarian tastes though- jay z,lil wayne and stuff..

  • Great American model. In an industry that has so many international richness, She is a great American contribution.

  • sabrina Bella

    So beautiful naturally!!!! She has to be one of my favourites so far. Absolutely stunning. I can’t even comprehend it.

  • Patrick Smith

    She has a bit of Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle

  • Such a youthful face at 20.