Select Model Management


5’8.5 (STILL GROWING!!!!)

Place of Origin:
London, England

Ethnic Origin:
English, 1/4 German


How discovered:
Scouted by Select

Favorite things:
Glass bottles, buttons

Favorite music, band:
Led Zeppelin and The Clash

Art, design, film, photography

Favorite piece of clothing:
Velvet dms (and velvet clothes in general), old Emilio Cavalli tights and vintage lace

Favorite artist (any kind):
Louise Bourgeoise and Andre Kertez

Place you’d love to visit:
Morocco or Cuba

Currently you’re obsessed about:

  • Ancya

    I have nothing with this girl, but I strongly think she could have no matter of kind of job, but less MODEL.
    Maybe I do a mistake, but what MODELLING means? A tall and very skinny girl?
    All the respect for Adriana Lima, Doetzen Kroes,(they are not so skinny,especially Doetzen Kroes)because are really beautiful.
    Again I do not agree with the success of Kate Moss…Have you seen her without make up or in the morning??? What kind of model example is her? I think she is a a nice girl and dot, we have to stop here !!!
    I do apologize, but i am not the only person I think like this !
    Thank you

  • Bss

    Ancya that’s absurd this Nina Porter girl is GORGEOUS!!! Her legs are unreal! and her face is pretty unique imo…good luck to the lass that’s what i say! x

  • Chris Cash

    For Christ Sake Ancya…The girl is only 15..She has plenty of time to Blossom.

  • Cartille

    no need to blaspheme Chris Cash!

    this girl obviously has something or else she wouldn’t be here. I like her.

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