Model of the Week: Jonathan Peichl


Also with: Independent Men


188cm (6’2″)

Place of Origin:
Göttingen, Germany

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
Very unspectacular, an agent from Hamburg wrote to me on Facebook

Favorite things:
Friends/family, sport, summer

Favorite music, band:
Angus & Julia Stone, Paul Kalkbrenner

Soccer, movies, travelling

Favorite piece of clothing:
My Ralph Lauren shirt

What’s your idea of fun?
To enjoy my free-time with friends

Favorite modeling experience so far?
A presentation in Milan with my roommate Matt. It was a kind of party with drinks for free.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Hanging around in the city center and meeting old school friends and people you haven’t seen for such a long time

Favorite artist (any kind):
Moritz Bleibtreu (best German actor)

Place you would love to visit:
Hong Kong, Tokyo

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Milk! I could drink it 24/7

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  • Sebastien

    Wauw a amazing kid. Very strong look, commercial and haute couture. He’ll do it well in the industry

  • I could really see him doing good in fashion week and also snapping a few editorials for L’Officiel and Numéro magazines.

  • Lily

    I see an actor, not a model.

  • sushant


  • sushant

    cool pix

  • spankydeluv

    he’s handsome

  • the last two pictures STOLE MY HEART, hes realy good looking.

  • it would be better if he has DARK HAIR

  • Ronald

    Way too cute ^^

  • didn’t think i would, but… LOVE

  • AK

    this guy is quite a bright looking one isn’t he ;)

  • Pabs

    he’s a FONIC guy!!

  • jesco

    nice one :-)

  • NEX

    his eyes are gorgeous. just be careful with mouth.

  • theneng

    He is just sooooo Fonich!!! I cant believe it!

  • syd

    This may sound strange…but I thought of a leprechaun when I saw him. He’s very attractive…but idk that’s what came to mind.

  • Kinda Alexander Johansson

  • First few photos looked like Alexander Johansson