Red Citizen New York



Place of Origin:
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ethnic Origin:
Mixed (Native American, African American, Scottish, French)


How discovered:
My agent Dave Fothergill walked up to me while I was getting 2 bros pizza

Favorite things:
Music, food, a good book, movies, basketball

Favorite music, band:
Little Brother

Playing sports, music production, sifting thru record stores, listening to soul music and running track (since age 4)

Favorite piece of clothing:
Camo tank top by 10 Deep

What’s your idea of fun?
Good company, positive energy, great food.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
First shoot with Michael Mccloud

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Harvard Square

Favorite artist (any kind):
James Yancey aka “Jay Dee” aka “J Dilla”

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
The book I’m reading – Clockers by Richard Price

  • indiekid

    so unique!

  • DM

    I live in Boston! :) and yes Harvard Square is fun… anywho, he has a great look that can be versitile and i could def see him doing Givenchy. he is cute and sex. and has an awesome body.

  • whatever

    Givenchy boy!!!

  • erika

    Very nice…. he’s what I’d call an “exotic blonde”. He’ll do well!

  • macjan

    wow, very handsome

  • Trina

    not a fan

  • DJrevelry

    hes so goregeous, he’d be great for a supre, alexender wangs mens line or tom ford menswear even.

  • DJrevelry

    and by supre i mean supreme!

  • Ak

    very unique

  • sonny

    really likin him!

  • Joe

    i like his face alot

  • kiki

    He is fascinating. I can’t wait to see him on the runway and in editorials.

  • What a wonderful handsome face, strikingly empathetic eyes and a superb athletic physique and great lines and angles! This kid is a unique standout!!!

  • miguel

    With a few eyes and lips of the most interesting and irresistible,this guy is a gem.

  • NEX

    he has gorgeous eyes, but still needs more practicing.

  • NEX

    luv his eyes. look like a rainbow color.

  • carlos

    love that hes from massachusetts!
    looking great make mass proud!

  • Kyle

    He sounds like a dream.

  • cecilia souza

    Awww he’s so hot!

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