Model of the Week: Hirschy


Select Model Management



Place of Origin:
Melbourne, Australia

Ethnic Origin:
Swiss German


How discovered:
I was scouted while shopping by Select.

Favorite things:
Music, books, shoes, drawings and paintings, photographs, bed..

Favorite music, band:
Too many to have a favourite… My last recent playlist on my iPod consists mostly of: James Blake, Sol Seppy, The Rolling Stones, Band of Horses, Bjork, The Kinks, Warpaint, Tame Impala, The Cure, Tracy Chapman, Sinead O’Connor… and the list could go on…

Riding my bike, drawing, going out for breakfast…

Favorite piece of clothing:
My new leather jacket

What’s your idea of fun?
Hanging out with great company

Favorite modeling experience so far?
There have been many great ones but I think a favourite is yet to come.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Spending time with my family and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Favorite artist (any kind):
I admire many creatives from all fields who have the ability to do what they do. Paulo Coehlo, Mario Testino, Mario Sorrenti Camilla Akrans, Cedrik Rivrain, Bjork, Audrey Kawasaki, Petro Dufkova… and again, the list could go on… also a music producer and DJ who goes by the name of Tornado Wallace, I think he’s pretty cool.

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Pork and custard steamed buns (a vegan’s worst nightmare)

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  • Alaison

    I’ve been watching this girl ever since she popped up on the Priscila’s board in Sydney! If it wasn’t for her lack of height, I could definitely see this girl creeping into the top 50. Fabulous bone structure.

  • YAO

    She got hermaphroditic facial features , and she looks good.

  • Helenm

    @Alaison , LACK OF HEIGHT?
    Excuse me, but Sara Ziff is 1,75 and she is a supermodel!
    So i dont see the lack of height in this girl!
    I would rather want more facial expression.

  • indiekid

    Totally happy when i see Aussie models on this site :) & yes her bone structure is amazing!

  • maja

    She is absolutely stunning

  • erika

    Interesting & cute, but won’t her height be a problem?

  • Lou

    What an incredibly beautiful girl!! I love a good jaw-line, oh yes oh yes. Looking forward to seeing more work from her soon!

  • Joe

    If it wasn’t for her height she could be a runway extraordinaire

  • *

    beauty = beauty

    tall = tall

    tall = beautiful??? I THINK NOT!



  • Ravin

    She’s kind of short dont you think ?

  • Ali

    I think it’s fine that she is 5ft7, she can still have a decent career even without those xtra inches, as she is very special.

  • kimicoco

    Love her bone structure! 5’7 is tall enough considering that is how tall Kate Moss is. She made it to the top without the height. Height is just a number.

  • Lily

    Someone needs to hear about ‘smizing’

  • Katrina

    It’s extremely difficult to make it into the modeling industry period. At a mere 5’7″… I wish her luck. Despite her phenomenal bone structure – models are hired to fit the clothes and make them look the best they can – as I know all of you are already aware of – I’m afraid that her height might deter her success. Great bone structure – hopefully that will continue to take her far. She may need to stick solely with editorials, rather than additionally working the runway.

  • NEX

    look at those beautiful shoulders! so gorgeous. she can be a model, but just need more expressions.

  • sam

    She’s beautiful, great structure. Wish her luck!

    As for everyone who made comments about her height… I don’t see it. Whyyyyyy?? The industry is already hard as it is with all the body measurement requirements. Totally get this industry is difficult to begin with and why most models are tall, but really? Kate moss is only one of the many, not counting those agencies that lie about their model’s height.

    Amazing girls out there that are not 5’10, like hannah Holman, Bambi, and Charlotte Free that are walking the runway shows and cementing a place for themselves in this industry.

    Soooo I hope she does do shows and I hope she does darn well in them. I also hope she books many many shows.

  • stephy wephy

    she beautiful, strong face. I guess being in the model industry I would be at -100 in a scale of 1-10.

  • Danielle

    Her face is so interesting and unique, I don’t think her height will hinder her

  • Big future for her. Her height may be a slight problem, but with a face like that, I doubt it will hold her back.

  • “short” models are the new black, seriously!! I’m aiming to be one too haha! Check out my blog:

  • Short models are in because samples are so tiny these days, a shorter, smaller model can wear them without looking like they have completely impossible proportions. Hirschy might be shorter but she has a perfect balanced physique and a face like no one else. She’s a fantastic model too.

  • Nicole

    Her expression comes off as really angry in all of these for me, I’d love to see her make a different face.

  • she’s really very interesting but i would like to see her work on variability in her facial expressions. otherwise, i think she has great potential regardless of height.

  • a little short, but with such a strong look does it really matter? she has lovely bone structure as well as a very androgynous look! lovely.

  • Yasmin

    Great great face!!! I love it!! Reminds me of Karolin Wolter! (esp. the nose)

  • ALi

    She is amazing. What agency is she with?

  • So Masculinity Beautiful! She’s so attractive (i see from her answer from her bio) i think she’s nice, and lovely but masculine and boyish ;)

  • Lucy

    Firstly, she is NOT 19, she was born in 1988 meaning in 2011 she would have turned 23. Secondly, she isn’t 5’7″, all her profiles say she is but I’ve stood next to her and at only 5’8″ I can see way over her head.
    She is stunning though, especially in real life

  • camilo

    balenciaga exclusive bitches~