Vision LA
Also with: DNA Models



Place of Origin:
Manhattan, Kansas, USA

Ethnic Origin:
1/2 Korean, 1/2 White and Cherokee


How discovered:
Went to the Arts Showcase in December in Orlando, got some callbacks and signed with DNA Models in NY and Vision in LA

Favorite things:
I am a huge sports fanatic. I played two years of college football at Kansas State University believe it or not. I was a lot BIGGER then. Nobody believes me because of how tiny I am now.

Favorite music, band:
I’m a GLEEK! Glee music for sure! But other than that all the mainstream stuff on the radio, usually depends on the mood

Watching the the Food Channel and all the delicious foods I can’t eat because of modeling and realizing that in life, if you eat delicious you will look disgusting, but if you eat disgusting, you will look DELICIOUS!…LOL

Favorite piece of clothing:
I’d say either my Pokemon PJs or my D&G jean jacket with a bunch of beaded studs all over it!

What’s your idea of fun?
Hanging out with my entourage in Kansas – Ben, Doerr, Braden, Curry, and Curtis

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Best thing about Manhattan, Kansas besides the tornadoes, unpredictable weather and farms, would be Country Stampede. Not a huge country guy, but the event there is insane and gives me an my buddies an excuse to dress like redneck hillbillies!

Favorite artist (any kind):
Hands down, William Hung from American Idol

Place you would love to visit:
I would love to visit Alaska, where I was born, to do some good ole fishing!

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Currently obsessed with Glee! Show is insanely good! Don’t criticize, just watch it for yourself. If only I could sing…

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  • rodney king

    good looking guy no doubt but kinda seems super full of himself already. I mean taking your clothes off in the middle of a casting video? and it wasnt like he was just wearing 1 piece of clothing.

    • for a male model it is pretty standard procedure to pop off your shirt in a casting video…

  • NEX

    what an unique face! just love all of his shoots, especially the last one. however, although his lips are sexy, he still needs to be careful about them if he wanna get many great shoots.

  • sandy

    omg hot !!!!

  • CV

    Glee???? O_O And now I don’t like him anymore….

  • He’s absolutely beautiful, but I could have lived without the q@a.

  • Sebastien

    Although he is good-looking, with the additude he have in the casting video, he won’t go far in the fashion industry. One tip for every model: looking good isnt everything, if you don’t have a good personality or have an additude, I insure you that you not going make it here.

  • harlow

    no doubt hes super attractive.. but u can really see the asian in him

  • Julien

    Not sure about his attitude too :s

  • Looks like tons of fun! Plus, he’s got a great facial structure and body.

  • Rhiannon

    Really happy to see a good-looking yet unique face. Mixed ethnicity certainly makes for an interesting character. :)

  • salma

    I kind of agree with the 1st commenter. He’s absolutely attractive but the personality has an air of arrogance, cockiness that won’t serve him well in a business where attractive guys are a dime a dozen.

  • What a face!!! Such a handsome unique look, all the elements of his mixed background came together beautifully! Would love to see more from Charles!!!

  • Sonny

    He looks great. Love the mixed models. His lips looks kinda funny when he talks though. Why is everyone commenting about his attitude? He seems decent enough to me! :)

  • Zohanna

    I love his lips, but I am not liking his attitude. He looks like a player and probably horse play too much. William Hung from American Idol????

  • W

    He’s totally hot, but Attitude please !!!

  • Ty

    Wow hes beautiful! and his personality seems big! like an actors. Not a bad thing at all. people just are use to blunt and boring personalities in fashion. I love him!

  • Trina

    He is sooooooo beautiful! And his Q$A is hilarious and filled with alot of personality! he will go far in fashion! watch!

  • jim

    Not the typical personality of a model it seems like….also very unique face. he will go far in fashion.

  • tai Ryung


  • erika

    Very exotic & pretty but his rather cocky attitude sort of ruin it. Hope he can leave it @ the door when casting. Surely when he discovers the intense competetion, he’ll humble a bit.

  • Ginger(:

    I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • Vincent



  • Melisa


  • M

    @ harlow

    “…but you can really see the asian in him.” What is that supposed to mean? Being Asian is neither a set-back or something to be ridiculed of. Shame on you.

  • My husband and I believe that MELTON will be a great success in the modeling world. Jerry thinks he looks more like ELVIS Presley, than anymore he has seen before. We will be watching Melton to see where he goes. I LOVE his lips.

  • stephani

    i knew charles in hs. his g@a doesnt do him justice. hes a really nice guy he just has a different type of humor.

  • kwangminsthebest

    Wow, he’s stunning. I can tell he’ll go far in fashion because he has an easy-going attitude. Usually models seem so stiff and unrelatable!

  • Melanie briggs

    Hey haters…

    Put down the bag of chips your stuffing in your face while critiquing models on I think Melton actually has a personality which is great and he also takes AMAZING pictures! Pretty Awesome!

  • Fact is … he is already successful and has traveled all over the world and is shooting for the top designers. High Five Melton!

  • mrs M

    He is absolutely gorgeous, male angelina jolie lips I love them!

    As far as the people who have listed negative comments, it is a good idea to either spell check or know how to spell before you post. And using proper grammar would be nice too.

  • Irene

    Love his face. Very striking and mesmerizing. And I like that he’s of mixed ethnicity- breath of fresh air.

  • An Asian Simon Nessman? His lips are so kissable!



  • Sam way

    You know normally I reject the rather patronising and insulting assertion that models should be seen and not heard, but in this case I’m prepared to make an exception.

  • Arden

    he wont go far with hes cockiness…perhaps abercrombie aeropostale or hollister, das it

  • Sally Jo

    Wow!!! So young and talented, have to make the “rents” happy! I am sure that from watching the video, he was most likely coached as we all are to be successful is our jobs. I personally love the little bit of cocky attitude, as it sets him apart. Not a huge fan of high fashion as everything looks so surreal. However he looks awesome in every shot! Nice going Young Man.

  • Victoria Y.

    Okay so this Model has an amazing personality. I like everyone’s comments how he won’t go far. Do you know him personally? I bet not but I do, so if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything. Didn’t your parents teach you anything. Not like he is an airbrushed photo you can be mad at since you don’t have the looks nor the personality he does. Have a nice day.

  • Sally Jo

    Haters hate because they hate themselves unhappiness rules their being. Sad so very sad. Congrats Charles awesome job is such a short time.

  • serena

    i want to kiss his lips oh my gosh, so beautiful! hottest asian i have seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melton (The old Ugly One)

    It’s good to read your comments on my son, as he already knows too many judge others without really knowing them. He is unique that is why he will go far he is not just a cookie cutter of what a normal model is expected to be and you know that is what makes me so very Proud of him. How models play football in the Pinstrip Bowl? (I think Zero) You should look up Power Cat football and read “Melton moves on after football” you will even learn even more about him or look at his tape of high school on rivals. On another note always continue to look up and move toward your goals don’t be distracted by those that try to pull you down. Love ya Son :-)

    Haters don’t be even more lame and attack him more due to daddy loves, supports him and even complains about haters on him. Sorry son …. I had to do it.

  • biff

    I think that this is a great shoot, how critical you all are of his interview. Apparently humor is not appreciated in the fashion world. Lighten up people, enjoy your lives… it looks like he is, even while getting attention.

  • tatianafash

    love the q&a…alot more interesting to read than the other q&a’s! he should make a huge splash within the year, im callin it! reminds me of an asian version of franciso lachowski ..delicious mmmmmm

  • fashion stylist nyc

    not my cup of tea but good luck to your career

  • Doug

    Nothing “standard” about this individual! Quite exceptional in my opinion! Remember his name, he’s going places!

  • June S

    He looks like a MILLION bucks! What is wrong with a personality………you people need to get one! MELTON is going places………..doesn’t matter what business you are in………….some people don’t want to see you become a successful……….but he will be!

  • Marie


  • charlotte

    I don’t get how a 44 second video can generate such negative comments, you’d think he was kissing his own biceps and declaring himself the next kate moss or something…

  • Shawn

    Charles isn’t arrogant or cocky…it’s called having a sense of humor. Hello? Didn’t you pick that up when he said ‘I’m from Manhattan…Kansas’?! If all the haters are lucky one day they may get to meet him!!! You’ve always made us proud Charles and you continue to do so. Never lose your awesome personality and sense of humor! As I always say…keep it real nephew :-)

  • RRRaul415

    The criticism is par for the course in this world we call fashion. I’m only guessing, but Charles was probably a ‘star’ in everything he did. Those past successes won’t hold water in this world, but if he can develop that hard shell, persevere, realize he’s not right for every casting and not become neurotic, he’ll most likely excel. There’s more to life than fashion. Much luck and good fortune!

  • Dan.r

    I don’t see any attitude that some of you are seeing. I see a great-looking guy with confidence and a look that can stretch between commercial, high-street, and high-fashion. Charles looks dynamite.

  • ksufan4life

    everyone should be happy for chuck! he’s a star :)

  • ksu&ku

    His personality is good to me. If you guys don’t like it don’t comment. But my saying is if you have haters you’re doing something right(:

  • hh

    This is a really interesting face and memorable. Korean + American produces some great faces.People can differentiate him from the bunch! Even among mixed models. btw,I don’t understand about the haters and people who try to stop these haters..unless you know him of course. This is the comments page,people are free to comment according to their opinion on the model.The rules are just to be polite.Comments can be positive or negative,it’s normal.Why many comments here seems that they can’t tolerate contrasting views lol

  • amanda

    Your father is right, Charles….haters are going to hate. But still you will rise because you are exceptionally beautiful and totally editorial.

  • Micheal

    Wow seems a few of the haters should get off the site and get back to their SUCCESSFUL careers and check on their customers, I mean someone might want some ketsup with their happy meal. Jealousy can be ugly… and if you are on this site just to post negative comments on models pages your more pathetic then the comments you post.

  • Ali

    Ok i saw the video, not that bad, don’t models do that all the time, not understand negative comments

    Very cool guy, love the look

  • ATP

    To be honest, he doesn’t looks very high fashion…but good luck!


  • Lucas

    Why are people saying him cocky or attitude? I thought he’s friendly

  • Pster

    Hmm, I noticed negative comments tend to follow any Asian models(or half Asian) featured on But if a white model were to display the same attitude as this one, he’d be considered charming or funny.

  • maja s.

    To Charles’ father: Yes, maybe alot of models weren’t playing in american football teams, but I see no link between modeling and that sport. If you think being in a sports team garantees success to a model’s career, then you are wrong. And if you think that models are unidimensional, in the sense that they know nothing else than modeling, then, once again, you are very wrong. Modeling is a very vast world that goes far beyond whatever you’ve seen in Zoolander. Plenty of models are very educated and alot of them are oozing what is called fashion.

  • spankydeluv

    He’s cute but not model material, but his attitude….. give me a break
    I’ve seen worse in the fashion industry

  • andrew

    All sorts of stunning and I think he has a great personality. Personally, I think most of you have become complacent to the many clones with bland personalities being pumped out of Europe; get over yourselves.

  • C

    I do’t see any problem with his attitude at all. He sounds lively and confident than bland models.
    Go rock it!

  • micha

    Who cares if he doesn’t look “high-fashion”? High-fashion is overrated anyway, a small market with the same designers and the same concepts over and over again, big whoop :P . I think this guy is way more than that, he’s dynamic and has star power. :D

  • asiansareawesome

    U want cocky?? The situation from Jersey Shore is cocky, this kid is actually quite the opposite. you guys are mistaking his confidence for arrogance/cockiness. This boy will do very well.

  • ab

    One of my good friends from home. Love this kid to death. So proud of you bro.

  • ludivine


  • ana

    Oh my word,
    This post has gotten pretty ridiculous. Okay, the negative comments are the standard industry snark that you’d expect when a newbie doesn’t follow status quo but the overly fawning comments, smack of a kid sister making multiple entries. I seriously doubt that half of them are real. And to the individual who identified himself as this kid’s dad, look, your kid is gonna have a lot of rejection in this industry. I’d suggest you help him with that fact, that snap judgments are par for the course in fashion. And seriously, do you actually believe that the folks that didn’t care for your son are all “haters”. Silly, childish. Anyway if Charles has a career that rivals Marlon Teixeira or Francisco Lachowski in a year’s time, you’ll have the last laugh but in the meantime, you might wanna say off message boards.

  • Lilly

    He’s very handsome, that’s for true :P But I really don’t like his attitude. He should work on being less cocky.

  • SY

    a lot, guarantees should be spelled right an American capitalized if you wish to use a word like unidimensional (AKA one-dimensional) . Sounds like a few need some help with your own issues. Please don’t project them on others. I would say he is multidimensional and some of you are without vision and/or depth.
    Apparently most of you don’t understand modeling is a sport and an art integrated in one act. It requires a lot of strength and dedication to have great poise and/or get that unique shot. His face unique and his body a great build that blend well together (I think sports built this and I love it). Fashion is both gigantic and limited at the same time. He will get tons of work as long as he stays clean and keeps his look maybe loose a few pounds to accent his high cheek bones. (he looks great right now don’t get me wrong)
    Most of the negative comments are petty or trivial at best and some border on racist. I am sure most of the comments are by a high fashion designer or a high fashion photographer. Right…… more likely models that didn’t make the weekly showdown or others that don’t have the eye. Just a little secret all models have flaws and almost all people can spot them; only a few can spot greatness in a model that’s our focus. Maybe I am one of them or not but I see some greatness in this kid. If he is with DNA he must expected to do great things. Let’s look him up in 18 months and see where he is, that’s the true truth. Movies, modeling or maybe both…..Good Luck!! Keep Clean!! Show the World!! You can do it!!

    PS: WOW 70 Comments not bad places you at #1 in that area. Just let someone you know edit what you get from blogs. Otherwise you have to read all the garbage people post, but being a college student and football (not Soccer) player you can deal with it I am sure. :-)

  • Ben

    As one of his ex-teammates and roommates I can say for all the things he has accomplished football and modeling wise he is not cocky what so ever. All of you haters are most likely jealous and wish you were him or wish you got as popular as fast as he did.

  • nycgirl

    wow, so many negative comments here. hmmm, wonder if it has to do with him being part asian.

  • Jess

    I met Charles in December at the arts show case… He is a great model and actor…and to me had a great personality … I believe he will go all the way to the top …. good luck …from another arts member !!!!! CONGRATS !!!!

  • M

    I don’t understand the correlation between the negative comments except harlows comment which seems to be an attack on his ethnicity. I understand not saying something if you don’t have something nice to say but everyone has their own opinion, be it positive or negative. Charles, if he looks at these comments will learn to develop a hard shell. Not everyone in the fashion industry is going to praise him for his looks and he will get negative feedback, which most if not all models do at some point in their career. To the people who claim to be roommates, friends and family, protecting him in that manner, although thoughtful, looks bad on him. By claiming to be those people you are possibly hurting his career and if you continue to do so on other message boards, blogs or forums, the modeling career that you would like him to have would probably be cut short. People in the fashion industry would not want the baggage of his little group or posse to follow him around everywhere. I do however wish Charles the best in this venture, and again read all the comments because you will not grow if you choose not to read the negative criticism.

  • Safari Disco Club

    @nycgirl- I think that’s pretty obvious at this point. So sad and embarrassing.

  • maja

    don’t make me laugh SY. if unidimensional is way off your own jargon then don’t even try. ///off topic
    this has grown quite a bit

  • maja

    Btw, to the people claiming this is a race issue, I don’t even see racism through the postings. Being half asian is far from beinga bad thing in the modeling industry. In fact, it is an asset. This little kid right here is being criticized for projecting an aura of cockiness and it has nothing to do with being half asian. To be honest, I can’t really bring myself to care on the subtexts of him taking his shirt off, but I had to share my opinion as some of the comments have gotten pretty ridiculous. A mere critique is taken as an insult by this fella’s entourage and it all results into postings of highly laughable content.

  • Jess

    It was all good until he decided to say: “…and my favorite animal is a Dragon” HAhahahahahaha. Maybe his second favorite “real” animal is a UNICORN.
    Great look though and cool mix!
    But after, maybe back to school for this one.

  • jess

    Also I would like to mention that I am happy to see more mixed race models in high fashion (that the rest of world can relate more to cultural-wise) in a predominantly Caucasian market.

  • Ben c.

    Looks Great! Will do Good. Has a lot of friends and Fam support must not have must be a great person to have that kind of support. You really don’t see that much.

  • Av

    Omg I have never seen so many responses for a model before. Way to get attention boy. That’s how it works.

  • O

    He looks very young for his age and has a childish look, which I think will benefit him in the modeling industry.

  • Dervon Harris

    ALWAYS smile, it’s your best feature.

  • He’s got a great multi-culti look. Sometimes the Asian does come through, sometimes not. I lvoe that his Dad commented here – what a supportive family! Is there really attitude there? I mean, at a go-see, usually models just stand around, strip maybe, and then leave. When do they have a chance to GET cocky? I know he’s just getting into the modeling world, but curious if were acting as well (I know they have both at ART). Definitely the camera loves him, he seems to have range (bad boy, jock, mysterious foreigner…).

  • Ben c.

    Melton D&G Video

  • Katie

    I was in Spanish class with Charles in HS. He’s a really cool guy and very nice. He isn’t what you think of when you think stereotypical model but I think he will go far in the industry. Especially because once you know him you just can’t help but love him.

  • lulu lovefiend

    He stands out, and that’s what’s important to me. If he is as cocky as people say (I don’t see it) he balances it out with his derpy cuteness (American Idol? Forsooth, Mel.) If he plays his cards right and markets himself well, he can be really, really popular with the teen girls who rule the internet and may even crossover to t.v.

  • Morgane

    I love him. Want his phone number !

  • A

    Anyone that actually knows Melton will know that his quirky personality only makes him sexier! Melton, you’re doing great! Keep up the good work!

  • cuty

    he’s looking good

  • Kerry

    Why are so much people saying he is cocky? Maybe because they’re use to so much models who have no personality and just good looks. Many models I’ve seen are either very boring or really cocky, and he doesn’t seem like any of those. He seems like he would be able to hold a good conversation, and very friendly as well. :)