Request Model Management NY
Also with: Ford Models Chicago



Place of Origin:
Suburbs of Chicago

Ethnic Origin:
1/2 Italian, 1/2 Irish


How discovered:
A modeling convention in Chicago.

Favorite things:
Art (in any shape or form), Candy, and Stumbleupon/Tumblr sites.

Favorite music, band:
Hip Hop, Rock and Indie.

Making art, doing crafts, and baking.

Favorite piece of clothing:

What’s your idea of fun?
Singing in accents and making up songs in the car, hanging out with family members (especially my brother and sister), going to museums/galleries, and getting lost in a new city.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
My favorite experience is learning how to be myself in front of the camera.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
I live in Minooka, everyone there wants to be in a band. So, during the summer there are a lot of local shows to go to. Some are good, some are awful, but all in all its pretty entertaining.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Camella Garcia Rose (surrealist painter)

Place you would love to visit:
Milan, without a doubt.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Watching documentaries on Netflix.

  • Ashton has a very androgynous beauty, but her body has a beautiful femininity to it- causing a lovely contrast. I wish there was a close-up on her face, the last photo shows her soft bone structure, but I wish there was a closer view. I’d love to photograph her :)

  • NEX

    she has a gorgeous androgyny look, but I can’t see her in high-fashion style. I just can see her in commercial. she’ll be success in there.

  • Lovely and interesting face – she really reminds me of new face Irish model, Ellen Flannagan, with IMG Paris

  • Arno

    strange face

  • She is very androgynous and very beautiful. I think she has the potential to have a fairly successful career and become a memorable face in the industry – especially with that gender-bending name.

  • Julien

    her eyes are money!

  • craig lawrence

    She is amazing!!!!
    I can see her in Numero or Dazed. the fashion photographers will love her.
    What did happen to Didonato, where is she? REquest got her the two major contracts!

  • erika

    OMG this is such special, fresh new girl… love her boyish look & angular body! Could see Calvin Klein or any line with lots of edge being possible for her. & the hair…. so perfect for her. Recently got a similar cut myself & have to say that long hair just isn’t for anyone. Good luck to her.

  • Bronte

    She is beautiful! By far the most amazing face I have yet to see, STUNNING EYES!! This girl will go far that’s for sure

  • RCVW

    love that edge she has…with the right development she’d be awesome!

  • Zakk

    Strange face? Why would you post that? This girl is gorgeous and unique. I agree with Bronte. She will go far. Good luck Ashton.

  • john

    @ Zakk – maybe Arno posted it because not everybodys comments have to reflect a positive response to the model featured if thats not what people feel. i agree she has a strange face and somewhat unappealing to me – like she is snarling or something. and i disagree also that she will go far – perhaps editorially she may be successful for a little while but she has no crossover appeal and i really dont think she will get the attention of major show casting directors. i mean, of course i wish her luck in her pursuing modelling but i find it quite annoying when everybody comments ‘she will do so well; amazing!’ or words of similar effect because not many models to have careers as successful as those at the top right now and on every daily duo featured/model of the week featured the comments people leave are that every single one of them could be a top model. simply not the case people.

  • emily

    She is absolutely stunning and her face is no where near strange. She has a new and different look, that is for sure, but I prefer a girl that stands out of the crowd and that is unique rather than a wannabe. She will make it in the industry and succeed!

  • Jacqueline

    Okay “John ” lets get something straight. Are you an agent or a photographer? No I highly doubt it. So why dont you keep your rude ass comments to yourself. This page wasnt for you to put down the model. She has been model for a month and is doing a great job considering she is already model of the week. She is a beautiful girl and nobody asked you what your taste on models are because your opinion means absolutely nothing. If you have nothing nice to say keep your damn opinion to yourself. I know Ashton will go far and all of you who doubt her will eat your words. Ashton you are an amazing model and I cant wait to see you on the cover of magazines. John, eat shit.

  • she would do great in USA

  • rahel kebede

    so cool

  • I think she is a beautiful girl, and I think with a different hair cut could def. have high fashion potential.

  • Beautiful girl! I love her face!

  • Juliette

    I think she is interesting. I just don’t think the first four images are very flattering to her. They appear harsh and with the softness of her physique it doesn’t to me give an interesting contrast, but rather just a strange look. However I love the other images and think that with the right photographer she can go far. I agree she is doing well to have just started and I wish her the best luck.

  • Yasmin

    I agree with “john” !

  • Simbli

    But I must agree with John in one thing – for you people here, commenting on, is every single girl “next topmodel”, “amazing”, “for sure star”… ok where are the girls from last “model of the week” or daily duo??? where they are? how many of them is really going to be star… it´s not bad to say “i think this girl isnt going to be topmodel, she will do well, but she wont be the one of few tops” come on, this is not just forum for write sweet and nice comments, here should be professional people who can recognize good and bad face. But for most of you is every girl next topmodel!

  • mike

    None of you are pros. So don’t comment on here acting like you guys know who is “topmodel” and who isn’t. And actually this is for comments for them to keep there head ups and give them positive feedback. Most of you are probably lowlifes who’ve never been in a photoshoot, nor even met a pro photographer. So Ashton don’t listen to these model ass wannabes when they talk shit. Take it as a complement from people who never made it and are straight jealous of you. Can’t wait to see you at the top!!

  • Simbli

    Mike: Almost honey! In my case – I´m a model, travelling a doing this job. I´ve met many models, i have many models friends and i know how they look and how they work. So am I also jealous? And trying to put this model down? ;)

  • Simbli

    And Mike please let me know if she will be in 50 top models ranking :-)


    Simbli: Catherina is doing great though! And some others…

  • mike

    This girl travels to. What does that prove for you. I’ve never even heard of you. And used the word model about 20 times in your post..a little insecure? Haha “model friends” girl you don’t have any friends. Get a life.

  • Nichole

    One of the best bodies in a while.

  • Jude

    I agree with everyone who’s said that she has an androgyny look. I also agree that the first four pictures are not extremely flattering, if she raised her chin a bit, I’m sure it would compliment her angular body. She’s got beautiful eyebrows and gorgeous eyes. If she works at it and finds the right photographers, she’ll go as far as she can.