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Place of Origin:
Barnes, London, UK

Ethnic Origin:
Nigerian and English


How discovered:
I was brought in to the agency by one of my friends named Dom Nutt after he previously brought me to m1 where I was turned down. Thankfully Select gave me an opportunity – I landed Kickers 2 days later – I haven’t looked back since!

Favorite things:
Music, Barnes London (home town), art, CFC football club, eating good food, and mainly chilling with family, friends and girlfriend.

Favorite music, band:
Too many to mention, but a couple are: J Dilla, Mount Kimbie, Robert Glasper and A Tribe Called Quest! The Collar Bones and The Hand of Fatima.

Live music, art, mainly chilling and playing Skate 3 on my PS3, collecting shoes, hats, and clothing

Favorite piece of clothing:
My Supreme jacket

What’s your idea of fun?
I can’t be too truthful, one of those nights when everything goes to plan…

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Prada show hands down!

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Barnes! And the fact that everyone I know and love are all around me and the unique feeling that the city gives me that I can’t explain.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Music: J Dilla. Painter: Dondi White.

Place you would love to visit:
Nepalese mountains

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
My girlfriend, and buying trainers, hats, etc.

  • BBC


    My favourite new boy in London.

  • Not on the guest list

    He is the first black male model that I have ever seen in Prada!!!
    great job!

  • Rubiii


  • this is how nigerian boys play !!! ;) he is truly nice!


    male noemie lenoir

  • helenapow

    hes a cutie , i love his lips

  • Handsome!!

  • Renata W.

    Bboy! Like boys in Rio, Brazil! Gorgeous!

  • just a reg, black kid wearing english clothes..

    not that i dont like him but,,,i want to be wowed by the new models

  • Blair

    Being the first Black Male Model to walk for Prada.. EXCELLENT! That’s history making, i’m not sure if he even grasps the magnitude of that. Congrats, your on your way to stardom!

  • love his look

  • bee

    he is bennetton IT’S MY TIME winner…and he will be the model for FALL/WINTER 2011/2012 CAMPAIGN of benetton



    Oh? Fascinating. I wonder if you feel the same way about the other hundreds of regular white kids who get into the modeling game. I think Henry has incredible potential but even if he were average, I’d still be all for him to get into modeling to bring more people of color into the fashion industry. And I don’t want to go into your patronizing comment about him being just a “regular black kid wearing English clothes”; you’d do well to recognize he’s Black British and would you expect him to wear anything else other than the clothes made in his own country or which might typically represent English fashion?

  • Andy

    He is so adorable. He has what it takes to be a top male model.

  • RCVW

    handsome fellow…like the streetwear brand transition to couture thing he has going on.

  • NEX

    mmm, not so modelic.

  • lali

    wow @ olivia are you really serious? this guy is beautiful and very unique looking. His skin is clear and nearly perfect. He’s definitely not just some black kid as you put it. I’m just seriously shocked. As many white models who look nearly identical that get posted here, the one time I see a comment like this is with a black model? I mean I wish you knew how you sounded right now.

  • michelle_micha_lynn

    Olivia = Idiot.


  • jake

    Typical commenters giving the kid special treatment because he’s black. Olivia has the right to write what she did, not that I agree.
    Wonder if y’all would react the same if she wrote the same about an asian or a white kid?

    Are y’all racist?

  • A.D

    I could look at the 10th photo for at least another hour…yum.



    “Olivia has the right to write what she did.”

    Well, obviously. But I also have the right to post what I did and so does Lali. If it’s racist to point out the tone in someone else’s comment is patronizing and insulting, then I really question if you even took into consideration what she’s saying. And yes, I would react the same way to an identical comment if it were directed at an Asian model being that they’re people of color as well…

    Another day, another privileged comment on

  • Jessica

    I completely agree with Olivia nothing special whatsoever.

  • tammy

    not to be rude, jake, but i don’t think you should forget your special treatment for being white.

    that said, i really am only in love with the kids cheekbones.


    Henry is so Fierce!! Such a classical face.
    What this space this kid is gonna sky rocket!! Hello STAR!

  • @Jake- you are so rigth, just disregard these racist people with their prejudice comments. No what bro, there’s a black male model who is MODEL OF THE WEEK. The people who are commenting on this photo hardly know anything about diverstiy nor true beauty!
    He’s here and he’s here to stay and thats what matters. All of you racist people with your racist comments, sorry your opinion does not matter one bit! He’s living his dream=D

  • saphery


  • Dante

    He is at least relavent, to all that took the time to comment,I think he will make his mark


    Henry Pedro-Wright is beautiful. He could be purple or blue and he’d still be cute. ITS DAT FACE!

  • EmJay

    He is amazing!! He brings a sense of humble omnicense to all his photos. Its great!! My favorite MOTW so far

  • SIAN

    His facial features, everything about him, gorgeous to the point where he’s beautiful!

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