Model of the Week: Emma Wahlberg


Marilyn Agency
Also with: MIKAs (mother agency), Union Models


177cm (5’9.5″)

Place of Origin:
Lycksele, Sweden

Ethnic Origin:


Favorite things:
Movies, music and dreams

Favorite music, band:
Queen, Joan Jett, Nickelback, etc.

Driving snowmobiles, interiors, traveling

Favorite piece of clothing:
Black jeans

What’s your idea of fun?
New experiences, being around loved ones

Favorite modeling experience so far?
A shoot for a Finnish jewelry brand where the styling and makeup was really cool

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
The nature and the fresh air definitely

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Marilyn Monroe things and candles

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  • spankydeluv

    I love her look…. u noe the bony face and long limbs I’m guessing that’s all it takes 2 be a part of the fashion industry these days

  • Dina

    Wow! She’s very beautiful! And I envy her skin – it’s perfect!!!

  • jake

    GET THE TEETH FIXED. sick of this trend – it is not a nice trend. everybody who has bad teeth would ordinarily get them fixed through braces; if your kid had bad teeth you would also want them fixed and would have them wear braces so why dont models? its a strange irony

  • She looks so cute in this fringe and with this gap between teeth. nice cheekbones btw! – About NEW FACES ;)

  • and she reminds me Annabelle Tsaboukas a little bit – About NEW FACES ;)

  • love her look. reminds me of Jessica Miller and Patricia Schmid but more expensive and high fashion looking

  • sandy

    Emma looks wonderful. Like all the girls at Mikas…

  • alessafan

    I see Jessica Miller all over her! she’s really pretty!

  • joe

    i love her face

  • NEX

    there’s a potential.

  • kmf

    great bone structure but she doesn’t pull off the gap toothed look. please get that fixed!!

  • Place you would love to visit:
    This girl gets my vote… She’s lovely too – beautiful AND interesting.

  • I thought that she looks like Freja(especially her first picture)..
    but without a doubt, she’s beautiful..
    and i love her hair style :)

  • b

    because models don’t have any connection with how our children should look. they’re pieces of art. that can not and should not be replicated.

  • doesnt look swede, just sayin



  • bouzid

    Un look très naturel;j’aime bien.

  • al

    And what about naturality and accepting flaws, even in models ? If she is absolutely beautiful even with a gap then she shouldn’t fix it. This goes beyond the gap tooth trend.

  • I like her lots :)

  • hi emma. i have my own fashion managment agency based in london. gapmodels. if interested. to be on our books. regards michael

  • hh

    She is beautiful! She has a kind of movie star as other poster said,she looks a little like Freja..about the gap tooth,well I don’t think gap tooth should be her style.I mean,she’s more pretty without the gap IMO but it’s not like she has to fix it or something.Juz that I hope she won’t be making gap tooth as her trademark

  • simply stunning!
    such a fresh faced look, and she has something mischeviously cute about her that i really like :)

  • Love her look… ! check out my blog.

  • nanana

    She will be top model soon!!

    I actually fall in love with her…

  • Helenm

    Loads of potential!
    SHe reminded me of Freja Beha
    Absolutely stunning !
    Good luck ! xoxo

  • sajjad

    natural sweet

  • Pat Kay

    YES YES YES. Finally ,a model with great taste in music :) QUEEN. She’s naturally very beautiful and I’m very excited to see her in more and more shoots in the future :D

  • naebug

    she is preety but has a gap in her teeth

  • naebug

    she is beautiful but her teeth have a small gap

  • Bianca

    she is GORGEOUS!

  • LOrax


  • Donyale

    she looks nothing like Freja. More like Jessica miller