Model of the Week: Kara Campbell


FM Agency



Place of Origin:
Newport, South Wales

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
I went in to visit FM age 16 yrs after I had finished my GCSEs

Favorite things:
Painting, tumblr (blogging) & The Humming Bird Bakery.

Favorite music, band:
Jack Johnson, Paolo Nutini & James Morrison

Photography, horse riding & baking.

Favorite piece of clothing:
My Ray Bans & Nike trainers.

What’s your idea of fun?
Hanging out with friends in Starbucks & a good shopping trip!

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Walking in LFW & getting photographed by RANKIN

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
All my family there & the parks.

Favorite artist (any kind):
David Hockney’s photography.

Place you would love to visit:
NYC, it’s so magical there!

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Nail varnish to match my outfit, I’m changing it daily, and Facebook. It’s so obsessive! :]

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  • w0krestaurant

    OMG HER HEIGHT :O personally i think it’s a bit too tall but she’s really beautiful and has nice body.
    LOVE the last 2 pictures :3

  • april

    the first picture is goddess!!!!!!

  • Hannah pycroft

    Having had the chance to work with Kara for a fashion film, I have no doubt that she is definitely THE ONE TO WATCH! Supermodel in the making, no question of a doubt, not just because of her stunning looks, but she’s the most versatile and adaptable model I’ve worked with to date.

    Can’t wait to see her grace the cover of Vougue x

  • Katy

    She has it! And I love her height, as a 6′ model we need more super tall girls!!


    Wow this girl is beautiful, definitely one to watch for the future. She has it all height, face and the perfect body!!!!

  • pastelle

    We do need more super tall girls, girls that don’t get lost in the crowd they look more inspiring

  • Gressex

    “too tall???” NOT!!! Put her in a pair of heels and let her tower over the ‘shorter’ 5’9″ girls! ;-)

  • I think cut her hair. Her face looks amazing in the two photos it’s pulled back.

  • Polina

    shes soo tall!! ughh i LOVE her!! loveee the height

  • .



  • DanNy

    She’s absolutely stunning…

  • mia lu

    Beautiful face, gorgeous body. Definitely photogenic, too.

  • …too tall?! some of the most renowned models are over 6’o” (i.e. Frida, Karlie, etc.) Nothing wrong with her height, and she’s gorgeous to boot.

  • Lotte

    Divine facial features and such a nice girl!
    You’ll go far my lovely, no doubt

  • Yasmin

    nice, but too plain for my taste! need to see more…
    (I think she looks like 20 something, not 17!)

  • ….gorgeous, love her jaw structure/face.

  • sofia spagnoli

    i love the black and white picture i think she looks beautiful

  • mary coles

    what a stunning girl, beautiful photographs. so elegant

  • its lovely to see the display of personality through just imagery here.. great credit to the photographers and model in being able to do this which really goes a long way to show what to expect… hope this talent can keep going and persevering and not give up.

  • kristy

    well i belive what will count is te potential of the model.. even if she is 6′ or 5’9 if she has the proportions and the personality she will be at least a good model.. karlie is 6′ (truly) but alessandra is 5’8 (truly) so here we can see 2 types of models, nothing simillar, exept for the potential!! unnecessary comment about hight

  • nice look

  • Alex

    Does anyone know what her Tumblr is?

  • Natalia

    I was curious about the Tumblr too!She has a interesting and unusual face structure I admire it. Gorgeous girl, I`d like to see more editorial work.

  • Francisco

    Serious one to watch! would be lucky to work with her!!!

  • gordana

    That jewlery is amazing (head and ring/bracelet) , does anyone know who designs it?

  • Goodman

    Love the face structure. Oozing with potential. I am sure we will see more of her. hight…..not an issue. British, well done us.

  • Charlie

    She looks amazing, definately the one to watch. She’s a really nice person as well as looking beautiful.

    Her Tumblr:

  • klaudia

    Ma cudowne włosy !! <3