Model of the Week: Julia Rathmann


m4 models


177cm (5’9.5″)

Place of Origin:
Bonn, Germany – now I live in Rostock

Ethnic Origin:
Danish, German


How discovered:
By a m4 model scout

Favorite music, band:
Maroon 5, The Kooks, Panic at the Disco, The Fray

Drawing, meeting friends

Favorite piece of clothing:
Dresses in all variations :)

Favorite modeling experience so far?
I have not been in this business so long, but I like to slip into various roles

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
I live on the coast, so I’m a few minutes from the beach

Favorite artist (any kind):
Pete Doherty’s drawings I saw, when I went on holidays in Paris

Place you would love to visit:
Cape Town

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  • Ju

    her forehead is huge but interesting beauty

  • unique beautiful look :)

  • lala

    reminds me of jennifer morrison

  • jake

    the first shot is just scary but she looks beautiful in some. it really depends on how the light hits her face

  • Ali

    She has a ‘alien’ beauty.

  • I’m not feeling her look – some of the shots are quite spooky, but not in an engaging way..

  • She has a pear shaped head… Very unique beauty, but I am not sure it works for modeling.

  • lu

    she looks petrified…in about every shot.

    prefer her hair down.

    unique and interesting look.

    not sure how she will do but maybe she’ll surprise us. i wish her the best!

  • Yasmin

    she looks better with her hair down, but i also think she looks a bit “creepy” but not in a good way ;-)
    I think her head shape creeps me out…i wonder how shes going to do in this business!


    she is ok. but what to do with a model that looks only good with hair down?!?

  • sanen


  • skumar

    Great Eye contact – soft expression – beautiful model n shot

  • Ariah

    She has a very interesting face shape! Not really sure on her photos though.

  • katrina

    Her look might be a little too unique… but wish her the best of luck!